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Shaping your MLM dream- Best MLM Software Development Company Since 2008. Developing a Multi-Level Marketing website is an art, unlike most other website development – something that many fail to appreciate. Bringing the most out of a website is always our prerogative as a software development company.

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 However, when it comes to an MLM website, the level of intricacies is far more heightened. It targets not only your end-users – the consumers – but also the sellers and distributors. The products have to be displayed and described in a way to address all these stakeholders so as to not only convince, but also lure the website’s users to these products.

While, we at Colour Moon Technologies have served its users well through the years in different areas of software development, we believe an MLM website can transform the way our clients do business. So, we have decided to enter the realm of MLM website development, with a team of developers experienced in its specific requirements.

So, join hands with us, let us shape your dreams!

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What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as network marketing or referral marketing, is a marketing strategy that many direct sales companies have opted for these days. In this format, marketing and sales representatives not only get a commission for their own (direct) sales, but also a percentage of the revenue generated by sales made by other sales reps, whom they themselves recruit.

Consultants or sales reps working in a multi-level marketing company sell products directly to consumers through interpersonal relationships as well as word of mouth. A majority of these consultants are often part-time and work out of their homes. They work as distributors of a particular line of products.

Most multi-level companies these days opt for the binary plan, in which each distributor has to appoint two more (left & right) consultants, who then turn into sales reps or the distributor’s downline.(Downline is the pair of sales reps or consultants recruited by each distributor). These new recruits will from then on concentrate on appointing their own downline, besides making direct sales.

Benefits of MLM business

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Here, we will tell you why you took the right decision in opting for multi-level marketing.

  • Lowers cost of marketing
  • Lowers payroll cost
  • Maximum output for the effort put in
  • Nil to almost no need for conventional promotional campaigns
  • Easy recruitment, since no real qualification or skill-set is needed
  • People are often eager to set off on their “own business” path with little or no investment
  • The onus of ensuring sales lies on the distributors themselves since it is in their best interest to ensure their downline make sales as well as create their own downline; hence less burden on top-level management

So…you made the right choice!

What are the benefits of working with Colour Moon?

Don’t ask. Read on –

  • Our team of developers has several years of experience in creating and maintaining Multi-Level or Network Marketing software applications for multiple industries.
  • Our product is a complete solution, suitable for retail products, wholesale applications, and financial services, customized for each individual client.
  • We understand your needs better than most other players in the market, thanks to our team of expert developers, having comprehensive experience in this specific area, and our management’s capacity for an expansive knowledge base.

We can ensure the best value for your money because we understand the market well and our developers deliver the best quality of work.

Disclaimer: Please note that we are liable only for development of MLM websites and are in no way involved in or responsible for the business our clients do in this category. For details concerning companies doing business in Multi-Level Marketing that may be featured on our website (who are or will be our clients), please get in touch with the companies concerned directly.