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Since the time of advancement in the science and technology many changes have took place. The needs of the man are fulfilled at a greater pace. Let it be the need for food, clothing, housing, banking and other important elements had multiple doors to satisfy the needs of the individual. Now, we are in an era of receiving services at our doorsteps without much wastage of energy and time. Food business is an evergreen industry which never fades away in the marketplace. Now, we not struggle to reach any eatery and wait in long queues to feed your stomach. At this juncture, investing in online food business is consistently favorable for a business enthusiast to make good money.

Office Lunch Delivery

The idea of online food ordering and delivery may not be new but with innovative and technological involvement you can set your business mark within no time. We’ve seen many business models which were based on grocery, meal delivery, mid night food delivery apps, and other eatable goods by online delivery. The recent introduction of online office food ordering and delivering business is presentably gaining more hype.

When we concentrate on this business model, it is to be understood that through this online office food ordering and delivery business you bridge the gap between hustling professionals and appetizing food from the neighboring restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, etc. It is quite obvious that working professionals finds it challenging to order their favorite food while they are engrossed in work. For such case, this business model works at its best.

There are diverse startup groups which deliver food online but only few of them stick to the office food-delivery business. This could be the major reason for some reputed companies like Caviar and Peach who have created a significant mark of their own and utilized its unique business model widely.

There can be doubtfulness of how to earn money in this online office food ordering and delivery business model.  There are certain strategies and other fundamental features to develop such business models. A crystal clear understanding of its market and its dynamics are to be studied to excel in such business models.


Same old regular meals can make any office worker go blue. In order to provide a wide range of delicious food without any hassle while ordering or delivery, this particular business model goes hand in hand perfectly.

Let’s have a deeper understanding of this exclusive business model:

Initially, the user will create an account on the official website or get registered.

The user will receive a message of the available meal options at particular time intervals (unlike for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Pleased users place the order and make the payment done.

The order is further forwarded to the associated restaurant. Then, the order gets processed. Now, the platform will now collect the complete order and delivers the order to the respective offices at the scheduled time.

Want to Start the Business Like Dabbawala or Tiffin Delivery Service or Lunch Box Delivery Service to Your Office?

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Pubg Online Game Tournament Website and Mobile App Developme...

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Do You Want to start Pubg tournaments mobile app?  We provide an online solution for Pubg Video game tournaments for organizers. With commendable expertise in App Development, Colour Moon Technologies offers you with high value of App Development services at the competent range. We will develop Platform for conducting Pubg game tournaments Mobile apps & website as well. We all know how PUBG is in spotlight these days. It captivated many players within very less period of time. And now, you can incarnate with this PUBG Tournament App to sublimely generate good income from this most trending game in this hi-tech era.

Create your own Online PUBG Tournament App with distinct features

How Pubg Tournament will work

PUBG TOURNAMENT is a real-time event management of Pubg game.
Pubg Game, Now a days is the most played game across the world not only individually or Team but there are many events conducted for the Pubg lovers.
PUBG TOURNAMENT app is for organizing and managing the Pubg game events.
The players who loves to play the PUBG Game will participate in this event and also the players who are willing to earn the money on there skills in PUBG game ,
Pubg tournament will make money for the the organizer of the event (App Owner).
Pubg tournament is easy to use once installed ,It manages whole of the event from entry of players and till the winner gets its prize money.

Admin Functionality –pubg game tournament development

  • Admin Can Create Solo, Duo, Squad Tournaments
  • Admin Can Set Pricing Entry Fees, Per Kill Prize, Chicken Dinner Prize Money from the Admin Event wise
  • Admin Can Create Unlimited pubg Tournaments (As Per Date & Time)
  • Admin Can See How Many Players Joined for Each Tournament
  • Admin Can Create and Share Game Room Details (Use Name & Password) before Starting of pubg Tournament
  • Admin Can Update Winners Lists One tournament completed (Payment will Update Automatically)
  • Admin Can See Withdrawal Request & Settle Amount As Well
  • Admin Can See All Payment Gateway Transaction History
  • Admin Can See All Registered Users Details
  • Admin Can Block any User if Required
  • Admin Can Export All Users Database via Excel

User Functionality –pubg game tournament development

  • Player Can Login / Register with their details
  • Player Can See latest Tournaments Conducted by admin
  • Player Can Join any of the Tournament by paying joining fees
  • You can pay money From paytm / Online wallet.
  • Player will get User Name & Password Game Room Details Before Starting of the tournament
  • Once Tournament Completed Player Can See Result Of the Tournament From the Dashboard
  • Player will Get money as per their kills list & chicken dinner winner , Winnings instantly deposited to wallet
  • Player Can Update Profile & Password

So, why late? Connect with the Colour Moon Technologies and build your own PUBG Tournament app and make good amount for yourself. Now you can start earning while you enjoy playing your favourite PUBG game every single time you wish to. But remember you delight in the tournament winning. With high feasibility and user friendly, you can develop this PUBG Tournament App as it is the still upcoming craze to find a platform of such kind.

Invest little and benefit in big number. Start your own business in the mode of this Online PUBG Tournament App and create a new mark for yourself with innumerable feature models.

What you get in return?

So, here you have two ways of benefits. You can conduct PUBG Tournaments by choosing us for its developmental purposes and simultaneously generate income from PUBG gaming apps. You can elevate your business and pool in decent number of players by conducting such tournaments.

However, it is quite easy for you to now develop a PUBG Tournament App with the magnificent team of App Developers at the Colour Moon Technologies. Contact Us today!

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pubg tournament developers in india

MLM website and Mobile app development company

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Shaping your MLM dream- Best MLM Software Development Company Since 2008

MLM Web design andhra pradesh

Developing a Multi-Level Marketing website is an art, unlike most other website development – something that many fail to appreciate. Bringing the most out of a website is always our prerogative as a software development company. However, when it comes to an MLM website, the level of intricacies is far more heightened. It targets not only your end users – the consumers – but also the sellers and distributors. The products have to be displayed and described in a way to address all these stakeholders so as to not only convince, but also lure the website’s users to these products.

While, we at Colour Moon Technologies have served its users well through the years in different areas of software development, we believe an MLM website can transform the way our clients do business. So, we have decided to enter the realm of MLM website development, with a team of developers experienced in its specific requirements.

So, join hands with us, let us shape your dreams!

Contact us and let us ensure you get the best value for your money.

What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as network marketing or referral marketing, is a marketing strategy that many direct sales companies have opted for these days. In this format, marketing and sales representatives not only get a commission for their own (direct) sales, but also a percentage of the revenue generated by sales made by other sales reps, whom they themselves recruit.

Consultants or sales reps working in a multi-level marketing company sell products directly to consumers through interpersonal relationships as well as word of mouth. A majority of these consultants are often part-time and work out of their homes. They work as distributors of a particular line of products.

Most multi-level companies these days opt for the binary plan, in which each distributor has to appoint two more (left & right) consultants, who then turn into sales reps or the distributor’s downline .(Downline is the pair of sales reps or consultants recruited by each distributor). These new recruits will from then on concentrate on appointing their own downline, besides making direct sales.

Benefits of MLM business

mlm software development company

Here, we will tell you why you took the right decision in opting for multi-level marketing.

  • Lowers cost of marketing
  • Lowers payroll cost
  • Maximum output for effort put in
  • Nil to almost no need for conventional promotional campaigns
  • Easy recruitment, since no real qualification or skill-set is needed
  • People are often eager to set off on their “own business” path with little or no investment
  • Onus of ensuring sales lies on the distributors themselves, since it is in their best interest to ensure their downline make sales as well as create their own downline; hence less burden on top-level management

So…you made the right choice!

What are the benefits of working with Colour Moon?

Don’t ask. Read on –

  • Our team of developers has several years of experience in creating and maintaining Multi-Level or Network Marketing software applications for multiple industries.
  • Our product is a complete solution, suitable for retail products, wholesale applications and financial services, customized for each individual client.
  • We understand your needs better than most other players in the market, thanks to our team of expert developers, having comprehensive experience in this specific area and our management’s capacity for an expansive knowledge base.

We can ensure the best value for your money, because we understand the market well and our developers deliver the best quality of work.

Disclaimer: Please note that we are liable only for development of MLM websites and are in no way involved in or responsible for the business our clients do in this category. For details concerning companies doing business in Multi-Level Marketing that may be featured on our website (who are or will be our clients), please get in touch with the companies concerned directly.

WhatsApp Released Payment option for Indian Users: Learn How...

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WhatsApp payment

Since last year April, WhatsApp has been testing and developing a new feature to be added to the messaging app. WhatsApp has now started rolling out digital payment option within the application for some users on Android and iOS.

WhatsApp is rolling out this feature to attract people to use the application for the maximum time and will have an upper hand on other digital transaction applications. Other digital transaction applications, Paytm have 180 million users in India while Google Pay India(formerly Tez) gathered 12 million users in the first four months after its launch.

How To Generate Maximum Backlinks: Productive eCommerce Link...

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Marketers will agree with the statement that link building is as much as an art as science. The science is in the number of backlinks created and audience generated from it, while the art is creating something worth linking.

Online marketers are fully aware of the value of links, and Google’s recent policy updates have made getting right backlinks even more difficult. People are usually worried about bad backlinking as it will hurt their website.

To top that, if we talk about e-commerce link building, things get especially very difficult as businesses usually compete with each other and sell the same product for the same price.

Below we have mentioned some actionable tips on how link building for e-commerce can be done effectively. We’ll also be citing some real examples of how brands used these tactics for their benefits.

Online Rummy Game Developer

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rummy game developerAre you Looking forward to launching an online Rummy game?

Colourmoon Technologies is the right place, for best game design and development in India for both web and mobile. The online gaming world is sparkling these days. If we talk about Rummy, the game has been legalized in our country. It is an ancient game which is being constantly updated and its online version is launched to keep up with the pace of changing technology.

rummy game developer

We follow user experience principles and user-centered design while combining strategy, design, and development. As a result of our quality perception and teamwork, we’ve developed the largest base of satisfied clients around the world. Our main goal is to provide all the necessary modules needed to run the game efficiently & securely for a large player base. We ensure that you stand out in the crowd of gaming websites & applications, as a customer you get the best web portals or applications.

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled developers and online marketing experts. So, you can just relax while our experts take care of everything. Application development is not just about writing code, adding graphics and giving the final build to the customer; you need to make sure that app runs smoothly, error free. That’s why we test our applications in different environments and conditions infinite times before giving them to the customers. It’s because of our unmatched quality and teamwork, we’ve achieved the largest base of satisfied clients all over the world.

Seek licensed software

Since there is so much competition in the gambling world, you should come up with the visually appealing and responsive Rummy website to attract large clientele base. Also, seek licensed software for your gambling business.

We have highly professional software developers

Our company employs highly professional software developers who have high expertise in Rummy game development. However, the cost can be a crucial factor as the software developers can charge a good amount of money for developing your gambling portal. When you start your online Rummy business with fully licensed software, then this creates a reliable credibility for your website.

We provide highly secure payment gateways

Beginners should be apprehensive about the safety of the gambling business. Be aware of all the risks involved and take all the necessary precautions to make your web portal highly safe and reliable and ensure a pleasant and positive playing experience for the users. Invest in highly secured payment gateways for your online gambling business. This is the first thing which players look at before signing up and they also want to make sure that they will get all the necessary security on the Rummy website where they will be playing for hours.

We also provide digital marketing tactics to attract and engage the audience

Marketing your website is essential as the online marketplace is becoming so much crowded. You can use digital marketing tactics and this can be done in-house or you can also hire a specialist company which will promote your Rummy website for you.

We Develop Rummy portal which is safe, attractive and easy to manage

We Develop Rummy online solution that truly engages the audience and at the same time the website is easy to manage and you should also keep track on your gaming portal to make it fully safe and high-quality gaming portal where players can entertain themselves for hours.

Save time, money and effort by choosing Colourmoon to take care of development, configuration & monitoring.