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Best TikTok Clone and Short Video Application Development in India


Create the next top rated TikTok type app in India!  After the ban of TikTok in India, there is a huge opportunity for you to enter the most popular segment of short video sharing app. By 2020, TikTok had been downloaded 2 billion (200 crores) times on both the Google Play store and Apple iOS play store -Making it one of the most downloaded short video phone applications ever!!!

India had led the download numbers with 611 million (61.1 crores) TikTok downloads.  Its revenues peaked at almost 100 crores rupees before its ban creating a massive vacuum for the Indian App consumers.

With its ban in effect, this leaves 611 million (61.1 crores), active customers, looking for an app similar to TikTok.  This is one of those now or never opportunities for you to cash in on thisgolden chance and create a TikTok clone app for India.

Looking for the best short video app development company in India to create an app like TikTokor musically or a dubmash short video sharing app?

The colourmoon software development company is your best option for TikTokclone apps and other short video sharing apps.  Now creating a video sharing app with highly customized features and filters is simply a call or message away.

Hire us and build your dream TikTok clone application now.  Get started today through Our app development services!

What is TikTok?

TikTok, although now banned in India, is still the No.1 trending social video app around the world.  It allows users to create short yet amazingly engaging videos and express themselves with music, dialogues, filters, and a lot more other features.

TikTok became hugely successful because it gave a lot of freedom to its users to capture and present themselves and the world’s creativity, knowledge, entertainment, and precious life moments on a smartphone.

It enabled everyone to be a creator – a star in their own rights and encouraged users to share their passion and creative expression through short and memorable videos.

The current short video sharing market offers lucrative opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses in India.  We can help you develop an amazing short video sharing app – A TikTok clone app that could be the next big video sharing app in India.  Our TikTok clone is built with the latest technology in the market with cutting edge elements that your short video sharing users will definitely fall in love with. 

We already have readymade TikTok clones, which were built from scratch and can be customized extensively and are upscale ready as per your need!!!

TikTok Clone unbeatable features

Our state of the art tiktok app clone and short video app in India are the best alternatives available in the whole Indian market.  With over 40 unique features, which are also highly customizable and scalable, Our TikTok clone App is on par with the top most social sharing apps in India.  Listed here are some of the exceptional options that are included in the short video sharing apps.

TikTok clone and short video app Features include:

State of the art image and video capturing service:

High-speed image and video capturing with no delay ensuring greater user experience.

Video sharing simplified:

Quick and simple video sharing options across numerous platforms e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Makes it easy for your users to share it with everyone they are connected to – massively expanding your user base!

Next level of filters and effects for videos and pictures:

The massive list of amazing filters and effects in our TikTok clone are sure shot to attract all the teenage and millennial crowds.  Users have options to create their pictures and videos with multiple filters, effects, and stickers, share them on other’s profiles, posts, and social platforms.

Broadcast from anywhere!

Live music, acting, dubmash video broadcasting features with instant streaming options from one end of the world to another – in a matter of seconds!

The never-ending music options

All artists need the right tools to create amazing and highly entertaining content.  An endless pool of music libraries – from pop and peppy to jazz and sentimental.  You name it, our TikTok clone has it.

Want more???  Here is the comprehensive list…

tiktok clone app features

Favorite Sounds and Songs selection:

On your TikTok clone app, users can instantly and easily bookmark, save, and use the instrumentals and other music or video options that they find fascinating in their profiles when making videos.  They also have options to select their favorite tracks from massive music and video libraries or upload their own to create a custom short dubbed video post

VideoSelfie Dubbing:

The TikTok clone also has options to record custom music/dialogue-dubbed videos and posts recorded performances – These uniquely customizable options help your users to become internet stars. Another great option included in colourmoon’s TikTok clones is that the users can set video speed preferences to create slow-motion or fast videos… depending on the creator’s choice!

GoLive in an Instant!

Your users can go live within a second with our live video streaming solution.  Their connections such as friends, family, colleagues, etc, are immediately notified and they can watch the Livestream in real-time!

Comment on Videos

Commenting is one of the most important aspects of a social sharing app since it builds up interaction and a huge community base.  Our TikTok clone app script allows your users to easily express their opinion on content and vote on other users’ content – making it engaging and rewarding.

View, post, rate, and follow favorite Creator Profiles

All users can access profiles and videos of other creators and video sharing stars.  They can instantly post, rate, comment, and follow the profiles they consider are entertaining and worth their time.

View and Like Post

Users can not only like creator profiles but also do posts that make a lasting impact.  In addition, all users can access data transmitted by other users on the website.  If they consider the short videos of the creators to be entertaining and engaging, they can ‘like’ and share it.

Personalized Settings options

In this highly competitive digitized world, users of our TikTok clone app source code can easily manage their profiles with a huge number of settings; including viewing app content, sharing their profiles with others, preference content, and much more.

Multi-Video/Picture Sharing

Our customized TikTok clone app gives your users options to share their dubbed video or media under specific categories with other users on the same app or other social channels.

News/Content Feed

Based on individual preferences, our smart TikTok clone app script will keep your user’s news feed constantly updated to showcase the latest posts from their tagged users, other user channels, top viewed posts/content in their area, local &globally trending content, and much more.  This smart targeting algorithm is specially designed for maximum user engagement and conversion rate – make TikTok clone app grow organically and globally.

Private and Invite only Chat Options

Multiple users can create in-appgroups and chatrooms with other users tohave private chats with them.  Inspired by the likes of WhatsApp and Snapchat, the colourmoon TikTok clone app is integratedwith a ‘Invite only Chat’ featureallowing users to have private conversations with other users.  This script is smartly designed to be erasedautomatically once the chat room closes and users log out.

Upholding laws and Abuse Reporting

Upholding laws and controlling abuse is one of the main objectives of colourmoon’s video sharing mobile apps.  Your users can report abuse and other misconduct directly and your team can take swift actions accordingly.  This helps to maintain a great social experience with high content quality standards and legal prerequisites in place.

Ways to Make Money with TikTok Clone

Once your customer base has increased, you can start earning revenue from the TikTok clone app in many ways!!!

Listed are here a few examples to get your feet wet.

Venture Capital

Are you an Entrepreneur?  If yes, the TikTok clone app is one of the best ways to apply for successful funding.  With almost 61 crore Indians actively searching for the next TikTok, this could be your chance to get ahead of your competition and pitch a viable plan to some of the best venture capitalists of the globe.  The competition is still low and it is now or never kind of deal in India.

Selling the app

This is another great way to take advantage of your TikTok clone app.  Once the app reaches a set number of users, you can easily sell to a buyer at multiple folds cost!

You can work with our highly experienced team at colourmoon and create an amazingly engaging and highly customizable TikTok clone app to get multiple users to sign up immediately.

Create something fun – Market it well – Grow your User Base – Keep a share and sell off your amazing TikTok clone to the highest bidder.


Want to own and keep the TikTok clone for a long time?  If you are energetic and fearless, this option is for you!

Just like Google and Facebook ads, you can also include ads options on your video sharing app and earn as much as you want.  Side note – Google made 134.81 billion dollars in 2019 from advertising alone!

What is the Cost of TikTok Clone App Development?

Here comes the most common question for the video sharing mobile apps – TikTok clone app price.

tiktok clone app price

To get a quick quote on TikTok Clone App Development you can contact this number.  Or you can read ahead.

The cost for any app or software– mobile or PC, mainly depends on how large you want to scale it… e.g., how many users you expect to download and use your TikTok clone app Development and video sharing app development, security, UX designs.  Other factors count too but they are minor when it comes to the overall TikTok and short video app development.

Why Choose the Colourmoon for your TikTok clone app development in India?

100% Customizable software and add on solutions

We are very flexible when it comes to catering to the needs of our customers.  This is one of the reasons we have constantly ranked as the No.1 Software and Mobile App development company in India on different platforms.

Our TikTok clone app and video sharing script can be highly customized to support several unique short video-based social media platforms like video selfie apps, music,& video dubbing social apps, live video streaming apps, external social platform apps, etc.  Our highly experienced app development team will customize your TikTok clone app based on your unique idea and the niche you prefer.

In-App Purchase integration

Let us get real here.  As an entrepreneur or business, you will want to make money from your TikTok clone app.  Agreed that the existing TikTokmodel does not have in-app purchase features, however,if you are a smart investor and need to create a short video and music app then in-app purchaseoptionsare an amazing opportunity to earn a great amount of money.

You can opt to charge a small fee from the users toupgrade to the premium version of your TikTok app to unlock more powerful and exciting features – For e.g. advertising their short videos or products to a specific crowd, etc.

Faster Deployment with Advanced Prebuilt TikTok Scripts

Our TikTok clone app scripts are built from scratch keeping in mind not to conflict with proprietary rights.  These pre-built videos and music dubbing scripts, video selfies app scripts, etc can be moved from development to deployment faster than any other short video app developers in the Indian market can.

Highly Scalable Design – No upper limits!

From 100 users to a million users, our tailored made TikTokclone apps, dubmash apps,and other short video apps designed to scale as per need so that there are no sudden lags and breakdowns.  

In simple terms, the scalability option ensures that is no upper ceiling on the number of users joining your TikTok clone app.

In addition, colourmoon develops these short video sharing apps with the best SEO & ASO practices so that your TikTok clone app, not just scales but also grows massively.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language

India is a highly diverse country with hundreds of languages and cultures.  If you are planning to expand your short video app abroad, then the languages increase by manifolds.  No matter which Indian state or any other country your TikTok clone app is deployed, our special short video sharing scripts will support the multiple currencies and languages for better user experience and revenues!

High Level of Security

At colourmoon, security takes priority over all things.  One of the main reasons that most apps get banned is due to security issues.  Our pre-built TikTok clone scriptsare not only robust & greatly scalable but extremely securealso.

Various high-level security techniques such as SSL-powered API’s, reverse proxy setup, JWT, Keychain, end to end security modules, etc ensures that the high levels of securityextend all the way from your TikTok clone app to each individual user API!

The TikTok Clone App Source Code is YOURS!

Once we build your unique TikTok, dubmash, musically, or any other short video sharing app, the source code is handed over to you for ownership!

We will also assist you in deploying your amazing TikTok clone app on all platforms.

Not yet satisfied?  Let us push more!

More comprehensive services included as default in all our short video sharing apps such as TikTok clone, musically, dubmash, etc., are here…

Native iOS & Android Apps Development experts with 13+ years of experience!

At colourmoon, our experienced expert developers seamlessly work with the native languages of both iOS & Android to provide your TikTok clone app users with a flawless experience that is highly intuitive and engaging making them coming back for more!

Server Installation Support

Server installation services for your amazing short video app in the various servers is done by our team.  Get your awesome app online without any hassle and long work schedules.

Complete Bug Support

At colourmoon, we value our customers the most and unlike other developers in India, we do not consider that our job is finished once your TikTok clone app is online.

As a matter of fact, we work towards continuously monitoring bugs and any discrepancies in the deployed short video scripts.  Any such issues and lags in the software will be quickly resolved by our expert team of app developers making sure there is no downtime and your customers are happy.

tiktok clone app development demo
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Swift and Responsive Support

At colourmoon, the customer comes first.  Our 800+ committed and devoted clientele that includes industry giants such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Salesforce, HubSpot, Intel, etc., and 2000+ successfully deployed projects throughout the globe are a testament to our dedication and quick support services.

We are always available for our clients to assist them with any queries or concerns they may have.  We are just a call away… you can directly contact our support team for assistance at any time.

Disclaimer: We use these terms “TikTok”, “dubmash”, “musically”, “google”, “Facebook”, “Youtube”, and “WhatsApp”, only to provide a better understanding of our services.  We neither represent nor hold any control over the trademarks of “TikTok”, “dubmash”, “musically”, “google”, “Facebook”, “Youtube”, “WhatsApp”.  Our solutions intend no harm to any individual or organization.