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How to Develop an App like Meesho for Your Reselling


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A highly customizable and scalable Meesho App clone that increases revenue and profits

A social reseller App is one of the safest ways to boost up your income and user base.  The Meesho app clone script is the best option for this type of endeavor.  Reselling is not a new term in the business world.  Every product in the market is sold and resold until it reaches the end consumer.  Similarly, the Meesho app clone enables users to buy your products in bulk and sell them through social media accounts and other ways of communication/interaction.

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With the Meesho app clone, you can attract millions of entrepreneurs to resell items that they have purchased at a lower price from your reseller app.

Entrepreneurs can buy from wholesale vendors on your app and make profits by selling it to their contacts.  This process not only increases your revenue but also your user base, giving you a wider field to spread your business.

How to make money with online reselling meesho like app

If you are looking for a cutting-edge Reseller App like Meesho clone with the latest technologies, high scalability options, and a streamlined process, thecolourmoon is the right place to build your Meesho clone app

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What is Reselling Meesho App?

As mentioned above, the Meesho App is a reseller platform where entrepreneurs can start their business from home with zero investment and make profits by reselling products to their contacts.  It has more than 1 crore resellers and covers almost 5000+ towns. 

The App connects suppliers such as wholesalers and distributors to resellers who can purchase products at bulk discounts and resell them.

On successful completion of orders, resellers and suppliers will earn a profit margin, which makes it a successful business model. 

The core idea of the Meesho app is to serve a social purpose that allows individuals and entrepreneurs to create their own home-based businesses and earn a side income. 

This model has particularly become popular after the pandemic when most of the population realized that aside income is necessary to generate extra income for themselves and their family. 

The Meesho app provides multiple types of products and brands for the resellers to sell.  These includes but is not limited to:

  • Women Essentials
  • Women Clothing
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Men Essentials
  • Beauty & Health
  • Bags & Footwear
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Kids essentials
  • Electronics

Based on individual interests, budget, social circle, etc., resellers choose the product they want to sell and promote them accordingly. 

The biggest advantage with the Meesho app is that resellers can earn a good amount of money without the need for investments and inventory management.  This makes the Meesho app clone one of the best-earning options for millions of entrepreneurs Now Hurry up to create App like Meesho

Why you need the Meesho like app for your business?

As a businessperson, you can easily onboard small stores and individuals from your state or region to the Meesho clone app.  These parties could be well-established businesses or individuals who want to sell their products and make money but need a platform to do so.

Since it is an online marketplace business, there is not much investment required apart from developing a mobile app and marketing it in your region!

Create a website or App like Meesho that allows sellers to onboard from every niche –apparel, fashion, food, toys, electronics, etc. 

You can target almost all sorts of businesses – your imagination and planning are the keys here.

Your platform will offer individuals social reselling options – This could include reselling through Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

The demand-supply framework is always high in the Launch a Reseller App; however, the platforms are limited for both buyers and sellers to trade online.  This opens up enormous opportunities for reseller apps that create a streamlined & easy use online marketplace!

How can you make money with the Meesho clone app?

After creating an online marketplace and facilitating the trade between wholesalers and resellers, you can start generating revenue by using this business model:

  • Commissions – You can generate revenue through commissions for every sale happening through the platform.  This option is used by almost all types of eCommerce apps including Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • Shipping fee – You can utilize private logistic firms to deliver products to the buyers.  This enables you to charge them a shipping fee based on distance!
  • Featured listings advertisements – Implement an advertising algorithm in your Meesho clone script that pushes up the sellers’ profile on top of search to enhance their visibility.  In this way, you can charge an advertisement fee to vendors such as wholesalers and distributors.
  • Subscription-based model – Users can subscribe to access your reseller platform on a monthly or annual basis, generating a substantial income.
how to make money with meesho like app development?

The most important aspect is that your Meesho app clone should be worth your user’s time and money.  A slow app with constant breakdowns and technical issues is the last thing your users would want.

Social Media Ecommerce App benefits

Through Social media networks, resellers on your Meesho clone platform can immediately attend to user queries and clarify them without delay, boosting the customer satisfaction rate of your App!

The social media reviews of the products sold by resellers will instill trust in their potential customers, driving them to buy from your resellers on a regular basis – in turn boosting sales from your app.  Also, when resellers share products on social media, it increases opportunities for their customer/audience to recommend the products listed to their social circle.  This makes social media eCommerce an excellent way to boost sales through your Meesho clone app!

Features of the colourmoon Meesho Clone App Script

Sign-ups: Vendors, sellers, and resellers can easily register on the platform and verify their accounts based on multiple criteria for authenticity.  This sets up their individual profiles. 

List products:  Sellers, vendors, etc., can list all their products with complete information under multiple product categories with their prices, SKUs, quantity, etc., for single orders/bulk orders.

Explore products: Multiple product categories wide variety of listed products can be browsed by resellers on the App.  These resellers can choose to resell or promote the products they like.

Social sharing: Resellers can share the products with their friends and family circle via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or other social networks.

Reseller feed:  Based on their preference and selling history, etc., resellers get personalized feed where multitudes of products are shown.

Advanced Filter Options: This allows the resellers to streamline their search results based on the product type, quantity available, manufacturer, price, etc.

Reseller cart: This user-friendly cart feature allows resellers to add, remove, and modify the quantity of the products they like to their cart with a single tap.  Once they have selected and added all products, they can review the products in the cart and swiftly proceed to checkout.

Flexible payments: The Meesho clone app has multiple secure payment modes, including debit/credit cards, digital wallets, net banking, COD, etc.

Live order tracking: Once the reseller places an order, they can track the order status periodically or through live tracking until it reaches their end customers.  There are options to also include a GPS navigation system for the order tracking system.

Ratings & feedback: Based on the end customer reviews and feedback, resellers can rate the quality of the product and share their reviews too.  This helps other resellers get a better idea of the product.

Push Notification Options: Resellers will be updated on product availability, order status, promotions, etc., via in-app push notifications.

In-app chat: The chat feature allows resellers to quickly interact with retailers/ wholesalers with queries regarding the product displayed on the Meesho app clone.  They can also connect with the customer support team for assistance and other queries.

Maximum conversions: Built-in Seo tools can help you with the right promotional efforts, which can get you high conversion rates, leading to an increased user base for your Meesho clone app and skyrocketing sales.

Multi-device compatibility: The Meesho clone app can be widely accessed on multiple devices, ranging from laptops, tablets to smartphones.

Customer retention: This add-on feature helps you retain your reseller base by leveraging a special loyalty program that is readily integrated into your robust Meesho clone application.

Highly Customizable: Thecolourmoon’s Meesho App offers high scalability options that allow you to modify its features or functionalities in the future with varying user preferences.

Your reseller app can be highly customizable depending on the needs of your vendors such as wholesalers, distributors, etc., and your resellers.  Whether your app might need changes to the front end – to enhance the look and feel 100% customizable Meesho Clone App or the need to upgrade the backend – in order to secure customer data & payments, scale on-demand, track subscriptions, etc., our expert and experienced App developers can seamlessly make changes and upgrades to your reseller App.

Captivating UI: The user interface and outlook of thecolourmoon’s Meesho clone is modern and innovative.  It is easy you use and incorporates engaging elements spell bounds and captivates its users.

Faster Deployment: With the advanced agile and scrum models, we can quickly deploy your reseller App in the market, giving you an edge over your competitors. 

Build an app for your business

The agile and scrum models also ensure that the software always works on optimum levels throughout the deployment phase to the actual user interaction phase.

Depending on which platform you choose to develop your Reseller App, our expert App developers at colourmoon will either use Python, Java, React Native, Flutter, JavaScript, etc to build the application.  These languages not only provide a fast and responsive experience but also provide additional layers of security to the App.

Global reach: Our Meesho clone App multilingual and multi-currency features that will help you scale your business globally.

SEO-friendly Solutions: At colourmoon, we understand the immense impact and importance of SEO in-app visibility and outreach.  All our Apps are built with solutions that optimize to rank on top of search results – on Phones, Tabs, and PCs.

Reseller-Vendor Toggle: Users can easily shift between the Wholesalers/distributors and buyers profile with the advanced toggle button available in your Reseller app.

Third-party integration: Integration of third-party APIs like ChatBot, Push Notifications, OTP logins, etc., can easily be done to extend the reseller’s App functionality and to enhance the User’s experience.

Compliance: We ensure that our application abides by the regulatory requirements and compliance of the regional and national authority, so you would not face any issues in the future with regards to disclaimers, IP regulations, etc.

High Level of Security: At colourmoon, the security of your Reseller App and customer payments takes priority over all things. 

One of the main reasons that most apps fail or get banned across the globe is due to security issues and non-compliance. 

Our Meesho Clone App scripts are not only robust & greatly scalable but extremely secure also.

Various high-level security techniques such as end-to-end security modules, JWT, SSL-powered APIs, reverse proxy setup, Keychain, etc., ensures that the high levels of security extend all the way from your Resellers to each individual user API!

Complete Bug Support: Unlike most App developers in India, we do not consider that our job is finished once your Reseller app is online because, at colourmoon, we value our customers the most.

As a matter of fact, we work towards continuous improvements, monitoring & fixing bugs and any discrepancies in the deployed Meesho clone App scripts.  Any technical issues and lags in the software will be quickly resolved by our expert team of app developers, making sure there is no downtime and your customers are happy.

Swift and Responsive Support: The customer always comes first at the colourmoon.  1500+ committed and devoted clientele that includes govt & pvt sectors. and 5000+ successfully deployed projects throughout the globe are a testament to our dedication and quick support services.


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