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How to Launch a Best on Demand Doctor Appointment App Like Practo?


Practo is one of the oldest online platforms that offer various services such as doctor appointment booking, booking diagnostic tests, consultations, etc.  It has come a long way from being a simple information website to one of the largest and complete healthcare-related online service providers.

The Practo clone script is an innovative solution built on the same attributes of the older Practo App but with much, more advanced features.  It not only provides options such as consultation and diagnostics booking but also caters to doctors, patients, global caretakers, and many other industries associated with the health sector. 

It also offers end-to-end health industry solutions such as services like telehealth, telemedicine, telecare, and digital health care services.

Similar to every other service and sector that is now turning towards technological advancements and easier-to-use online solutions, the health sector is witnessing a revolutionary technological change too. 

Even before the pandemic, almost 40% of the western nation doctors had embraced digitized consultations and appointment bookings.  After the pandemic, the online bookings and consultation numbers are now close to 100 percent. 

In fact, Practo has witnessed a 500% increase in user engagement since March 2020.  The app now boasts of more than 5 crore subscribers who access its health care services online. 

An online report suggests that by 2025 the Telemedicine market in India is expected to create $ 5.4 billion worth of market opportunities.

What is a Doctor’s Appointment App?

The doctor’s appointment helps users or patients to find the best primary care doctor near them.  It also allows them to book appointments via smartphones or web pages, making the process more convenient and easier for the health care industry. 

The Practo clone not only acts as a bridge between the patient and doctor but with the added features, patients and users can now also order diagnostic tests and medicines online.

Why develop a Doctor’s appointment mobile App or Practo Clone for your business?

Whether you are an individual, organization, or owner of a hospital or clinic, most growing medical practices, and health care solutions are going online with appointment scheduling systems.

With the advancement in technology, the doctor’s appointment app is now touted as the future of modern medicine and is a boon for patients and caretakers alike.  These days, with the online doctor’s on-demand app, the typical patient wait time is just 5 minutes. 

This is a revolutionary achievement since the previous wait time was for hours.  Similarly, services such as diagnostic bookings and medicine online ordering are witnessing a huge change and success in business dynamics. 

The market for online health care services is growing at massive speeds and the potential for profits and business growth is exponential.  Looking at the current statistics, the market for Doctor’s booking app is not yet saturated, making it a great option to venture into.

Also, with the advent of the worldwide pandemic, government across the globe have relaxed regulations around remote/online delivery of healthcare services and now allows telemedicine advice and appointments via video, audio, or text, etc.

India already has a shortage of 200 thousand doctors and around 2 million nurses.  Your online healthcare and doctor appointment app has the opportunity to fill in the huge vacuum materialized due to a lack of experienced healthcare professionals.

How can you make money with the Doctor appointment/Practo clone app?

After creating an online doctor’s appointment/telehealth services app, you can start generating revenue by using these business models:

  1. Commissions – You can generate revenue through commissions for every sale happening through the platform.  This option is used by almost all types of health care teleservice apps including Practo, Doctor on Demand, mfine, etc.
  • Featured listings advertisements – Your Practo script app can be integrated with an advertising algorithm that pushes up the Doctors, pharma companies, etc., profiles on top of search to enhance their visibility.  In this way, you can charge an advertisement fee to various telehealth service providers.
  • Subscription-based model – Doctors, various health care service providers,  pharma companies, etc., can subscribe to access your health teleservices app platform on a monthly or annual basis which can generate a substantial income for your app.
  • Shipping fee – In case your Doctor Appointment app is integrated with Online Medicine booking features, you can utilize private logistic firms to deliver them to the patients.  This feature enables you to charge them a shipping fee based on distance!

The most important aspect is that your Doctor appointment or Practo clone app should add value to the user’s time and money.  A slow app with technical issues and constant breakdowns is the last thing your users would want.

25+ Features Attracts us to make On-demand Doctor App like Practo Clone

The colourmoon’s Doctor appointment /Practo clone App with hospital information management system is a cutting-edge solution in the field of medicine and health care.  The platform is easy to use and seamlessly enforced to make health care readily available and easy to manage.

Real-Time Audio/Video chat: Patients can either consult via chat or audio/video call with Expert Doctors and get their consultation summary directly on the App.

Easy Appointment Scheduling system: Appointments bookings can be scheduled with one click.  There are options to also either book appointment now or schedule an appointment later.

Advanced Search: The field gives the users options to search & filter from a wide range of options such as consultation providers, expertise, reviews, areas, fees, timings, etc.

Store Medical Records: The app has backend options to store the medical history of the patient.  Users can easily create a profile and upload health-related information digitally.  This not only helps the patients to keep track of their health but also assists the doctor in making crucial decisions related to the patient.

Manage Availability: Live adding and updating options for details of the Doctors such as expertise, timing, fees, area, etc.

Push notifications, email, and SMS: The Practo clone app has inbuilt push notification features that can be used to Email, SMS, send live notifications, etc., to your customers in one click.

Seamless Payment options: The Doctor’s appointment App is integrated with multiple payment gateways to get instant payment from the users.  You can set a consultation fee as per the Doctor’s advice or through market research.

Specialist Listing with Availability: The Intelligent algorithm listing pages give users options to view the specialists listing depending on their ratings and availability.

Smart Maps: Patients or users can easily reach the doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, etc by following the smart maps option in the Practo clone app.

Patient’s Accounts Area: The patient can view upcoming and past appointments in the patient’s account area of the app.  They can also complete surveys and give ratings to the completed appointments.  This feature also gives options to patients, users, caretakers to reserve appointments for others too.

Specialist Doctor/Hospital Dashboard: The intelligent dashboard on the App gives Doctors and hospital administration access to appointments, schedules and files accessibility, etc.

Administrator Site Management: The hospital or clinic administrator can work on managing the site examination and reports; they can also control money-related processes.

Patient Side App: A login portal with UX of your choice.  Patients can choose the hospital, department, doctor, payment methods, available time slot, etc.

Easy login: The onboarding process is hassle-free and facilitates quick login into the app.

User profile: Patient and other users can set up their user profiles quickly to simplify future interactions and auto-login in the app.

Appointment booking fields: Convenient time slots can be chosen by the patients after confirming the doctor’s availability on the app.

In-app chat: The in-app chat enables the users to communicate within the application.  You can either use live agents or our AI-integrated ChatBots to assist your users in real-time.

Reviews for Doctors and other vendors: Reviews can be posted based on the experiences and treatment of the patients.

Ask health-related queries: Users can ask health-related queries and doctors can answer them on the chat or online for public view.

Set favorite doctor: Favorite tags can be set for doctors and specialists to choose them through one click.

Upload health-related documents: Health-related documents can be uploaded to the Practo clone app for future reference.

Schedule in-house calls: House calls can be scheduled depending on the availability of the doctor or nurse.

Family member’s profiles: Other information such as family members’ health details and history can also be uploaded in the application for future reference.

Set search radius: Search radius can be set on the built-in map in the app to narrow the search for doctors and clinics

Doctors and Specialist directory: The doctor directory is available with advanced filter options to search for any doctors the patients might need.

Doctor identification: Doctor Identification such as photos, professional degrees, experience, etc.


Advantages for Doctors

  • Online presence
  • Self-advertisement
  • 24/7 access for your patients
  • Grow your patients base
  • Remote workplace

Advantages for Patients

  • No waits in queues or wastage of time
  • Online access to the best available doctors according to your preference in any specialty
  • Anonymity
  • Cost and time saving
  • Opportunity to check and review all the vital information regarding the doctor’s qualification, expertise, and, experience
  • All health-related history and information in one place for future reference.

Technical Aspects of the colourmoon’s Practo Clone App

Highly Customizable and Scalable: Thecolourmoon’s Practo clone App offers high scalability and customizable options that allow you to modify the features or functionalities of the app in the future.

This could depend on the needs of your users such as doctors, patients, health care vendors, etc. 

Whether your app needs changes to the front end – to enhance the UX and UI of your Practo clone App or the need to upgrade the backend – in order to cater to the increased user base, secure customer data & payments, scale on-demand, track subscriptions, fees, etc., the expert and experienced App developers at colourmoon can seamlessly make changes and upgrades to your doctor’s appointment App.

Captivating UI and UX: The user interface and outlook of the colourmoon’s Practo clone are sleek and modern.

Faster Deployment: With the advanced agile and scrum models, you can rest assured that the Practo clone App can swiftly be deployed in the market, giving you an edge over your competitors. 

These models also ensure that the app and software always work on optimum levels from the deployment phase to the actual user interaction phase.

Depending on which platform you choose to develop your Doctor’s appointment App, our expert App developers at colourmoon will either use Java, React Native, Python, JavaScript, Flutter, Golan, and Android hybrids, etc., to build the application. 

These languages not only provide a fast and responsive experience to your users but also provide additional layers of security to the App.

Multi-device compatibility: The Practo clone app can be widely accessed on multiple devices, ranging from smartphones, tablets, Laptops to PCs.

Third-party integration: Integration of third-party APIs like Push Notifications, OTP logins, ChatBot, payment options, etc., can easily be done to extend the doctor appointment App functionality and to enhance the User’s experience.

Compliance: The colourmoon team ensures that your Practo clone application abides by the regulatory requirements and compliance of the regional and national authority, so you would not face any issues in the future with regards to IP regulations, disclaimers, code scripts, etc.

High Level of Security:  The security of your Practo clone App and customer payments takes priority over all things.  One of the main reasons that most apps fail or get banned across the globe on Google and Apple play stores is due to non-compliance and security issues – especially with regards to customer data and payment details.

Our Practo Clone App scripts are not just robust & highly scalable but extremely secure also.

We deploy various high-level security techniques such as reverse proxy setups, end-to-end security modules, JWT, SSL-powered APIs, Keychain, etc., to ensure that the high levels of security extend all the way to each individual user API!

Complete Bug Support: Unlike most other App and software developers in India, we do not consider that our job is done once your Doctor Appointment app is online because, at colourmoon, we value customer service the most.

As a matter of fact, in the support period, we continuously work towards improvements, monitor & fix bugs, and any discrepancies in the deployed Practo clone App scripts. 

Any technical issues, code script tests, bugs, and lags in the software will be quickly resolved by our expert team of app developers, making sure there is no downtime and your users are content with the functionalities of the App.

Swift and Responsive Support: The customer always comes first at the colourmoon.  Our 2000+ committed and devoted clientele that includes industry  top private * Govt organizations and 5000+ successfully deployed projects throughout the globe are a testament to our dedication and quick support services.


Online Doctor Appointment apps are having a very Prominent Role for many years and in Pandemic its Hype is in Peaks for patients to get immediate attention for their health problems.

The Above features for Doctor Appointment app like Practo Tell us to launch Practo Like App we need highly functional, streamlined, feature-rich, and superior App Features with a strong database and be user friendly.

Though there are established players already present in the market, a remarkable and feature-rich product will undoubtedly find a place. A great app requires active collaboration between a client and the app development company then we will get a Perfect App.

We are always available for our clients to assist them with any queries or concerns they may have.  We are just a call away… you can directly contact our support team for assistance at any time.

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