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How to Develop a Donation App – A list of baby steps towards Achieving it.


We have learned right from our childhood that how rich we might become, the donation is the greatest virtue that will keep us satisfied throughout our lives. There are numerous apps available in the market to perform our everyday tasks more easily and smartly. The app interference in our lives takes another step ahead in the form of donation apps. We have heard about donation websites, how different is the application from the website? Well, apps are designed in a more customized manner and quicker in tasks when compared to websites.

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Today, a major number of money transactions are held online. Self-less transactions like donations are also easily reaching the needy through websites and apps. COVID-19 is adding a layer more to donation requirements. Collecting money for the right cause that is close to heart and letting others join in your service can be best achieved through the app and the following are the clear instructions and guidance to create a successful donation app.

3 Mantras to Successfully Implement your Idea

1.  Easy Online Payment System

Enable the users to donate their valuable gifts through the app with easy and fast payment options. When the donor enters the card data in the payment credentials, the data is transmitted through the payment gateway to check whether it is legitimate. The process will begin by the payment provider after this verification. On the other hand, for the donors to find the app trustworthy, it is very important to maintain safe and universal payment options that will grab a huge number of customers and stick throughout the ongoing social services.

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2.  Attract customers

Informing or just mentioning the cause of donation in simple words can’t convey the core of the cause. It requires some emotional connection with the donor. If someone is giving away some amount of valuable items from their hard-earned money, then the motive should be very strong. Then how do you express it to the donor? Try to educate and entertain them using digital media. Explain why and how we are going to utilize the money for the right cause properly. Try sending gifts to recurring customers to express your gratitude because they are way more significant than one-time donors.

3.  Convey strong reason for the cause

To increase the number of fundraisers or supporters for the campaign, it is also required to maintain brand consistency. This can sound commercial but out of 100 campaigns, only 10 turn out to be successful and raise the required money. This is because people can recognize the brand and its logo.  Inform the donors how much their humble help can bring a difference in the lives of people and inspire others to walk down the same path.

Types of Donations in the App

1.  Crowd-funding

Crowdfunding is collecting investments in small amounts from a vast number of people to start up a business. In India, Crowdfunding has already grown in leaps and bounds. Several Startups in the country have seen huge turnovers every year. These companies established new entrepreneurs in the country to drag India a step closer towards advancement.

2.  Fundraising

Fundraising is also amassing financial help from individuals for a cause but the difference between crowdfunding and fundraising is that the former is done solely for business purpose and can attract donors from worldwide but the latter is involved in various events and non-profitable organizations and charity and is usually restricted geographically, mostly held offline but considering the pandemic situations, the app is much needed for fundraising campaigns.

3.  Charity

Charity involves donating money, books, groceries, clothes, medicines to sick people and impoverished people across the world.

Outlines of the Donation App

1.  Effortless signups and logins

The first step to gain donors should be the easiest. Gather limited and only mandatory credentials from the contributors. Humans tend to forget passwords. Set up a Gmail ID and mobile number backup to reset new passwords easily.

2.  Receive Donations

Accept all kinds of donations and in this part highlight the cause and required money to reach the target.

3.  Automated pop-up notifications

Push notifications are often felt annoying and ignored most of the time. Add innovative messages to the push/pop-up notifications to attract donors and make them feel that their contributions are very valuable.

4.  Regularly updated news section

A news or a highlighting photo representing the news can touch the hearts of many and create sympathy. This can help in receiving cash donations to fulfil the cause quickly.

5.  Event and Fundraising Agenda

Some donors are as regular to donations as they are to other routine activities. Provide a calendar to display the time and dates of charity events and fundraising campaigns.

6.  Highlight Sponsors and Supporters

It is an impressive way of expressing gratitude towards our kind-hearted donors. A sponsor can be an individual or an organization. Showcase their pictures and names to say ‘thank you.

7.  Secured Payment Gateways

Create instant payment links for the customers without troubling them. Collab with payment providers like Google pay, Paytm, Phonepe, Paypal, etc. To securely transfer money without hesitation. Check details of Donation App Secured Payment Gateways

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8.  Multilingual Backing

Convey your donors that language, caste, region, religion or country shouldn’t be an obstacle to show their generosity. Exhibit the content in the app in as many languages as possible and give them an option to choose their language.

9.  Booking Facility to attend events

Most of the donors show interest to attend charity events frequently. So, notify them of every event in their nearby locations. Encourage them to buy tickets by offering discounts and make proper use of the donor’s circle. Deduct their ticket money if they promote the message on social media.

10. View latest news and notifications

As soon as they open the applications, feed the supporters with the latest news and charity pages. Post pictures and videos to explain the cause. Thank them for contributing donations for any successful campaign.

11. Multi-Currency Aiding

Similar to multi-language support, multi-currency acceptance brings donors from various parts of the world.

12.Timely Recurring Donations

Accept monthly/weekly donations from donors. Let the donors manage the recurring donation plan. Set up alarming notifications to remind them.

13. Contact details form

It is necessary to collect the contact details of our valuable donors.

14. Messages via SMS/ WhatsApp

Send the supporters the app information through SMS, WhatsApp, mail and other media.

15.Customized content on the motive

Create customized content for each donor. When the appearance of the app background gives a bad impression then there are chances that the donor finds it untrustworthy and omits the part of the transaction.

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Finally, it takes a lot of research, planning, and design to develop a donation app. Follow a systematic approach and seek success and become a part to bring a difference in the world.

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