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Zomato – The Ace in the Digital Marketing Game


Zomato. Most of the people still have one question in mind – ‘What does Zomato mean?’ Well, the founder kept it simple and humorous – Zomato sounds like a Tomato that goes with every kind of food.

Humans eat to live and live to eat. It is undeniable that food is a major part of a person’s life. Gone are the days when to eat a spoonful of food people had to produce and prepare the ingredients on their own and then eat. In the present time, people are busy. Everybody wants on-demand products and services. Thanks to technology now almost everything is just an app away, so is good food.

Keeping the demand for food in mind aggregators like Zomato are touching the skies by creating a breakaway in the way of eating food. By delivering food on the doorstep with amazing discounts and offers, Zomato is now a very common name in every household.

How did it start?

Waiting in long queues while waiting for lunch can be so irritating. In the year 2008, two employees of Bain & Company (based out in Delhi), Pankaj and Deepinder saw a long of the office staff waiting for their turn to order lunch, which gave birth to the idea of “Foodiebay”, now known as “Zomato”.


Foodiebay’s website initially had scanned copies of the Office cafeteria’s menu, which helped the employees to choose the menu beforehand. This was a savior for the employees as they did not have to stand in long queues anymore. The website became a hit in the company and soon there was a gush in the website traffic but this time it was outside the vicinity of the company.

Foodiebay became a popular food directory in Delhi NCR. It started including menus of many popular restaurants in Delhi. People started using the site to check out the menu before going to the restaurants. The first scanned copy of the restaurant menu mentioned in Foodiebay was Hauz Khas in Delhi.

Slowly Foodiebay started added menus of restaurants from other major cities of the country like – Kolkata, Mumbai, etc.

Foodiebay Name Change

In 2010, after getting a great response from India, the founders of Foodiebay decided to enter the international market. But before that, they had to make a big decision which was – changing the name of the venture. Foodiebay was a great name but they wanted to have something simple, different, and an easy-to-remember name, and then they changed the name to – Zomato.

Most of the people still have one question in mind – ‘What does Zomato mean?’ Well, the founder kept it simple and humorous – Zomato sounds like a Tomato that goes with every kind of food.

When Zomato entered the international market there was no looking back.

Today Zomato has embarked on its name as the top aggregator for delivering food to the doorstep of the customers.

Digital Marketing Strategies

These days every business understands the importance of digital marketing, everybody is making efforts to increase the digital presence and achieve their goals. But sadly due to lack of proper strategies, many brands give up in the midway, that’s not the case with Zomato.

Zomato has and is taking all the shots in the digital media. From being one of the best food delivery app to being the best brand on the digital platform, they are ruling everywhere.

Target Audiences

Zomato aims to target millennial’s and gen z’s i.e. around the 18-35 age group. Their buyer personas are mostly foodies who like to eat in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, the people who are bachelors, working professionals, people living in hostels and pgs, etc are also included in the target audience list. Moreover, the target people who are comfortable using mobile applications without any hassle.

Channel Mix

Sticking to only one channel to promote a brand won’t work well. Therefore, Zomato has strategized the channel mix in such a manner that the branch reaches out to most of the target audiences and that helps the brand to achieve its objectives.


Zomato has owned most of the keywords related to food. Whether one types – ‘restaurant near me” or “online food delivery” or type “best biriyani in my city” or “tea delivery” Zomato appears for all. The site ranks for 10,550,799 keywords.

Site rank of Zomoto
Keywords targeting for Zomoto

with organic traffic of 52.2M Zomato is winning the game of SEO. The site has over 11,226,365 backlinks. The Alexa ranking being 133 in India and 1027 all over the world, they have gained a lot of users not just in India but also abroad.

Even the URLs in Zomato’s site are properly optimized for better ranking in the SERP.


Although Zomato has a good organic customer base, they run digital ads mostly for new audiences and for remarketing to retain older audiences.

Starting from search ads to social media ads Zomato does it all. The ad copies mostly talk about the offers and discounts to download the app.

Google Ads Preview of Zomoto

They also run ads on Social Media channels. These ads are mostly remarketing ads for people who installed their app but are not using them or for people who have not downloaded the app in the first place.

Social Media

Zomato has set a standard for every brand online when it comes to social media marketing. They have made memes a medium for speaking out loud and those gave them a lot of engagement.

Engagement Posts of zomoto

On Twitter, Zomato is acing the game by posting regular, trending, humorous content. Many other brands follow the trends set by Zomato.

Trending Contents for Zomoto

They not only entertained everyone with humorous memes but also paid respect to their delivery partners by featuring them and their stories on the social media platforms.

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  • Email Marketing

The regular email formats are boring for audiences these days – Zomato understood this much earlier. They send personalized emails without compromising the readability of the messages and they make sure every mail has the USP mentioned clearly in it. 

  • Push Notifications

Whether it’s about breakfast time or lunch or dinner, Zomato has a unique app notification for each meal time and those notifications otherwise called click baits work fine for the company to achieve its goal.

Mobile Alerts on there Updates

Based on its database and algorithms Zomato never fails to send personalized notifications to its users

Zomoto regular updates for users

Wrapping Up

When it comes to digital marketing, Zomato’s performance is above the par. Not just on digital marketing, they are making their way towards success by putting up hoardings, billboards, etc in almost every city to get more brand recognition and also remind the older audiences to use their service. The marketing services make Zomato one of the most unicorns in the food industry.

Digital Marketing Strategy Like zomoto

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Disclaimer – We are not associated with Zomato in any way. This blog is written to provide information for the interest of the readers.

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