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Modern businesses need modern solutions to attract customers to their business. In this digital world where everything runs on the internet. A website is a basic tool of the internet. Developing a website needs a specialized and professional agency that can create a website for your business in a professional way. Suppose you are running a  business in Visakhapatnam and are searching for a developer to develop a website for your business. Select the best website development Company In Visakhapatnam.

 We at Colour Moon specialise in market-centric and customized website development based on the user’s requirements. Our website development in Visakhapatnam delivers exceptional digital experiences to users.

Before knowing more about us and our services let’s first understand why is it essential for a business to collaborate with the Best Website Development Company in Visakhapatnam

Website Designing Company In Visakhapatnam

Website Designing Company In Visakhapatnam

Are you looking for the best website designing company in Visakhapatnam to design or redesign your company’s or Business website?  Colour Moon is the answer.  We specialise in designing all types of websites in Visakhapatnam like Small Business websites, Corporate Website Designing, Responsive Web Designing, Custom Website Designing, and Ecommerce Website Designing. Want to get a website developed for your business in Visakhapatnam  Get a Quote for the best offers.

Need Of a Website For a Business

In this modern digital world, where everything is reachable with clicks from your smart devices. And if you are owning a business in a Metropolis city like Visakhapatnam. Your company/Business should have digital presence i,e a beautifully crafted website. Here are some reasons why you need a website for your business

  • Website Increases Business Credibility
  • Website Builds Brand
  • Website Helps To Find Customers From Across The Globe
  • Website Leads Are Easier To Convert
  • Website Increase Your Sales, Revenue And Growth
  • Build trust Increase ROI
  • Increase Market Share
  • Data-Driven Decisions

 Let’s discuss them one by one:-

Website Increases Business Credibility

A good and interactive website increases the credibility of a business. A website should convey every detail and important information of a business to its customers. Having a website increases trust amongst customers, which in turn convinces them to make the required action like submitting details, purchasing products, etc.

Website Builds Brand

Brand awareness is of huge importance for a successful business. A website clearly states what the business is about, how it will benefit its customers, what services it provides, and much more details. Therefore, the website enables you to exhibit your brand to customers.

Website Helps To Find Customers From Across The Globe

Every business needs customers and the main intent to have a website for a business is to attract more customers. The online presence of your business makes customers aware of your business and convinces them to reach you to know more about your products or services. This, in turn, increases sales and generates more revenue.

Website Leads Are Easier To Convert

Having a website increases the chances of your business appearing in Google Search. This makes people aware of your brand and increases customers.

Website Increase Your Sales, Revenue And Growth

This is a time of eCommerce sales, and brands who do not own a website cannot expect to grow. Online presence enables to attract more customers which in turn increases sales and revenue People rely on google for many local businesses. People want to know about your business before they come to you. A website is an effective medium to communicate your business information to the market.

Build Trust Increase ROI

If you are a B2B business or business with a long sales process, a website fetches your organic leads. You are the first to solve people’s problems & increase the revenue of your business. Minimum investment in a website takes your ROI positive side.

Increase Market Share

Almost 93% of people rely on Google for solutions. You are serving 7% of the market. A developed website for your business helps to expand customer reach & scalability of the business. Tap untapped markets & acquire customers at less cost.

Data-Driven Decisions

Developing websites help you in crucial tasks. Analytics & user behaviour reports of your website tell more about your business. These data can be used to expand capabilities & enhance user experience. Now you understand the value of  website development for your business, lets now know why you should choose Colour Moon as your website Development Company in Visakhapatnam 

What We Do

We follow a proven method, used successfully for many years i,e. reducing risk and arriving at a final website through a structured approach. We have 13+ years of experience in the industry and we understand every client requirement. We are here to help according to the client requirements, be it start-ups or top business clients. We work according to client requirements with 100% Effort and Effectiveness, Website Design and Development, Logo Design, Customization Website Design, Customization interface Design, Website Packages and Theme, Customization template Design, Colour Combination, Sliders, Effects for websites, Responsive [For Desktop view, Laptop View, Tab View, Mobile view etc.. we work for all Versions]. We work for Each and Every Functionality as well as the simple and complicated type of websites. We are offering an affordable budget but we don’t compromise on our quality. Want to get a website developed for your business contact us today

Web Development Services Offered by Colour Moon at Visakhapatnam

HTML web design

The demand for HTML web design services is high as it is the most used platform and the primary building block for building a website. Our designers are experienced and have created appealing web designs for several clients.

E-Commerce website design

A good eCommerce web design is important for turning your visitors into customers. That’s the reason many businesses are turning to web designing companies in Visakhapatnam to build eCommerce websites to make the buying process quick and seamless. Our designers at Colour Moon, the best web design company in Visakhapatnam, focus on every single detail from product images to contact forms as the user experience is paramount.

PHP website design

PHP is an open-source, HTML-embedded scripting language that is used to create dynamic web pages. The skills coupled with experience have made designers create striking PHP web designs for many businesses.

WordPress design

The role of a WordPress Designer is to create strikingly beautiful web designs and blogs using WordPress. WordPress is an open-source software where it can be used to design web pages in no time.

Responsive web design

We aim to create beautiful website designs for your business that not only attract your users but convert them to potential customers. There is no need for having two websites for desktop and mobile users because we design responsive websites that adapt to any device or screen size, offering a pleasurable experience for your users. Our great designs will drive conversions and encourage the right action at the right time. Your users can view your website on any device without any hassle.

Static & Dynamic Web Design and Development

Colour Moon creates Static websites and Interactive websites in Visakhapatnam using the latest technologies to create fully functional and dynamic websites. Our Web Designers in the Visakhapatnam specialist team Endorse that these websites are made up of the latest trends & innovations that will turn over your company a competitive edge.

Corporate and CMS Web Design

The website that we have built will embody your business goals and provide an improved user experience across all platforms. We will help you build a website that is user-friendly, fully functional and immediately catches the eye of users.

Website Redesigning

At the finest Colour Moon Website Development Company in Visakhapatnam, we are a professional team of highly certified professionals working from Visakhapatnam, India with profound knowledgeable expertise in the website redesigning. The website’s ambiguity does not stand in the way of our progress. In terms of availability and urgency, we work successfully to get the best for you. With respect to exposure and customer knowledge, our valuable offerings would force your website to overtake your competitor’s website.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance services help businesses around the world boost the productivity and reliability of their websites. Our ongoing, reliable and secure features can back up cost-effective access to the websites. We expect to deliver timely and fulfilling your desires, we are not based on a single client segment; rather, we are combining our services with complete consideration of our large client community. It doesn’t matter what sort of business you’re doing–if it’s tiny or big, home-based or some government-based organization; we’re happy to fulfil your requirements, just don’t give all you need, but most of all surpass the expectations.

What sectors do we work on

As far as knowing about what wonders a website can do with your business you’re almost done here, but there may be still a question and that is doing our website development company in Visakhapatnam develop websites for the type of business/company you own? if yes, we will provide you with a complete list of the sectors we provide services in.

  • Property & Real Estate: Cutting-edge digital solutions that enhance value in a booming industry. Get a website developed with the help of which you need not travel to each customer in person. Optimize your website in such a way that your customer should feel like you are providing them services like no one other
  • Events Organizers Reach: the right audience and sign up for the best events. Develop a website with us and let us help you organise events and parties without printing posters and sticking them on the streets. with the help of the website, you can publish the event Calenders in advance for a long time.
  • Hotels & Restaurants: Let your website reflect your hospitality and customer experience. Take orders, manage bookings, post attractive pictures of your hotel and restaurant, add addresses, and receive feedback, all with the help of a website with our talented website developers in Visakhapatnam
  • Entertainment Services:  Make your business shine online with a custom entertainment website. Show your talent to the world now in an easier way. Developing a website enables you to make publicity of your entertainment skills among a mass population.
  • Education Services: Transforming institutional education to meet the needs of the tech-driven era. In this digital era, students refer to surfing the internet to get to know where their career can be nourished and to attract them you need to develop a website for your school or college to let them know you can serve them by building their career.
  • Grocery & Retail Stores: Provide the best online purchase experience and stay engaged with your customers. Revolutionising the way Groceries are purchased online and delivered to the doorstep, our Grocery Store website gives your customers the convenience of browsing through the entire catalogue of products with greater ease. 
  • Tour And Travels: Help customers from different parts of the world find you with ease with a good first impression. Add photos and videos of natural beauties and places which can lure customers to book their trip with your tour and travel agency
  • Healthcare Services: Deliver the most essential services to the needy through cutting-edge digital platforms.Online health consultation is now what a majority of people prefer over visiting doctors. With the help of a website with Colour Moon in Visakhapatnam, you can attract as many as customers to your online clinic.
  • Banking Services: Secure and user-friendly digital products and solutions for the banking industry. People are now fed up with long queues outside the banks. You can now fulfil their needs by providing them with banking services they want at their fingertips, helping them ease out from long queues.
  • Enterprise Services: Get the Top-Class Business Website for your Venture to stand out of the box in this competitive world.
  • Studio Services: Crafting digital solutions to reflect your modernity and attention to detail. website Development in Visakhapatnam with Colour Moon is a solution to your multiple problems because we are the most experienced company in Visakhapatnam and we know what a customer needs to fulfil his requirements. Let’s now discuss what are the benefits of website development with Colour Moon in Visakhapatnam.

Benefits Of Website Development With Colour Moon

A custom website design showcases the brand through custom elements. As the business expands, websites must maintain their effectiveness, and bring quality visitors. Moreover, custom web development must be affordable and within the budget.

Custom web development is preferred due to its benefits over generic web templates. This web design gives you the ability to create a business identity and is easier to expand.

Websites that are well-designed with optimum functionality, retain more customers. Web functions must be efficient, business-specific and also SEO friendly. The dynamic websites have got a special benefit. It has become the reason for being extensively used across the world. The scalable and extensive software has many applications, and custom websites accelerate digital innovation and enhance project management capabilities. Below are some of the benefits of Website Development With the Colour Moon

  • Real-Time Changes
  • Get things done quickly
  • Solutions
  • Platform
  • Secure System
  • Website Maintenance Services

Real-time Changes: Our Website Developers facilitate the users to make real-time changes while coding and it can also be shared with others, who can also view the made changes and can further add. This is a great feature as it helps in faster and enhanced communication.

Get Things Done Quickly: The cloud-based web development comes loaded with many programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, Python, C, C++ and more, enabling users to start coding within seconds without making any extra effort of downloading and installing files.

Solutions: Colour Moon offers Cloud-Based Web Development Services in Visakhapatnam and India for many businesses with a wide range of website hosting services.

Platform: Colour Moon provides options to choose from whichever Content Management System they wish for. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are a few to name. It also supports and provides popular platforms like Java, PHP, and .Net. The company will only charge you for the resources used with no up-front cost or contracts.

Secure System: While running a website, security is the topmost priority for users. Colour Moon has earned numerous certifications that ensure the users are on the safest platforms.

Website Maintenance Services: We provide comprehensive, accurate, and quick website maintenance services. A well-maintained and updated website is very important to attract customers. If the site contains outdated information or links that do not work, customers are less likely to inquire about your products or services.

There must be expectations you would keep on A website development company in Visakhapatnam. Colour Moon being the most experienced and best Website Development Company in Visakhapatnam knows how to meet the expectations of a customer and we also know what a customer should expect of us, let’s make this more helpful to you in this blog.

What you should expect from a Website Development Company?

Structured Website Flow

Well-structured website resolves 50% of technical issues prior to development. Developers should provide a wireframe detailing the website structure before starting website design.

Superfast Page Loading

Site Speed & page loading time are critical factors for a website to provide a good user experience & keep website users engaged with your business.

Responsive Web Design

More than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile. Designing websites for mobile compatibility is your right. Speak with your web designer prior to starting web designing. Responsive web designing is in more demand as the number of mobile users crossed 2.71 Billion understand What is Responsive Web Design & the Need for a Responsive website for extensive purposes. In the last 12 months, 87.15% of total users are from chrome. It means Google is the most preferred search engine among Indians. 99.8% of users use Google to find solutions & here comes the role of Responsive web design.

Optimised Content for Search Engines

Engaging & eye-catching content with sufficient keywords for your business is essential. Web developers should collaborate with the marketing team for better outcomes for websites concerning SEO. SEO strategized websites Rank better on Google in a short time! Our data-oriented approach to choosing a responsive website layout & keyword research during website development adds more On-Page SEO Scores to your website. Our SEO Specialists are keenly experienced in collaborating with our Creative Website developers for maximizing SEO Scores & Page Experience.

Phases of Website Development

Clients should be well aware of the phases of website development to help track more easily. We offer you a platform to track your website development process periodically & stay in touch with the team. We facilitate you with an option to raise any concerns during the website development process & resolve them instantly.


We start with a discussion of your project with our web development team. We need to understand your requirements thoroughly & add our views to your requirements (if needed). Our industry experts can help you with insights.

Website Structure

Once a project is finalised, we conduct market research to note focus points. We do competition analysis & then proceed with preparing the Website wireframe & architecture. This gives you a clear picture of website flow.

UI/UX Designs

Further, we proceed with UI Designs for your website. Our web designers discuss your design requirements. Our creative graphic designers produce eye-popping web design & flow, then pass it for clients’ approval.

Backend Development

Once website design is confirmed, we start backend development with preferred backend technology. Here we ensure secure coding & check for vulnerabilities. We program for the best user experience & web security.

API Integration

For websites, during development APIs are required to perform certain functions in the website. To ensure all features are embedded, we develop API & integrate them with UI. This is the most essential phase of web development

Structured Web Content

In collaboration with SEO specialists, we conduct keyword research for your website to prepare to convert & optimized content. This is considered a separate requirement & not included in web development. 

Testing & Live

Once, the website is fully functional, we make it live with the domain & hosting service clients prefer. We conduct testing before making live & after live, checking for errors, vulnerabilities & design compatibilities.


The last phase is Maintenance, in this stage, the maintenance of the website is done for a limited time period only. Maintenance means updating the contents & design of the website. The maintenance facility is provided for the limited time provided by the company but if the user wants to extend the service they have to be charged extra for it.


Call us today on +91 7799900800 or get a Quote. To discuss your website development requirements

Thus here we are done with reviewing the website development companies in Visakhapatnam Web Designing is the foundation for the successful build of any web or software application. At present, a vast range of firms has opted in to have a web-based application to connect with their clients and reach a wide range of customers in the market.

Web Designing and Development keep on changing as per the need of the organization and the business they are active in. It prominently depends upon the categorization of the organization i.e. Educational, Financial, Commercial, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Knowledge-based, etc.

Various platforms are being used today to create good-looking and responsive web applications to grab the attention of their online viewer.

Call us today on +91 7799900800 or get a Quote. To discuss your website development requirements. Your trusted website designers in Visakhapatnam are here to serve you in the most suitable manner. Explore our website to know more about Colour Moon and our website and digital marketing solutions to help your business succeed online. 


Which is the best Web Designing Company In Visakhapatnam?

Colour Moon Technologies is the best Web Designing Company In Visakhapatnam, with 5000+ projects already done and 13+ years of experience. They create and design the best websites in Visakhapatnam.Experts in Small Business Website, Corporate Website Designing, Responsive Web Designing, Custom Website Designing, and Ecommerce Website Designing. Contact our expert team for the best offers and Quote

What is the cost of web designing in Visakhapatnam?

Based on various factors and type of website, the cost to design a website in Visakhapatnam can start as low as Rs 4999/- by Colour Moon Technologies. Colour Moon is the Top   Web Designing Company In Visakhapatnam that offers Web Designing at an affordable price. Colour Moon Technologies is known for the best website designing and development services. Businesses looking for fast growth and reduced workload choose us to develop their websites that amplify their brand value.

Is it easy to create a website?

Creating a website today is easier than ever. You don’t need to know how to code. You just need to get in contact with Colour Moon Technologies, to create your dream website. Colour Moon offers the best website design and other services at an affordable price. It not only builds you a website but also builds a strong brand and online presence for your business. We take care of all your technology needs by providing you with a range of web application development services. Call us today on +91 7799900800 or get a u003ca href=u0022 To discuss your website development requirements.

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