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How personalized Android and iOS Apps will Boost your Restaurant sales and profits?


More than 5 billion people in the world use a smartphone.  This amounts to almost 65% of all people on the planet.  Since the past 4 to 5 years food delivery apps such as Zomato and Swiggy have expanded their customer base with a staggering year on year increase of 35%. Increase Restaurant Sales by going online

Why does your Restaurant need an Online Ordering App?

Let us look at some core restaurant business statistics.

Overall restaurant businesses in India have a market value of 4 trillion rupees out of which almost 740billion rupees (18.5 %) are generated through online sales!!! This is a staggering number because most online ordering businesses in India started just 5 years ago.  In addition, by 2023 the percentage of online restaurant business may increase to almost 32.5%!!!

Summing up in one line, the online food delivery market is growing at an enormous pace and there is immense potential for your restaurants to earn from a digital sales channel such as a Smartphone App with an online ordering system.

Benefits of having a personalized Restaurant App for your Business

When you think of creating an online ordering system for your restaurant, the task might seem discouraging and time-consuming.  However, keep in mind that the advantages of creating a restaurant App are countless.  You will immediately notice improvements in your sales, profits, and even the overall management of your restaurant business.

restaurant app benefits

Let us look at the advantages of having a Professionally built Restaurant App:

  • Increases Sales: Restaurants that have an online presence have grown their sales by an average of 30%.  In fact, countless reports suggest that many restaurants have doubled their takeout revenue.
  • Boost your Restaurants Brand: Almost 60% of new food businesses fail in the first 3 years because of a lack of publicity, online presence, etc.  Having a dedicated App on Android and Apple stores with an online website gives your restaurant a lot of free publicity and boosts your brand image.
  • Personalized Experience Counts: Customers love it when restaurant mobile apps offer a unique user experience.  A personalized App will enable your restaurant to showcase your distinct flavors and offer special offers, deals, and loyalty reward points.  Remember, you do not have these options when working with third-party apps.  Even if you do there are other charges that you have to pay for the specialized services.
food delivery app features
  • Improves your restaurant services: Creating your own restaurant App with end to end solutions with features such as
  1. An updated menu
  2. Delivery/pickup services
  3. Estimated time of delivery
  4. Smart Geofencing
  5. Live delivery routings
  6. Order analytics
  7. Push notifications
  8. The sales report, etc…

These features streamline your business process, saves money, and creates an amazing customer experience.  If you want to create an extraordinary and easy to use restaurant App, we provide you with all the options mentioned above and much more.

  • Enhances your restaurant sales with recurring customers:  Return customers for any business is very important.  In fact, except for a few major chains such as McDonald’s and KFC, most restaurants get the majority of their business through word of mouth and recommendations.

After a given period of time, you may not even need to advertise your brand since almost 90% of your customers would be repeat patrons and they would also promote your restaurant through word of mouth.  A well-made restaurant app will have features like customer loyalty points, special discounts, and even customized components such as recommended dishes, drinks, etc.

  • Interconnectivity for Multiple Restaurants: If you have a restaurant chain, then having an online ordering App is more important than ever.  While single restaurants do need a comprehensive list of features, multiple restaurant chains require additional components for their online ordering system.

Your multiple chain restaurant business needs to increase:

  1. Brand awareness,
  2. Managing &streamlining orders and sales from different locations
  3. Providing better customer experience through geofencing
  4. On-time deliveries
  5. Checking customer reviews of different restaurants
  6. Service levels of each restaurant and much more…

You can also make the customer choose orders from your nearest restaurant chain! We specialize in creating online ordering Apps for restaurant chains that include the above features and much more.

Personalized online ordering system vs third party applications

It is easy to simply partner with third-party apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, etc. It works fine if your restaurant is just starting up.  However, the disadvantages are a lot more than the benefits.

  • Their cuts from your profits: Let us level here.  We all work hard to build up our business so that at the end of the day we earn profits and sustain our business to grow. A third-party application such as Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, etc, take a cut from your profits.  These commissions could be anywhere from 20 -30% on every order placed from their platform.

In a business such as a restaurant where competitions are cut-throat, service expenditure is massive, and, margins are minimal, creating your own Restaurant App will save you a lot of money and also maximize your brand’s value. 

  • Returns are billed back to you: If for some reason the customer does not like your order, they can keep your food and you still have to pay an amount to the third party for the delivery, etc. This affects your user experience and your earnings too
  • No communication with your customers: For any business to grow and sustain, there has to be some kind of interaction with their consumers.
Own Restaurant App Development

Third-party apps interfere with the direct relationships between restaurants and their customers. 

  • Extra charges to promote your restaurant: Almost all third-party apps charge you for promoting your dishes and any other offers that you want to give to your consumers.  This could be in the form of ad listings, push notifications, personalized email campaigns, etc.  When you create your own restaurant app with colourmoon, all the above features are free!!!
  • Handling Orders through other Apps: Most third-party apps set up high expectations for their customers. Example, delivering food within a certain period of time, packing preferences, etc. This creates logistical and staff handling issues for almost all the restaurants that work with third-party applications.

When you have your own online ordering system in place, you can set up the right expectations with your customer, such as delivery time, etc. This builds the customer’s confidence with you and also increases their satisfaction. You Can Check Multiple Mobile Apps Done by us in Our Mobile App Development Portfolio.

Conclusion: In this digitized world where almost everyone uses smartphones to connect, buy, learn, socialize, etc, your restaurant business must have all the right tools to promote its brands, increase sales, streamline business, and gain a competitive edge against other similar enterprises. 

To create a professional and user-friendly online ordering Restaurant App with multiple advanced features contact Colourmoon Technologies

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