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Why Choose CM-Groccy To Develop An Online Grocery App?


Grocery apps have seen a spike in demand since digitalization and natural pandemics broke out. Several small and big grocery store owners came forward with the request to build an on-demand grocery app that would help them deliver groceries to their customers. In today’s world, customers want everything with just a few clicks of an app. Whether it’s food, medicines, clothes, or groceries, every item that you are expecting to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

In response to the growing demand from both store owners and the general public for on-demand grocery apps, Coloumoon Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed a ready-to-use, multi-functional mobile app – CM Groccy.

Cm Groccy is a unique & convenient app with high-end features. The app was tailor-made to make it easy for businessmen & entrepreneurs to start a grocery app immediately without any hassle.

Read the blog till the end to understand the app clearly.

Idea Behind Creation Of The App

We received an influx of requests for on-demand grocery delivery app development during the lockdown. Thus, we had to dig deeper to find out why this particular niche is in such high demand.

Groceries are daily necessities that cannot left no matter how hard we try to adjust. When in the year 2020 the governments of many countries announced and imposed a lockdown people had a dire requirement for groceries to survive in the pandemic. Although grocery stores were allowed to be open after a short span of shutdowns, the store owners have to bear a good amount of loss, as the customers were quite scared to leave their houses. This resulted in a high call for on-demand apps.

Are you wondering why we built a ready-made platform now in 2022?

Certainly, the lockdowns have been over and people are free to go out and do things, but still, there are a great many people who remain depend on the on-demand services. Mobile apps are used by more than 1 billion people around the world.

Plus, with the biological and environmental change that we experience every day, it is indisputable that on-demand apps will stay fashionable for some time to come.

The idea of CM Groccy was thus born. Although we can’t predict the future, we want to prepare ourselves for the adversities that are sure to come. We aim to provide grocery owners with a trending and profitable platform that will allow them to deliver groceries to their audiences within a couple of minutes, as groceries are a priority in most households.

7 reasons why CM-Groccy has a great scope amongst the audiences


Spending a lot of time shopping for groceries is an outdated idea. In this highly competitive world, people don’t have a lot of time to waste going shopping, they rather prefer time-saving tactics like ordering all the items of their need from a simple yet effective app. Besides, the simplicity of ordering groceries using an app, it’s very time-saving. Within a few minutes, any user can order groceries and the delivery takes place even faster. 

Doorstep delivery

Getting your needs delivered right to your doorstep sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? A grocery delivery app can deliver groceries quickly and easily without causing any damage to the packages. All the users have to do is enter the correct address and choose what they want to be delivered. A delivery partner can be assigned by the business to handle the delivery. Using the tracking system, delivery boys can find the route to their destinations, and users can also receive updates on delivery status.


It is undeniable that when we shop in physical stores, we usually overspend and incur travel expenses as well. However, grocery delivery apps enable users to order only the necessities without breaking the bank. Additionally, online systems offer discounts and offer to customers. There are times when the delivery is free for a select group of customers or is included in the delivery price range.

Easy to use technology

In today’s world, even a 5-year-old knows how to operate mobile devices and technology very well. The developers of the grocery apps make sure they make the interface of the app very user-friendly and convenient. The screens and tabs are made prominent for easy comprehension of usage. Payment gateways options are also integrated to make the billing contactless & effortless.

Better selection of products

Instead of wandering in the aisles of a physical grocery store, users can just filter the category or search for the items they want directly. The apps have category tabs that help the customers to identify the product of their choice easily. For example, if a user wants to buy soap he can explore the toilet essential category.

Safe from Negative Effects of going out

In the times of Covid, going out is tough and hazardous for health. In such a scenario, getting groceries delivered at home using just a mobile application is just easier, and faster & doesn’t impact the user’s health. The delivery partners assigned by the businesses also make sure they follow the covid guidelines and are vaccinated.

Following the trend

Keeping up with new technology trends is considered cool in the genZs’ lingo. Generally, if a large number of people are using an app and it makes their work easier, they tend to endorse it and make it popular with a broad audience. Soon, it becomes a hit among not just a few people, but everybody.

Features of the On-demand Grocery App

CM Groccy was developed keeping every minute feature that would make it easier for the buyer to order the products.

Some of the advantageous features of the app are,


The readymade is very easy to use. Users can scroll through multiple sections and options effortlessly.


The CM Groccy app comes with a lot of inbuilt features, but it can be enhanced even further with additional options. Clients can view the relevant plan, and if approved, our team will add the requested features.


The prices of the app are dependent on the customization requirements, human resource efforts, and time is taken to make the app live.

Multiple payment modes

The app allows customers to pay using multiple payment methods. The client has to decide how many payment methods he wants to integrate by checking out the plans.

Language setup options

To make it easier for regional audiences, the app also allows them to set their preferred language with one tap.

Attractive layout

Colors and icons give the app a unique look and feel, making it appealing to a large number of users. Branding elements are said to gain a lot of customers, therefore we have made sure that our app is pleasing and memorable.

Easy to manage dashboards

Clients receive an easy-to-use dashboard from the app deign . The client will be given all the necessary instructions while the project is over so that he can add/remove options as per choice.

To Make It Convenient For Our Clients we have come up with various plans for developing an On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Starter –

Key Features

  • Suggested for startups
  • Single Language
  • 1 Payment Gateway
  • Reviews System (coming soon)
  • Pricing – 45000 android, 75000 android + ios


Key Features

  • Suggested for medium scaled businesses
  • Multiple Language (2)
  • 2 Payment Gateway
  • Tele Order System (coming soon)
  • Pricing – 70000 android, 1,00,000 android + ios
Grocery app cost in india


Key Features

  • Suggested for large scaled business
  • Multiple Language (4)
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Scratch Card (with 4 privileges) (coming soon)
  • Pricing – 1,25,000 android, 1,60,000 androids + ios

CM Groccy with a holistic research approach on what exactly the ultimate audiences expect from an online grocery delivery app. Considering all the scope, the developers of the app have made it entirely by keeping the audiences in mind. The app is super convenient and customizable.

If you have a physical grocery store or an idea to start your own business? Provide the audiences with just what they require i.e. a high-end grocery app, CM Groccy.

For more information contact our executive team –

+91 8340 939 495  | +91 9885 281 291

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