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5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free


5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free. The value of having a website for a business of any size is now generally acknowledged by the business community. It is merely “the cost of doing business” in the modern digital environment. In spite of this, many business owners are hesitant to spend money on website design. This is why we have come up with this article where we will discuss 5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free.

This hesitation does make sense to some extent. A custom website looks to cost a significant sum of money up front, especially for start-up businesses when resources are sometimes quite stretched.

Many small company owners choose to self-design a website at this stage of the decision-making process in order to save money immediately by using a free website builder like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. Unfortunately, this choice has ultimately hurt a lot of small firms because of unanticipated expenses, ownership loss, a perceived lack of professionalism, and poor functionality.

It’s cheap, simple, and quick. It’s true that creating your own website looks too good to be true. There are many website builders available, so it can be tempting to think that building your own website is the best way to quickly get your company online. However, the reality of a self-built website is frequently far from ideal. So, it is better to get your website built by the best website development company in India.

Your site must have a professional appearance, perform well in Google search results, be simple to use, and eventually provide results. Before we will discuss 5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free, let’s first get to know what free websites are:

A Brief Introduction to Free Website

Before we continue, let’s establish what we mean when we talk about “free websites.” Any website developed on a platform that offers free hosting falls under this category.

We’re not talking about a website that uses a domain that was registered for free as part of such a service, or self-hosted WordPress, which is free, installed on a premium hosting plan. These packages contain items that you must pay for, thus they are not free services (although parts of it are).

5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free.

There are more errors in a free website than benefits Avoid having that occur to you! Take charge of your website right away and get the rewards later. Need to be persuaded? Here are compelling 5 reasons you should never make a website for free:

1. You Don’t Actually Own Your Site

One of the main problems with using a free website builder is that you don’t actually own your website, regardless of the particular features or material you’ve included. You are simply borrowing the space from a bigger company

.As a result, you face the danger of having your website completely vanish if the provider decides to remove it due to an anomaly in their terms of service or if their parent company is sold or purchased by another company. These sites also frequently decide later on that they wish to start charging for the services they had previously provided for free; at this point, they frequently start charging premium prices since they can profit from their captive audience.

Additionally, should one of the aforementioned events occur, your website is not portable because you have become dependent on this particular builder’s tools and hosting services. You are operating under someone else’s terms and conditions, which increases the possibility that you will lose all of your work and be unable to recover it.

When opposed to open-source platforms like WordPress, free websites typically don’t offer the same level of access to data as premium ones do. This may result in a number of issues, such as:

  • Lack of access to Analytics can thwart your efforts at optimization and marketing
  • If you want to convert to a premium platform, it will be difficult to move your site to another provider.
  • Limited possibility to remove your site from public view if you no longer want it to be visible.

You want the finished product to be yours when you put in the time and effort necessary to establish a website. It can be frustrating to have little control over your own data and content, so consider this when determining how much hosting will cost you. But if get you get your website developed by Colour Moon, you need not to worry about anything like hosting. The website will be actually owned by you with a dedicated server of your on

2. Free websites Don’t Appear Professional To Clients

Speaking of appearance, new visitors to your website typically form an initial opinion of it based on how it looks and feels to them. This impression is usually influenced by the functionality and design of your website. If your website is covered in advertisements or brand recognition for the free website builder you’re using, how do you think it would appear to them?

Additionally, there is a considerable probability that thousands of other customers are already using the free website template that you adore. Free website builders almost seldom offer enough modification options to set your website apart from rival websites that use the same template.

Users’ subconscious emotional reaction to these kinds of websites is one of monotony, which is not good for inspiring trust or attracting new business. Users may not be able to articulate exactly what it is about your website that seems off.

Although it advances website design, this is connected to it. It can be similar to learning how to use your aperture and shutter speed in photography. There is a vast world of exposure to explore once you master the art of photograph composition.

One thing is design. Understanding user behaviors on your website is a another matter altogether. If there is a call to action on your website, where should it be placed? What path do you want a user to travel across your website? How does the following page pique their attention and keep them proceeding down the road to becoming a customer once they click the button you want them to click?

Since I don’t think they realised I am a website strategist, I’ve spoken to a lot of individuals who already have websites, and they have all told me that websites shouldn’t be overly salesy and should only be used to share information.

What they’re saying is mostly accurate, however there is a way to design the website so that it completely serves as a sales tool without coming across as “salesy.” In fact, a genuinely well-made one accomplishes this without the visitor even being aware of it. When done correctly, you are actually assisting your clients rather than trying to sell them something.

However, you can’t assist them as well as you’d like if you don’t comprehend how they will use your website.

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3. Free Websites Have Poor SEO

The major method by which people discover you at the top of their search results is through optimising your webpages for Google. There are proper methods and there is also the spaghetti against the wall method.

Does your company have a physical location there? When someone searches for your type of service in their region, local SEO will help you rank at the top of the local rankings.

The focus of SEO used to be on using keywords liberally, even if doing so results in strange-sounding page titles. That approach is still being employed by some outdated SEO consultants. Did you realise that using a list of keywords on your websites is no longer recommended?

SEO is constantly evolving. Google updates its ranking algorithms on a regular basis. Because of this, SEO is a real full-time job.

Yes, there are some rather apparent things you can do to aid. To gain links back to your blog, you may quickly learn how to post on other blogs. A successful SEO strategy involves far more than you might think.

To ensure that I’m working as hard as I can, I use the tools on my website. Website builders that provide you with these kinds of tools to make sure your content is optimized are not ones of which I am aware.

You won’t be able to make your business well-known in search engine results. This is a huge challenge for your business. Professional, high-end hosting companies give you total control over your website, better SEO, a real, official domain, and a scalable website that expands with your business.

By choosing a trustworthy web hosting provider, you support the growth of your Google Search brand. Thus, you will have a higher chance of success if you work harder to develop your full potential through a credible online presence supported by first-rate web hosting services.

4. Free Websites Are Not Customizable

Almost anything may be changed on a bespoke website. The same isn’t true if you utilize a website builder. Some website features are simple to update, but everything else is governed by a prebuilt design.

When you choose a website template, you choose a layout that will entirely obscure your thoughts. Everything you had planned for your website before discovering the template is impossible to do.

The issue arises when you wish to upgrade your website as you develop more expertise in web design. Existing web template modifications are not only inconvenient, but also frequently highly expensive.

So, before you launch a website, consider what your ultimate objective is. Do you wish to turn it into your official business or does it still remain a hobby website? A free website with a fixed design template and presets is not the greatest option if you decide to go with the latter.

Free website designs and DIY website builders are relatively simple, non-interactive, and cannot be altered. A simple website design or web builder wouldn’t allow you the flexibility to add an extra feature or additional content. Think again if you believe that you are the first business to gain from a free website builder; thousands of other businesses have already made the same, dull, generic error.

5. Free Websites Have Poor or No Support.

When you purchase hosting, you typically get at the very least 24/7 help by email or live chat, with some hosts also providing phone support.

That matters since you’ll almost probably encounter a circumstance where you’ll need to rely on that help. However, you typically receive no assistance while using free WordPress hosting. Support is offered through a forum or another comparable platform. The ideal situation is restricted ticket support, with the majority of free hosts relying on a community support forum.

These free web hosting services have several restrictions, including on customer care. Unfortunately, you won’t get much assistance from them if your website goes down; you’ll have to figure it out on your own.You will be mostly on your own in the event of any questions or mistakes while you wait for email assistance to answer.

It should come as no surprise that when you choose a self-build website, the level of assistance is frequently nonexistent. Website support is typically not included, so when you inevitably run into a problem with your site and need assistance, it will cost you, or at the very least take up a lot of your time as you spend hours searching through online tutorials and FAQ areas. In addition, you won’t get a personalized service; the most frequent experience when people seek assistance is being connected to an international call Centre, which results in lengthy wait times for website updates or adjustments and costs the customer money and time.

The greatest choice is a paid website. For you can get in touch with the customer service and technical support team anytime it’s convenient. any unexpected shocks, and assistance is always there when you need it.

5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free Contact
5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free


The offer of a free website can be tempting. However, if you actually want to bring traffic to your site and grow it into a digital brand, signing up for one of these services is starting on a bad note.

Free websites tend to have poor performance and security. They’re impossible to scale effectively, and you’ll miss out on many of the features that make starting a website worthwhile, including a custom domain, monetization opportunities, and customization options. After reading the 5 Reasons You Should Never Make a Website for Free, you would have enough idea why we need to invest in website development for better online presence of your business online

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Q1. Why should we not choose a free website?

There are a number of drawbacks to running a free website, despite how alluring it may seem to do so. Lesser Resources inappropriate URL Website cannot be made profitable Vulnerable to security breaches Not SEO friendly 

Q2. What is the difference between a free website and paid website?

A free website frequently has an unprofessional URL that isn’t merely the name of the website. A paid website, however, comes with a custom domain that is specific to your website. Free websites are also more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and are undoubtedly, less secure than commercial websites.

Q3. How much does a WordPress website cost?

The price of setting up and maintaining a WordPress website is determined by the type of hosting and hosting company you use. We must obtain a domain name and hosting from a third-party hosting company in order to construct a WordPress website. Therefore, the price will vary depending on your preferences and WordPress hosting option.

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