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Best E-Learning App Developer India


Best E-Learning App Developer India

Colour Moon develops the Best E-Learning App Developer India. Providing the best features. E-learning apps facilitate learning through various mediums such as videos, online face-to-face interactions. Content delivery, blended and adaptive learning modes, podcasts, gamification, and task progressive modules, etc

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms through E-learning apps are the current phenomenon across the world.  The pandemic has caused every educational establishment including universities, colleges, schools, institutions, boot camps, corporate upskills. To shift to virtual classrooms to ensure the continuity of the educational process.

The online education market, especially in India is seeing tremendous growth that, as per experts, is predicted to reach almost 360 billion rupees by 2024.  Given that the online education market was just 39 billion rupees in 2018. The CAGR expansion is almost ~44% for the period from 2019 to 2024.

cloud technology

With the advancement in cloud technology and the vast expansion of the internet network .Which makes online education easily accessible. E- learning apps are touted as the next big revolutionary medium of education.  This makes it extremely important that your education business embraces the technological advancements of the current times. This incorporates an e-learning app in your business structure. 

It is, however, important to develop the e-learning app with the right structure and components. This include experience-enhancing &impacting features such as ease of use- UX interface, streamlined content delivery, massively scalable, etc. So that not only provides valuable educational content to your users and students but also engages them and impels them to share it with their counterparts.

We at thecolourmoon understand the end to end e-learning app development methodologies. With 13 years of app development experience.A huge clientele base are the best e-learning app developers in India.

From choosing the platform and language that best suits your Best E-Learning App Developer India. To deployment, and further onto world-class support that your app requires once users start consuming your services. The colourmoon development team ensures that we are with you on every step towards your journey to success.

What is an e-learning App?

E-learning apps facilitate learning through various mediums such as videos, online face-to-face interactions, content delivery, blended. The adaptive learning modes, podcasts, gamification, and task progressive modules, etc. – all on a mobile app. 

Given the fact that 78% of the Gen Z-ers . Almost the same amount of Millennials prefer learning online. By the practical “doing” teaching method, an e-learning app. It is the best approach to push forward your educational business towards success.

In addition, e-learning apps are not limited to catering to schools and colleges . But also to professionals from different verticals who want to upskill themselves. In order to be promoted or perform better at their work.

What are the benefits of E-Learning Apps for the users and your education business?

Learn Anywhere: The e-learning app gives your learner the flexibility. The mobility to choose the time and place they want to study or practice.  No more scheduled classroom lectures nor a physical presence of an instructor required to deliver your educational content.

Benefits of eLearning Apps for Business & Students


A continuous learning process:

Your student/learner can study on the go (on the mobile phone) .They are not limitedto the physical educational institutions.

Education transitioning the limits of age:

The users of e-learning apps are not restricted to any age group .Young or old, students or professionals. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of lifelong learning through your e-learning app.

Easy Accessibility through Mobile phone: One of the reasons that e-learning apps are very popular and make huge revenues is that it provides quick and easy access to your educational content and other important information.

E-learning is highly efficient:

Educational content delivery and information is more easily digested by all age groups and types of learners when the content presented is in small and concise “bites”.

Gamification Feature:

E-learning apps can also include gamification features .Such as achievement awards, points, etc., that provide higher levels of motivation and engagement for your end-users.

Affordable cost:

Learning through e-learning apps is a lot cheaper since there are no extra overhead costs to your company such as physical location rents, recurring instructor salaries, etc.

Easy collaboration: 

You can communicate with your fellow students, instructors, and other learning communities to take feedback and grow your education business accordingly.

Business expansion and revenue growth:

Your e-Learning app does not need to be restricted to a particular country or region.  Since the app is available online and is easily accessible worldwide there is an immense potential for business growth, that is both profitable and socially useful.

Types of E-Learning Apps

Types of eLearning model

Understanding what type of e-learning app will best suit your education model is the first step towards developing a successful e-learning app.  Since you are already experienced and well versed with your education business model, you can easily choose the best e-learning app from the below types.

E-learning Apps for Online education courses:

Best E-Learning App Developer India. One of the most popular and in-demand types of e-learning apps is the online education providers.  Almost all universities now have an online education system that enables students to complete their higher education without the need to attend their physical locations and at a much-discounted price.

This type of e-learning model also has two sub-types.

  1. E-Learning App for own educational business
  2. App as an aggregator.

E-Learning App for own education business

Two of the most famous online education type of e-learning apps are Khan Academy and Byju’s apps.  These consist of short and long lessons and covers a variety of subjects such as math, science, history to art and computer programming, etc.

However, while Khan Academy mostly relies on donations as a means to run its App, Byju’s has a payment model where the students have to pay a yearly fee to avail their courses and content delivery.  Some of the features of these apps include:

  • Catalog of courses on various subjects
  • Video lectures
  • Online tests
  • Mock preparations
  • Interact with instructors for more knowledge, etc.
  • Options to evaluate progress by levels and achievements
  • And much more…

E-Learning App for aggregator education business model

Best E-Learning App Developer India .The aggregator e-learning app model is very similar to that of Amazon’s eCommerce model where other companies or businesses list their offerings on your website or mobile app.  Some of the most famous aggregator e-learning app models are edX, Coursera, and Great Learning which not only offers smaller courses but also full university courses for students worldwide.  These e-learning apps also offer financial aid for students who face financial difficulties.  Some of the features of the aggregator e-learning apps also include:

  • Courses and content delivery in the form of catalogs, forums, and blogs
  • Interactive educational content textbooks with live and saved audio &video lectures
  • Online questionnaire and quizzes with options to submit tasks to students and other learners for assessment
  • Convenient payment system integrated country-wise allowing their students to pay online for courses undertaken 
  • Integrated Gamification system to gain rewards on their achievements – making your app a lot more fun and intuitive to use.

Other types or E-Learning Apps

Language learning Apps:  These types of apps use interactive means in order to teach the users a new language.  Some of the examples include Duolingo, Cake, etc.

E-Learning Support Tools:There are many online tools to assist learners across the world to get help with regards to different components such as online dictionaries, libraries with free access to virtual books, and note keepers to maintain notes and records of the curriculum and subject matter.

Exam Preparation E-learning Apps: These types of apps support the learners to prepare and practice for crucial exams and certifications.

Developing your eLearning app

The first phase is to discover which type of E-learning App concept best suits your education business model.  This is also known as the product discovery phase where you have to work with our highly skilled & experienced team and lay down a solid foundation for the development of Best E-Learning App Developer India.

MVP (minimal viable product)

You can also decide if you want to take the MVP (minimal viable product) launch route and grow your content and data step by step or want a big launch with all the specifications and features similar to that of larger Educational Apps such as Coursera, Byju’s, or KhanAcademy, etc.

In either case, you would be able to quickly respond to the end-users’ needs with minimum effort and changes, especially since the trends and structure of the online educational e-learning apps are constantly changing.

The discovery phase also includes the decisions with regards to important software components such as functional specifications, UX/UI design, visual prototypes, backend structure, languages, platform integrity, etc., that will give you a clear vision of the end product.

This ensures that there is a close to perfect roadmap for your e-learning app project that sets up a realistic budget and other resource requirements in place.

Why E-Learning app development through the colourmoon in India?

With the above article, you may already have got a gist of our knowledge span with regards to developing a sophisticated App such as an E-learning App like Byju’s and eLearning app like KhanAcademy.  In a complex and ever-evolving field such as the educational sector, experience and understanding the core elements of developing and deploying successful E-learning apps and software is the leading factor in creating one of the best E-Learning apps across the Educational industry in India.

The E-learning app development structure at colourmoon not only includes the most secure and cutting-edge technical attributes but is also designed keeping in mind the business aspects that influence your users to continuously avail your educational content services with elearning app source code or eLearning app scripts and pay for them too.

With more than a decade of experience in developing Apps and software for large multinationals such as Intel, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, etc., the colourmoon company understands the ins and outs of all types of Best E-Learning App Developer India services.

Our smartphone App development team are exceptionally trained and have an average experience of more than 5 years!

We cannot stress enough the importance of a talented and reliable App development staff to develop your Best E-Learning App Developer India.

Our E-learning App development services include but are not limited to the following.

The E-learning App Development Methodology:

Hands-on Collaboration:

You can call us on phone or connect through our website or live chat and share your e-learning project requirements with us.  Our software development team will do a quick analysis and get back to you.  Our product development managers will dive deeper into the project features to make things clear and simple for you and us.

Project Discussion phase:

You can discuss your project idea at ease with our team of expert developers and managers.  Whether you are a startup or an experienced education provider, you can comfortably discuss your course plans, expectations, insecurities, and doubts.  The prospective user group and how you intend to deliver the educational content to them and any problem that is a pain area for the initiation of development.

Choose an Engagement Model:

Our development team will categorizeyour e-learning app project under the most suitable engagement model depending on your budget, requirements, and,speed of delivery.  You can also gain more clarity on the app development estimated timelines, cost of development, the platform that it is built on, and future maintenance plans, etc.

We will use either the Scrum or the Agile software development model depending on the complexity and scalability of your e-learning app.

Choosing the right Learning Management Platform:

Your e-learning app project typically includesdifferent platforms that are interconnected for a seamless experience and process.  These can include education/learning content management, paid subscription management, user management, user engagement management, learning paths (curriculum) management, and a data-reporting tool to get insights on how to further enhance your e-learning app.

Converting your educational Content into an E-Learning Course:

At this phase, you need to share different types of content such as pictures, lecture videos, animated videos, educational content, storyboard, etc. with our development team to customize the structure of the e-learning app.

As per the content and UX design, appropriate scripts are created to speed up the development process.

Platform Selection phase:

Our software development teams at the colourmoon do Android and iOS Development using Java, Swift, Kotlin, React Native,and more.  Besides native app and web development, we also use cross-platform development tools such as React Native, Xamarin, JavaScript, etc that allows you to save a lot on your budget while retaining the performance and visual UX/UI quality of your e-learning app.

Some of the tools and languages we excel at are:

  • PHP
  • React Native
  • Angular
  • JQuery
  • Larvel
  • Vue JS
  • .NET
  • Java
  • Xamarin
  • JavaScript

Core UX/UI Features for the E-learning App:

  • Voice recognition
  • Speaker verification
  • Text-to-speech/speech-to-text
  • Voice control
  • Learning Formats
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Gamification
  • Leaderboards
  • Progress Bars
  • In-app currency and badges
what are frontend backend features of elearning app

Backend features with Data management include:

  • Content delivery
  • Creating audio content, videos, and, games, etc.
  • Publishing (editing, import/export, integration)
  • Scheduled delivery and automated updates
  • AR/VR (optional)
  • User Database
  • Content Continuation

Platform Integrations to enhance the E-learning App:


Although this platform is mostly used by sales and marketing companies, it can also be used to provide an-inbuilt AI and a mobile CRM system that allows you to focus more on customer service, marketing automation, and analytics.


This is one of the best solutions for a non-technical user to automate your work and be more productive for the e-learning app company.  It can seamlessly integrate different support apps in your E-Learning app without the need for custom development and deployment.


When integrated with the e-learning app, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help you to better manage the database and marketing efforts of your e-learning app users, learners, contacts, leads, and other opportunities.


E-commerce code modules can help you integrate popular payment & subscription methods, also assist you in loading education service SKUs, and keep track of them.

LMSs and LXPs modules:

By blending traditional Learning Management Systems (LMSs), popularly used by most corporates, with modern educational approaches, third-party integrations, and flexible learning paths, we create Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) that are easier and more user friendly.

Content development:

We are not just limited to coding and designing your app!

Our team of expert copywriters and content writers can help you with creating engaging and effective content for your e-Learning app.

Gamification featuresto Enhance Learning

Attract students and learners towards learning through small games that they love to play.  Learn while you play is one of the best features that our e-learning app promotes making it both engaging and productive.

App inbuilt virtual classrooms

Your users and learners can experience your classroom digitally through the amazing virtual applications in your e-learning app.  They can learn from anywhere without missing valuable lessons and content.

Protecting your Educational Content and Data:

Content and data are the keys to your educational business.  We create apps that have many layers of protection to ensure that your content and user data is properly safeguarded.

Various high-level security techniques such as reverse proxy setup, JWT, SSL-powered APIs, end-to-end security modules, Keychain, etc ensures that the high levels of security extend all the way from your E-learning app to each individual user!

Crystal Clear UX/UI (User-Interface):

Our E-learning designers delve right into your user’s shoes to give the best learning experience for the users, educators, and, course coordinators, etc

Secure installation with add-on securities

Security is the most important aspect of any online application that has money-based transactions.

Our developers use integrated and state-of-the-art security tools built upon robust and secure language scripts such as Java, Python, PHP, etc to ensure that the payment modules are safer and more convenient to use by your users.

The E-learning app Source code is YOURS!

Once we build your unique E-learning app, the source code is handed over to you for ownership!

Delivering the Finished Solution

We keep you in the loop at each stage of e-learning app developmentto ensure that the project progresses as per your expectations.  Once the project is tested for all the offered features, quality, and glitches, it is deployed as per the agreed schedule.

In addition, we will also assist you in deploying your E-learning app on all platforms – Web, Google Play Store, Apple iOS, etc.

Free bug analysis and maintenance in the support period:

Our E-learning app development plans also include free bug support and app maintenance during the initial support period.  Depending on the app development package you choose, we can also continue assisting you with the maintenance and update deployments of your e-learning app.

Swift and Responsive Support

At colourmoon, the customer always comes first.  Our 800+ committed and devoted clientele that includes industry giants such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Intel, HubSpot, etc., and 2000+ successfully deployed app and software projects throughout the globe are a testament to our dedication and quick support services.

We are always available for our clients to assist them with any queries or concerns they may have.  We are just a call away… you can directly contact our support team for assistance at any time.

What is the cost of an E-Learning App Development?

The most common question for any app development is its cost.

To get a quick quote on an E-learning App Development you can contact this phone number and click here to fill out the form.  Alternatively, you can read ahead.

The cost for any app or software– mobile or PC, mainly depends on how large you want to scale it… e.g., how many users or learners you expect to download and use your e-learning app and what features you want to be included in it. 

Let’s Talk Business

Do you have an E-Learning App project to implement?  We have some of the best software and app developers to work on it.  We will be glad to answer all your questions and provide you with an estimate of any project of yours.  Click here to fill out the form and provide the details that you are looking for. 

Disclaimer: We use these terms “Amazon”, “Coursera”, “KhanAcademy”, “Byju’s”, edX, Duolingo, Cake,and, “Great Learning”, only to provide a better understanding of our services.  We neither represent nor hold any control over the trademarks of “Amazon”,“Coursera”, “KhanAcademy”, “Byju’s”, edX, Duolingo, Cake,or “Great Learning”.  Our solutions intend no harm to any individual or organization.

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