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Best Uber | Ola Clone and On-demand taxi booking Application Development in India


Create the next top-rated Uber and Ola type apps in India!  After the pandemic, the competition is now leveled amongst on-demand taxi app development  company in India and it is a great opportunity to start right now.

Ola has 20 crore customers in India controlling almost 56% of the online taxi booking market while Uber controls 40% of the same.  The total Indian taxi service market – online and offline is worth almost 10 billion dollars (7400 crores rupees!) however, both the taxi-booking apps do not even make 20% of the total amount.  

What seems like a challenge is actually a blissful opportunity in disguise.  The taxi booking app market is yet in its nascent stages and prospects of growing and cashing in on its demand are tremendously huge.

Due to the pandemic and inefficient management techniques & processes, Uber and Ola are struggling even now to make breakeven revenues.  Their losses are huge and growth has declined due to millions of bad customer reviews.

This leaves a huge vacuum in the Indian taxi-hailing market and an opportunity for you to make the next best taxi booking app development with taxi app development solutions and earn great profits.

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The colourmoon software development company is your best option for Uber and Ola clone apps and other on-demand taxi booking Applications.  Now you can create a taxi booking Application with highly customized and scalable features with a call or message.

Hire us and build your revenue-generating Ola and Uber clone application now.  Get started today through thecolourmoon app development services!

What is On demand taxi booking Application?

On-demand taxi, booking application helps your customer by providing ride-hailing/taxi booking services anytime they want. 

Customers have multiple options to book from – cars, auto’s, mopeds, bikes, etc.  They can also rent it out for self-driving which is a great way to increase additional revenues for your company.

The service is simple in the description, however; it is very dynamic and complex at the backend.

There are a lot of things to consider while developing your perfect Ola and Uber clone app.  Ease of use, great UX for customer delight, on timestamps, availability check, orders, prices, traffic details, dynamic map interface, multiple payment options, and a lot more. 

We are going to discuss all the services and options that come pre-included in your on-demand taxi application.

Uber and Ola experienced massive growths and revenues due to the simplicity of use of on-demand taxi apps.

When working with thecolourmoon, you do not have to worry about all the complicated and time-consuming aspects of the app, rather you can focus on expanding your customer base, and make revenues as you go.

Why own an on-demand taxi booking application?

The worldwide ride-hailing market size is estimated to grow 55.6 percent from 2020 to 2021 that amounts to almost $75.39 billion in 2020 to $117.34 billion by 2021.  Most business experts predict that the global ride-hailing industry will also witness a massive growth in its user base as more people have started preferring taxi rides to avoid public transportation to safeguard their health from the pandemic situation.

You can make the most of this thriving opportunity by launching an Uber/Ola clone or a white label taxi app with all the features integrated.  Connect us now to create the best on-demand taxi app in India or read on to more!

The Colourmoon Uber and Ola Clone unbeatable features – The reasons to choose the Colourmoon for your on-demand taxi booking service app

Our state of the art and latest tech-based Uber and Ola Clone and on-demand taxi, apps are the best taxi-hailing app available in the completely Indian market.  With a huge list of unique features, which are also highly customizable and scalable, the colourmoon’s Ola and Uber clone is on par with the topmost on-demand taxi apps in India.  Listed here are some of the exceptional options that are included in the taxi-hailing apps.

We are very flexible when it comes to catering to the needs of our customers.  This is one of the reasons we have constantly ranked as the No.1 Software and Mobile App development company in India on different platforms.

The White Label and Branding feature

White labeling is the most important element in a taxi-hailing solution or any other type of app since you will have the rights of proprietorship to the app’s software script.

Colourmoon’s white-label taxi app solution not only comes with all features, options, and functionalities, etc pre-packed in it, that are similar to the leading on-demand taxi apps such as Uber and Ola but gives you right over the script.

Completely customizable

From the front-end themes and UX experience of your on-demand taxi-booking app to the complicated backend attributes – everything is highly customizable and scalable. 

You do not have to worry if there is an update in the tax modules or changes in the routes across location maps.  These can be easily changed and deployed accordingly.

Available for both Android and iOS

Our Uber and Ola clones are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and can be seamlessly deployed.  

Our expert developers use various software platforms, languages, and methodologies such JavaScript, Mern stack, PHP, agile/waterfall models, etc., to ensure that the front end and back ends of both the platforms sync without any glitches.

Have you’re taxi app development solutions deployed on both the platforms and increase your customer base by massive numbers.

Massive Scalability for better business continuity

Worried if your app can scale on-demand based on the increasing number of users and drivers’ activity?  Thecolourmoon’s Ola and Uber clone apps are designed to scale automatically so that your business and revenues do not get affected.

High level of personalization as per your needs

We can personalize your Ola and Uber clone app to suit various business verticals of the taxi service industry, such as ride-hailing, car rentals, bike taxis; ride-sharing, corporate cab services, large fleet management, and much more.

On-time Deployment and Updates

Once the on-demand taxi app features and design are finalized, we ensure that the product is delivered to you on time with full functionality. 

If you select any of our continued partnership plans, our developers can also assist you with business insights and constant updates required to keep up with the market demand and changes.

Free bug analysis and maintenance in the support period

Our plans also include free bug support and app maintenance during the initial support period.  Depending on the package you choose, we can also continue assisting you with the maintenance and update deployments of your on-demand taxi-booking app.

Dedicated and Powerful Admin dashboard to manage all the features of the application

You’re Ola and Uber clone will have multiple features such as vendor details, customer details, pricing fluctuations, travel timeless, and a lot more.

The admin panel will assist you in managing and controlling all the features of your white label taxi app.

Highly experience On demand taxi booking App Development Team

One of the major components to build an amazing and successful white label taxi-booking app is to have a proficient team of individuals with a lot of experience and expertise.

We cannot stress enough the importance of a talented and reliable App development staff to create your Ola and Uber clone apps. 

The front end and back end features of an taxi app are endless and require taxi app developers who have a lot of experience and a certain amount of skillset and commitment to ensure that your end product is near to perfect and easily upgradeable & scalable in the future.

Choosing the taxi booking app development company could either take your business to the next level of success or get branded as another failure in the huge taxi-hailing app market.

taxi app developers india

Secure installation with add-on securities

Given the huge online payment revenues, security is the most important aspect of any application that has money-based transactions. 

We used integrated and state-of-the-art security tools built upon robust and secure language scripts such as Python, Java, PHP, etc to ensure that the payment modules and safer and convenient to use by your users.

We also use various types of high-level security techniques such as SSL-powered API’s, reverse proxy setup, JWT, Keychain, end to end security modules, etc to ensure that the high levels of security extend across your app and user database.

Seamless Cloud tech integration

Whether you choose AWS, Azure, google cloud, or any other cloud service platform, thecolourmoon can seamlessly integrate your on demand taxi app with any of these services.

These ensure that there is no compromise in the security nor the scalability options for your business.

Live Geo Tracking and Route updates

Without real-time tracking and GPS functionality, the on-demand taxi app does not have any value at all.

Our simple to use and accurate GPS functionality and real-time tracking software integration will help your users and their close ones to track driver’s location in real-time.

Change or Cancel Booking functionality

With this feature of the on-demand tax app, your users can schedule, book, or cancel their future rides by providing the date, time, and, location of the trip.

Talk to Drivers from the App

Your users can talk to the driver and allow them to book their taxi with their preferred drivers to make them feel more secure and satisfied.

Refer Driver Codes to expand your service base

Your drivers can get referral codes to share with other drivers to get discounts on their rides.  There is an “Invite Friends” option button to share the code with friends and avail of discounts.

Review Points System

Your users can rate their ride experience by given stars after every trip from your on-demand taxi-booking app.  The drivers can also rate their experience depending on the user.

Detailed and easy Profile update

The app has quick and easy signup options for users.  They can simply use their phone number or email ID and fill in complete profile details – no hassles and no complicated structure.

Complete control over data and analytics

With our backend data management systems, you can get an overall view of your entire taxi business including earnings, user details and count, trip schedules, driver details and counts, timelines, and all the processes in between.

Vendor and Driver Reports

Get a complete weekly or monthly report of your driver’s trip, total revenue earned, commission, and the total payable amount after various deductions.  You can also track all the drivers and their details such as timelines, number of passengers, etc. of their trips.

Automated Email and SMS Notification

You’re on-demand taxi app users and drivers can automatically be notified through email and SMS and can get also push notifications depending on the requirements.

Wallet Management – For Admins

Connect not just to different types of bank payments but also through multiple wallet platforms to get the most of your business. 

With so many wallet payment options in the market, it is best to have as many wallet options integrated as possible to expand your user base and earn more revenues.

Faster Deployment with Advanced Prebuilt Uber and Ola clone Scripts

At colourmoon, our Ola and Uber clone scripts are built from scratch keeping in mind not to conflict with proprietary rights with the other companies.  This pre-built on-demand taxi service app scripts can easily be moved from development to deployment faster than any other taxi-hailing apps in the Indian market.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

India is already a highly diverse country with hundreds of languages and cultures.  If you are planning to expand your taxi-hailing app abroad, then the languages increase by manifolds. 

No matter which Indian state or any other country your Ola and Uber clone app are deployed, our special on-demand taxi-hailing scripts will support the multiple currencies and languages for a better user experience and increased revenues!

Swift and Responsive Support

At colourmoon, the customer comes first.  Our 800+ committed and devoted clientele that includes industry giants such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Salesforce, HubSpot, Intel, etc., and 2000+ successfully deployed projects throughout the globe are a testament to our dedication and quick support services.

We are always available for our clients to assist them with any queries or concerns they may have.  We are just a call away… you can directly contact our support team for assistance at any time.

Ways to Make Money with Uber and Ola Clone

Once your customer base has expands to multiple cities, you can start earning revenue from the on-demand taxi booking app in many ways!!!

Listed are here a few examples to give you an overall view.

Venture Capital Investments

Are you an Entrepreneur and love startups?  If yes, the Uber and Ola clone app is one of the best ways to apply for successful funding from some of the best VCs.  With crores of Indians actively searching for better on-demand taxi services, you have a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition and pitch a viable plan to some of the best venture capitalists of India and across the globe. 

Selling the on-demand taxi booking app

Another great way of monetizing your Uber and Ola clone is by selling it.  Once the app reaches massive numbers of users and range, you can easily sell it to a buyer at multiple folds cost!

Want to get users faster?  You can work with our highly experienced team at colourmoon and create an amazingly engaging and highly customizable on-demand taxi booking app to get a large number of users to sign up immediately.

Advertising and add-on food service

Want to keep your dream app to yourself and monetize accordingly?  If you are hardworking, energetic, and fearless this option suits you best!

Just like Google and Facebook ads, you can also include ad options on your Uber and Ola clone App and also tie-up with the drivers and put them on at the exteriors and interiors of the car.  This gives you a great option to earn as much as you want. 

If you also have on-demand bike booking services, there is an option to include food delivery to your customers too.

What is the cost for an Uber and Ola Clone App Development?

The most common question for any app development is its cost.

Taxi App Development cost in India

To get a quick quote on Ola and Uber Clone App Development you can contact +91 9676600666  Or you can read ahead.

The cost for any app or software– mobile or PC, mainly depends on how large you want to scale it… e.g., how many users you expect to download and use your on-demand taxi-booking app and what features you want to be included in it. 

Talk to our experts if you had a Taxi App Development idea to implement. We develop Apps from conceptualization to end product, Get end to end white label taxi app development services from Colourmoon Technologies

Disclaimer: We use these terms “Uber”, “Ola”, “google”, and, “Facebook”, only to provide a better understanding of our services.  We neither represent nor hold any control over the trademarks of “Uber”, “Ola”, “google”, or “Facebook”.  Our solutions intend no harm to any individual or organization.