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In India, a country with 1.3 billion citizens, News plays an important role in educating and informing people about the current affairs and latest updates occurring across the world. 

With the world becoming more digitized and connected, there is a steep decline in the circulation of newspapers and a massive increase in Online News consumption.  By 2020, almost 100% of the Indian population has access to online News making it the number one visited content category across the nation. 

The online visit numbers are not the real charm here.  It is the revenue.  News portals make billions through online marketing and other digital practices. 

Any new product, service, or even a startup that is promoted on the News portal gets national attention, reaching out to billions of people from both the urban and rural communities. 

Gone are the days when people had to take out time to read physical newspapers.  With the smartphone revolution, digital news reigns over the News business.  Getting information is now on the tip of the fingers and easier than even procuring physical goods.

There are two major mediums of providing News content through digital platforms.  The first is News Web Portal and the second that has a lot more impact with its various enhanced features such as push notification, email alerts, etc

News Portal Apps yield higher impacts than a News Web portal since it is more personalized and is always available on your consumer’s smartphone. 

News Portal App

Unlike the News Web portals that are highly overcrowded on the Webspace and search, News Portal Apps for smartphones is a fast-growing medium that is still open for smaller companies and is far less congested by competition.

Large News companies are still trying to break into the News Portal Apps business and smaller regional news companies have no presence at all. 

This is an excellent opportunity to build a News Portal App for your News Company, especially if it caters to the local population with their Native Language.  The growth effects are almost immediately visible and the opportunity to increase your revenues from your News Portal App is massive. 

Whether you are a startup or already an established News company, with 13 years of experience in developing Apps and Software for some of the largest IT companies, the colourmoon is the Best News Portal App development company for you.

How Online News Media generates Money

There are multiple ways through which your News Company can generate revenue through the News Portal App.

Listed here are some of the media revenue models.

Now Check, How do news media companies make money?

  1. Advertising: Online news is mostly offered free of cost and hence making money through other mediums is important for your News Company. 

Once your App has a decent amount of downloads and users many businesses approach you to advertise their products and services for a fee.  This is one of the best ways to generate income for your News Company and subsidize the costs to maintain your News Portal App business.

Since the start of News publications, advertising products and services of other companies and businesses has been the most common revenue model of making money. 

how to make money through news portal
  • Affiliate Marketing: There are millions of businesses across the digital marketers who want you to promote their products online. 

With the News portal App, you can promote these online businesses and generate huge amounts of revenue.  These affiliate programs are easier to procure than traditional business products and can effortlessly be promoted through News content.

  • Subscriptions:  Most large News companies are slowly moving towards the Subscription revenue model since it is a very secure way to generate revenue. 

The subscription model is similar to that of physical newspapers, magazines, cable Tv, etc., where the consumer pays you a small fee to access great content from your News Portal App.

  • Pay-per-item: This revenue model is tougher to implement than the other revenue models but if your News provides significant value to your consumers, they would not hesitate to pay you a fee for your special news articles.

There are other ways to generate revenue from your Apps such as merchandising, promoting your other business, etc., however, these are fewer than the above four models.

Why NewsPortal app development through the colourmoon?

In a sophisticated and ever-evolving field such as News, experience and understanding the core elements of developing and deploying successful newsportal and software is the leading factor in creating the best App across the News industry.

With more than a decade of experience in developing Apps and software for large multinationals such as Intel, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, etc., the colourmoon company understands the ins and outs of app development services.

Our smartphone App development team are exceptionally trained and have an average experience of more than 5 years!

We cannot stress enough the importance of a talented and reliable App development staff to develop your News Portal App in India.

Our App development services include but are not limited to the following.

100% Customizable software and add on solutions

news portal app development Features

We at colourmoon are very flexible when it comes to catering to the needs of our customers.  This is one of the main reasons that we have constantly ranked as the No.1 Software and Mobile App development company in India on different platforms.

Your News portal App can be highly customizable depending on the needs of the customers.  Whether you need changes to the front end – to enhance the look and feel of your News portal App or need to upgrade the backend – to secure customer data & payments, scale on-demand, track subscriptions, etc., our expert App developers can seamlessly make changes and upgrades to the News Portal App.

Push Notifications made Easy

In a highly competitive and constantly updated environment such as the News Industry, the customer always expects your News portal app to inform them instantly of the current affairs. 

Push notifications options allow you to constantly send out News to your customers, making them aware of the current affairs across the nation and the world.

Advertising Options:

As mentioned earlier, the main source of your News company’s revenue is through advertising other business products and services.

The Colourmoon will integrate blocks and sections into your source code to easily advertise products and services in between the news so that the customers not only read the news but also make purchases through your News Portal App.

Faster Deployment with Advanced News Portal App Scripts

We implement the agile and scrum models to develop your App.  This ensures that the software always works on optimum levels through the deployment phase to the actual consumer interaction phase.

Depending on which platform you choose to integrate your News Portal App, the colourmoon will use React Native, Python, Java, etc to build the application.  These languages are not only fast but also provide additional layers of security to the App.

Highly Scalable App Design – No upper limits!

As mentioned earlier, News content is the most consumed commodity among all digital offerings in India. 

From 100 users to a million users, our tailored made News Portal app is designed to scale as per need so that there are no sudden lags and breakdowns. 

In simple terms, the scalability option ensures that is no upper ceiling on the number of downloads and usage of your News portal App.

In addition, colourmoon develops your News portal App with the best SEO & ASO practices so that it not just scales but also grows massively.

Multi-Language Support:

Not only does India have one of the largest populations but also the most number of languages in the world. 

Most News companies, even the largest ones, face challenges to convert and deliver their News content in multiple languages.

At colourmoon, we can provide you with options to convert the content language based on customer choice.  This gives your News portal App an edge over other News companies and makes it an ideal selection over the other Media content.

High Level of Security

At colourmoon, the security of your News Portal App takes priority over all things.  One of the main reasons that most apps fail or get banned is due to security issues.  Our News Portal App scripts are not only robust & greatly scalable but extremely secure also.

Various high-level security techniques such as reverse proxy setup, JWT, SSL-powered APIs, end-to-end security modules, Keychain, etc ensures that the high levels of security extend all the way from your News Portal app to each individual user API!

The News Portal Source is YOURS!

Once we build your unique News Portal app, the source code is handed over to you for ownership!

In addition, we will also assist you in deploying your News Portal app on all platforms – Web, Google Play Store, Apple iOS, etc.

Server Installation Support

Server installation services for your News Portal app in the various servers is done by our team.  Get your News Portal app online without any hassle and long work schedules.

Complete Bug Support

At colourmoon, we value our customers the most, and unlike most App developers in India, we do not consider that our job is finished once your news portal services are online.

As a matter of fact, we work towards continuously monitoring bugs and any discrepancies in the deployed News Portal App scripts.  Any such issues and lags in the software will be quickly resolved by our expert team of app developers making sure there is no downtime and your customers are happy.

Swift and Responsive Support

The customer always comes first at the colourmoon.  Our 800+ committed and devoted clientele that includes industry giants such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Salesforce, HubSpot, Intel, etc. and 2000+ successfully deployed projects throughout the globe are a testament to our dedication and quick support services.

We are always available for our clients to assist them with any queries or concerns they may have.  We are just a call away… you can directly contact our support team for assistance at any time.

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