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Digital games have come a long way since their first release. In fact, the first PC game ‘SpaceWar’, was built in 1962. That is almost 60 years ago! The global market for games was valued at a whopping USD 151.55 billion in 2019 and reports suggest that it is expected to reach a value of nearly USD 266 billion by 2025. Mobile gaming has almost 50% of the gaming market share with USD 70 billion global business. 50% of all mobile app users throughout the world play games with 74% of the players spending money on in-app purchases.

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India has its fair share of revenues from the gaming market.  There are 63 crore gamers in India with a market value of Rs 7,500 crore and a Year on Year profit increase of 10.5%.   Factors such as the young population (75% of the Indian population is under 45) and easy internet access (as of 2020, more than 70 crore Indians have access to the internet) plays a vital role in the overall success of the gaming industry in India.

Over the years, modern games have progressively become increasingly user engaging, easily accessible & downloadable, and, more importantly, fun to play. The overwhelming success and acceptance of the video game renaissance have brought enormous amounts of profits for many companies and private individuals.

Best Game Development Company in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

After the ban on Chinese gaming apps such as PUBG, Ludo World-Ludo Superstar, Ludo Superstar, in India, #MakeInIndia Apps have started to get more traction and support from the local gaming communities. Other games such as Ludo, Tombola, Candy Crush, etc already have a huge gaming community and are making large amounts of profits for their owners. 

If you are planning to develop the best PC or Mobile game in India and want to monetize on the flourishing and thriving gaming industry, look no further. We at colourmoon are one of the top Game development companies in India and offer the best and most affordable game development solutions. Our Software development offices are based in Telangana (Hyderabad) and Andhra Pradesh (Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam).

Thecolourmoon has a large and diverse team of extremely talented and experienced game developers. We believe that our clients and their end-customer satisfaction takes priority when it comes to providing any type of software services.

Top factors to Develop High-Quality Games

  • The Game Development Team: One of the major components to build an amazing and successful smartphone or pc game is to have an experienced and proficient team of individuals. We cannot stress enough on the importance of a talented and reliable game development staff to create your games.  Major elements such as graphics, quality, realism, presentation, crash-proof, etc require individuals who have experience and a certain amount of skillset and dedication to ensure that the end product is near to perfect and easily upgradeable in the future.

Choosing the right game development company could either take your game to the next level of success or get branded as another failure in the huge gaming market.

We have a large team of exceptionally trained and experienced game developers who have always exceeded our client’s exceptions.

  • Understanding the ‘Game’ of ‘Developing Games’: Elements such as a solid storyline, attractive visuals/graphics, user-friendly controls, replay-ability, satisfying rewards, etc are needed in order to create amazing games that provide the players with the ultimate gaming experience.
  • We at thecolourmoon understand these core components and the streamlined methodology to achieve the desired output to create a successful online game. 
  • End to End Design is Key to a Successful Game Development:  We do believe that a solid storyline, visuals, etc help in building a great gaming experience, however, there are many technical and functional steps in between the initial conceptualization and deployment of the game.  In addition, other variables also have an impact on the overall success of the game:  These include: support, maintenance, and, upgrades after the deployment!
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This brings us to the subject of Methodology…

  • Our Game Development Methodology: Games with quick results such as Ludo and tombola follow the traditional ‘WaterFall model’ to create a game. This type of model has been in the market for a long time and gives excellent results for smaller games.

For larger and more complex games, we created its own “Agile Model” to develop games that provide unique user experience with constant upgrades on-demand and diligent testing designs to debug and prevent downtimes.

Waterfall Model Vs Agile Model:

Waterfall Model Agile Model
Gather game idea and document requirements from customersGather game idea and document requirements from the customer
Start DesignPlan the game
Create live PrototypesRequirement Analysis of the game
Core Architecture DesignDesigning as per documentation and compatibility
Code and unit test(Development phase)Create live Prototypes
Perform system testingCore Architecture Design
Perform user acceptance testing (UAT)Code and unit test (Development phase)
Fix any issues in the AppPerform system testing
Deliver the finished Gaming AppCheck for Upgradability
Performing user acceptance testing (UAT)
Fix any issues
Check for Upgradability again
Perform user Acceptance Testing again.
Check for any issues again
Deliver the finished Gaming App

Note: The decision to use a Waterfall or Agile model conclusively depends on the game and its requirements. A continuous non-ending game with constant upgrades requires the Agile Model while smaller games work very well under the Waterfall model. Contact thecolourmoonto discuss more about the best options to create your mobile games.

Added Components for Games in India

India is a large and diverse country with many languages and amazing cultures. We specialize in building games in multiple languages and other elements such as cultural and festival based themes to enhance the gaming experience for users according to their individual tastes and preferences. These games can have special upgrades and UX designs during important events such as festivals and national days. 

Popular Game Categories and Themes in India 

  • Multiplayer Shooter Games
  • Skilled based Games
  • Location-Based Games
  • Board Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Sports Games
  • Racing Games
  • Card Games

Different Software Platforms for Game Development

Android Game Development: All google play store games are built on the android platform. It is also the most popular gaming platform in the world with the most revenue generated.

IOS Game Development: A special platform to develop games for Apple Smartphones. 

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HTML5 Game Development: A simple platform for playing basic games on any web browser.

Flash Game Development: Another platform to play games on the web browser

Unity 3D Game Development: Games built on the Unity platform has better graphics and user experience than the HTML5 and Flash platforms.

Why choose Colourmoon for Game Development in India?

With experience that spans for more than a decade, thecolourmoon has constantly delivered some of the best games and software products to their customers. Our end to end solutions provide you with unique and superior services that will transform your imagination into an amazing and profit-generating Game App.

We have some of the best tools, resources, methodologies, latest technologies that have been perfected over the years.  These include 2d and 3d games that can be played on multiple platforms and earn you revenues from multiple sources.

Talk to our experts if you had a game idea to implement. We develop games from conceptualization till end product, Get end to end game design and Game development services from Colourmoon Technologies

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