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How Mobile Apps are Bringing Revolution in the Healthcare Industry?


There’s a very popular saying – ‘Health Is Wealth’, and everybody agrees to it. Health is the most essential aspect for any human to survive. Poor health leads to a lesser life span. That’s one of the major reasons why the healthcare industry is considered to be the most booming sector today. 

With time, with the implementation of high-end technology, there’s a notable change in the health and medical sectors. The recent trend in the medical industry is healthcare mobile apps. It helps people to consult doctors online, book appointments. In the app you can order medicines and other requirements to their doorsteps.

Reasons Why Healthcare Mobile Apps Should Be Used

The Healthcare Mobile Apps are removing the huge bridge between medical staff and the layman with the instant service availing facility. It is a Boon to this industry, especially in the critical covid outbreak. 

Some of the important reasons why mobile apps should be used in the healthcare industry are –

  • Interaction between doctors and patients could be easier and faster
  • Doctors can have a conversation with other doctors from all over the world
  • Easy consultation regarding medicines and drugs
  • Growth in knowledge regarding the medical industry
  • Pharmacists have an opportunity to have an instant conversation with doctors as well as patients 

Types of Medical & Healthcare Apps

  • The medical condition of patients tracking apps
  • Doctor appointment apps
  • Doctor on-demand apps
  • Medical tracking and health habits Reminder apps 
  • Medical reference or database apps
  • Monitoring apps for chronic conditions
  • Women’s medical health apps
  • Mental health and fitness apps
  • Dieting and nutrition apps

Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends

Personal Healthcare Apps

These kinds of apps help in tracking the personal health of the users. Its Daily records of the daily steps taken by the user, water intake level, heart rate pulse rate, and more. 

These apps are usually attaches with wearable gadgets like smartwatches.  

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With some high-level healthcare apps, users can check their entire diet intake and their activity status. Also suggests to the users how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Another amazing feature of these apps . They can also measure the stress and anxiety level of the users based on their pulse rate.

Fitness and Health Solutions

Fitness apps are in buzz these days.  

These fitness apps. Provides many amazing features – like prerecorded fitness videos, live fitness training from experts, it lets the users know regarding the workout duration, calories burned, etc.

During the pandemic outbreak, these apps were one of the most downloaded types of apps.

Online Doctor Consultation

Online doctor consultation apps are also very popular as they allow users to get a direct consultation from the doctors by texting, calling, or even video calling. 

Such apps are usually very economical and easy-to-use models. These apps also have a 24*7 support system which makes it easier for the users to get in touch with the doctors or consultants, any time they want.

Involvement of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is in every sector now. It has a prominent role in the medical industry as well. Its AI uses algorithms to check the insights on the patient’s health record which can help the doctors to understand the patient’s habits and health growth/decline in the past few days/months. In recent times AI is also known to identify terminal illness in the patient’s body from a very early age.  It is because of AI that audiences and doctors/consultants can communicate via chatbots.

Smart Wearable Gadgets

Smart wearables come along with a mobile application. It makes use of the pulse rate of the person to check for the health condition of the person who is wearing the gadget. 

These apps monitor the amount of distance covered in a day by the user, pulse rate and some even tell about the amount of water and food intake in a day.

Contact Tracing

The recent conditions have worsened everything for humans. Ii not being able to touch or talk with people, staying within the home boundaries have become a high-end crisis.  In situations when going outside, even to a hospital led to the idea of generating various apps like Arogya Sethu.

These apps helped people to get an update regarding the no. of people affected by a particular disease is there an infected person nearby or are there any vaccination updates, and many more.  To access this app users need to turn on the Bluetooth on their devices, this helps the app to fetch live data.

Mental Healthcare Apps

Along with physical fitness, a human in an average lifetime requires medical stability. Over 70% of the population are victims of bad mental situations. It is so there are few apps built to improve the mental state of a person. These apps are usually made to make a human productive and efficient. These apps have suggestions for some part-time activities to refresh the mind from the daily chores, it also has some mind games to keep the user engaged. 

Clinic/Medical Apps

Local clinics and medical centers develop apps wherein people can directly appoint a doctor or consultant beforehand with the use of the app. The app shows all the services available in the clinic and also tells about the availability of doctors and concerned persons as well. In other word this app also allows the users to have a q&a session with their respective doctors. Users can order a doorstep delivery of medicines and drugs and also book a doctor-on-call service from the clinic.

Process Of Developing a healthcare mobile app

  • First: Understanding the target audience and the market
  • Second: Choose the category of healthcare app you want to build 
  • Third: Identification of the features to be added in the app
  • Fourth: Learn about the technology you are going to use to develop the app
  • Fifth: Don’t forget to check on privacy-related issues
  • Sixth: Design a user-friendly app interface in mind
  • Seventh: Find the best team for your needs
  • Eighth: Develop the App
  • Ninth: Test it before making it live
  • Tenth: Keep on updating and monitoring the app

Cost of Developing the Medical App

Like any other app, above all the cost of developing healthcare mobile apps also depends on the features that have to be added to the app plus the major criteria is the human resources needed to build the app. 

Resources Required

  • Mobile App Developers – 2 People 
  • Project Manager – 1 Person
  • QA manual and automated testing engineer – 1 Person
  • Cyber Security Engineer – 1 Person
  • Backend Developers – 2 Persons 

To hire such a team, one will need to spend over Rs.7,00,000 – Rs,100,0000 for one sprint. Based on the features that have to be added and the time is taken to develop.

Wrapping Up

This blog must have given an idea of what are major trends in healthcare mobile apps, the cost of developing them, and how apps are useful in the healthcare industry.  Having the best team create the app can alter the standard cost of developing the app. All one has to do is make sure to find the right team at the right price. Colourmoon Technologies (P) Ltd has the best in-house app development team in the entire country. They ensure high-quality app development for an economical price.

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