A Complete Guide to Holistic SEO Approaches


Search Engine Optimization is considered to be rocket science by many, because of the confusing algorithms and difficult measurability. SEO mostly is based on hypotheses and presumptions. SEO is the optimization of the website to make it appear at the top of the search engine. Anyone who knows a little about digital marketing must be well aware of the importance of SEO for a website and the brand. 

SEO doesn’t follow a single strategy. There are many dynamic strategies and algorithms to optimize the content for better ranking in the SERP. One of the popularly used SEO strategies in 2021 is Holistic SEO. 

What is Holistic SEO?

If we break down the phrase Holistic SEO into two different words, holistic means wholesome or comprehensive, and SEO means, optimizing content to rank higher in the SERP. Holistic SEO involves refining all important areas of the website to bring it to a higher position in the search engine and thereby fulfilling the business goals. To make this happen website managers should concentrate on few things like:

  • Adding quality, relevant and uncomplicated content to the website
  • Good structure of the website for better user experience
  • Up to the mark technical SEO
  • A secured and trustworthy site
  • Proper usage of elements like images, videos, gifs, etc in the webpages

When this SEO strategy is used, it means, keeping keywords and ranking aspects aside, the concentration is more on what the user could be searching for the search engine. 10 years earlier than now every website had one motive i.e. ranking at the top of the SERP by any means. But now the focus has been more user-centric, as users are key to any business. 

Rather than providing content to keep the keywords and ranking in place, an integrative SEO approach is all about providing the users what they require- what is their intent behind landing on your page, what are their expectations, what exactly do they want to see. Exciting content might make the audiences have a conversation with the business and even get converted.

All we need to remember is SEO is no longer adding keywords, indexing, and other generic activities. It’s more of the trust and credibility aspect.

Why is holistic SEO so popular in 2021?

This approach of Search Engine Optimisation emphasizes the user intent rather than keywords, bots, and ultimately search engines. Rather than rank 1 in the SERP it’s about ranking forever in the minds of the audiences. 

It Kingpins the Needs Of Users Of the Business

In the integrated SEO approach the usage of long-tail keywords is more than generic keywords as in this approach the need to satisfy the requirement of the users is given utmost priority. And with years of ever-changing algorithms of the search engine, it is pretty clear that high volume keywords don’t always mean higher ranking, it rather results in more competition. That’s the reason for this strategy long-tail/specific keywords are being used to satisfy the user requirements. 

It implements a Semantic Approach to Build Links

Today Google has become very specific with the semantic search to clearly understand the relevancy of the words used in the content of a web page with the search query. So is for the links. 

In the traditional SEO, approach links were given and received from every source possible, to get more incoming traffic to the website. But in this case, the audiences tend to bounce out of the website as the content might not be what they were originally looking for. 

But in a holistic SEO approach giving and receiving links from organic and natural mediums are more important as it creates strong credibility for the brand from its audiences. 

It gives ‘content’ maximal priority

It is undeniable that good content can help a brand reach its heights. High-quality and comprehensive content can create more engagement and post engagement amongst the target audiences. And nevertheless the better, unique, and engaging the content is, the more will be ranking in the SERP. 

It Focuses More on Brand Recognition

In this approach of Search Engine Optimisation, the goal usually is to stay in the minds of the audiences for a longer time and gain advocacy from them. Usually in traditional digital marketing gaining audiences for the brand is considered to be a short-term activity, done to fulfill short-term goals. But a holistic approach is more about retaining audiences on a long-term basis.

Holistic SEO vs Traditional SEO

Holistic Search Engine Optimisation Approaches

If we consider the psychological aspect, users always click on the first result on the search results page to find the information they are looking for. If we think of the behind-the-scenes of what happens when a keyword is searched for then we clearly understand the importance of keyword and content in a website. To satisfy the needs of audiences as well as the requirements of the search engine, a holistic SEO approach is being adopted.

Earlier only a few on-page, off-page and technical activities were done to bring the webpage to the top of the SERP. Now the scenario has changed due to the outbreak of competition in every industry. And to suffice that, the SEO process has taken a diversion from regular practices. Now besides the basic factors, several other factors have also come to the picture to perform a holistic and integrated SEO.

Some of the practices to make the search engine optimization process holistic includes,

1. Designing a Creative Website

We live in a world where everything moves at a very fast pace. And as a business, it has to understand that its audiences are also moving at a fast pace and will move to another business if they don’t have the right content they were looking for in the website.  It’s said that a website acts as the driving license for any business, therefore, it’s very important to build a website keeping the holistic approach in mind. 

When it comes to the website, the first thing the audiences are going to observe is its design and content. A good and unique design can capture the eyes and minds of the audience. Some other factors that impact holistic website design are – the loading speed of the webpages, responsiveness of the website on all devices, compatibility, and the site’s overall speed. 

2. Focusing on On-page Activities

On-page SEO plays a very important role for every website. The meta tags, images, videos, schema markups, Twitter cards, links, and many more aspects all together help a lot towards bringing the website to the top of the search results page. Both traditional and holistic SEO strategies are dependent highly on the on-page SEO factors.

3. Building Links

Links play a very important role in fetching organic traffic to the website. The links might be internal or external. When it comes to the holistic approach of SEO, links should be generated with one aim which is to make it relevant to the content available on the website. If the links are generated without any reasons from unsecured sources that might cause a lot of trouble to the website.

4. Maintaining Social Media Pages

Social Media has now become the go-to digital channel for almost every generation. Because a lot of audiences are present in social media, brands have a high need to increase their presence in social channels and complete their business goals as soon as possible. Websites, apps, and social media pages of a brand are always interlinked.  The likes, comments, shares, and mentions that a brand’s social media pages get to impact a lot on the performance of their website.

5. Paid Advertising for Better Presence

It’s not always about getting free, organic traffic to the website with SEO strategies. A business gets success in digital media when organic and paid strategies work hand in hand. The paid strategies can get more traffic to the website as it involves spending some money. Paid advertisements have the capability of boosting organic traffic along with the paid traffic. 

6. Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the key to every approach. The content of the website is the deciding factor – if the audiences will like it and come back again or will the audiences pay only a one-time visit to the website and never return to High-quality content makes the efforts that are put in the SEO process successfully. Without proper content, the dream of ranking higher in the SERP is just vague. 

Closing Lines

In 2021, the entire concentration for any website should be the utmost satisfaction of the ultimate audiences. Understanding the concept of demand and supply is very important. Hence, whenever a business dreams of fulfilling its objective, its priority should always be its audiences. Trying to understand who are the target audiences, what is their demand, what kind of content will they enjoy and engage with, will they come back to the website or simply bounce back is very important. Remembering the fact that a holistic SEO campaign can be successful, only if the website stays in the minds of the audiences for a long time.

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