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On-Demand Beauty Services App Development – Cost & Features


Developing any kind of app is not rocket science these days. Analyzing the demand for beauty services from home a lot of companies have started Beauty Services App which helps customers to book a beauty or well-ness service from the comfort of their home. Imagine a beauty expert coming to your home and providing all the services you need to enhance your beauty at a very economical price. How cool is that! 

Why Invest in Beauty Services Mobile App: Market Size and Stats

The beauty and wellness sector has become one of the most prospering industries, especially after the covid outbreak. On average, the female population spends around Rs.1,00,000 annually on different beauty products and services.

Globally the beauty and wellness sector has a rapid growth as a result of which, brands dealing with beauty products or services are looking to provide better options to their audiences for a moderate price. At present, the beauty industry has a worth of Rs. 39 Crore all over the globe, and is expected to increase by Rs.52 Crores in next five years. 

Keeping the consumer demand for beauty services in mind, many experts, especially beauty freelancers, have come forward in marketing themselves. Many stylists, hair stylists, and dressers, skin specialists, cosmetologists all over the world have started providing services through beauty services applications.

As per a report, the spa and beauty salon industry in 2017 was valued at Rs.9 Crores and is expected to increase by Rs.13 crores by 2024.

Types of Business Models for On-demand Beauty Service App

Before understanding the business models it is essential to understand what all varieties of beauty service apps can be created. Currently, their many types of beauty services apps are available to suffice the demand for beauty services in the market. Some of the popular types of beauty salon apps are:

  • Beauty salon app, for booking an appointment before going and waiting in the salon for a long time.  
  • The beauty products delivery app helps to order beauty products online for a better price and comes with a lot of options to choose from.
  • Salon services on the doorstep app is a very popular category of beauty services app. It helps customers to book a salon service at home, wherein beauticians go to the homes of customers and provide the required service.
  • Hire beauty professionals app, helps to hire professional beauticians and experts on a rental basis for certain occasions.
  • Wellness app helps in giving tips and tricks to the audiences on beauty and wellness.
  • Beauty and wellness services app is an all-in-one app where a customer can get beauty and wellness tips and tricks, order beauty products online and also book a doorstep service. 

Based on the different types of on-demand beauty services apps, there are popularly two business models that can be followed to develop the app, 

Independent Model

If a person has his/her beauty salon and desires to grow the business by expanding the services in many other places, they can go the independent model. An application can be built showing their service charges alongside some images and videos. There will be no involvement of a third party and everything happening in the app and business will be completely transparent to the owner.

Aggregator Model

In such a model, a person can collaborate with expert cosmetologists, hairstylists, beauticians, skin and hair specialists. This model is usually commission-based. Customers can book a service or a person to provide a particular service and on the other hand, the owner of the app can get a commission for every successful booking. This is aggregating people and services together in one app and getting the best out of it. 

Beauty Services App Development

General Features Of On-demand beauty app

User Panel

  • Sign Up/Login options
  • Options of near salons and beauty services
  • Booking/Scheduling Appointments
  • Payment options
  •  Rating & reviewing options
  • History of order & repeat order options
  • Track beautician 
  • View packages
  • Chat/Contact Options
  • Live Chat Option

Salon Owner Panel

  • Sign Up/Login options
  • Manage prices and catalog details
  • Accept or decline client/customer request
  • Schedule beautician for client
  • Create discounts and offers
  • Track Earnings (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

Beautician Panel

  • Sign Up/Login options
  • Manage Schedule
  • Accept/decline client/customer request
  • Reschedule request
  • Service and prices list
  • Track payments
  • Navigation options
  • Contact/chat with support

Admin Panel

  • Managing Panel
  • Accept/decline a beautician registration request
  • Real-time reports
  • Manage payments and earnings
  • Manage offers and discounts
  • Lead other activities

Advanced Features 

AI Integrated Styling

Artificial Intelligence is the new cool. AI is integrated into Apps and websites to make them more lively and interactive. With live interactive features, the app becomes more user-friendly.

Availability Alert

This feature was majorly used by cab-hailing systems, but now, it is integrated into a beauty services app, that shows the availability of a particular beautician or stylist. This saves a lot of time for the user as well as the beautician. 

Social Media Reviews

The app can be connected to the social media pages of the brand so that the users can check for the reviews, ratings, images, and other posts. This develops trust and credibility.

Push Notification

Push notifications are nothing but alerts sent to the users regarding any new update or simply a reminder to make use of the app. This is a great strategy to engage with the audience.

How Does The On-demand Beauty Services App Work?

A Beauty Services App cannot be developed without the aid of an IT team, as they can help in developing applications and programs. Anyone willing to develop an application can approach an app development company or team. 

Based on the variety of features you wish to add to the beauty service app, one might have to pay different prices. Remember – the more the features, the more will be the cost of developing the app. But before developing an application or spending money on it, the features, panels and other requirements should be properly structured. 

After the proper structure is decided, the app development process can be started. It usually takes three to nine months to develop a beauty app. 

Cost Of Developing A Beauty Services App

The final cost of Beauty Services App Development depends majorly on the following factors,

  • Features to be added in the app
  • Functionalities
  • Size of the entire app
  • Service charges of the developers and other human resources involved in developing the app.
  • Rates of the app components

One can easily estimate the overall cost of developing a beauty app based on the requirement. Precisely, a basic on-demand beauty services app development cost would be around Rs.75,000 to Rs.1,00,000, and for advanced features may range over Rs.1,80,000.

If the application requires machine learning and artificial intelligence features, the cost of development might further increase. The cost might also vary depending on the technology preferred for building the app. For example – the integration of apps in android and iOS are different, iOS app development and integration are slightly higher.

Humans Resources Involved

To develop a full-fledged, highly functional on-demand beauty service app, the team of human resources required would be, 

  • Project managers
  • App Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Quality Testers
  • Maintenance Executives

There might be some other resources as well assisting the above-mentioned team based on the requirement of the development process of the app. Finding the best team might be a difficult task but not impossible. In India, many experts can design and develop a great app for any purpose. It just takes the right eyes to identify the right team

Closing Lines 

As mentioned earlier, beauty is not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity, especially for the millennials which make the beauty industry a very prominent sector. This gives a very good opportunity for young entrepreneurs and businessmen to monetize this demand for beauty services. 

At Colourmoon, we provide the best in class on-demand beauty services app development for a very economical price with the aid of a team of experts.

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