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Jewellery App And Website Development In India


Jewellery is one of the ornaments or accessories that has been and will always be trending and adored by people of all genders, age groups, and statuses. People in India admire and cherish these astonishing pieces not for years but for ages. So Jewellery App And Website Development In India is the need of the hour. In this present time, jewellery stores falling under the small to a big giant category are failing to get the right amount of audience to enhance their revenues.

Every business has its traits that demand the right platform, and perfectly suitable technology to make its effective online presence. Jewellery or ornament selling stores are also now taking up the advantages of online products to showcase their products more impressively. Those days have passed away when you have to spend so many hours at the jewellery store to pick one suitable design out of limited stock that you have seen. This is the digital age and in this age, you get the chance to show off your products online with your jewellery website or jewellery app development. It provides you support to present innumerable products.

Benefits Of An Online Jewellery Store

Jewelry  App And Website Development In India

Less investment: Less investment is needed to hire a dedicated resource for the display of products. The latest Prices are updated as per the market.

Fast Shipping: You can offer the fastest shipping on all the orders that are booked from your store. As you get all the details of shipping of products from the app admin panel

Know Your Customer: The app helps to understand customer behaviour better. Having a better understanding of your customer. So you can serve them with products as per their choice.

What to do? Online shopping of jewellery has now become a trending way to buy ornaments as thousands of people now prefer to buy online without losing the comfort of their homes. Without having a dedicated jewellery app or website, you have to face the risk of losing a major portion of your customers. So it is the best time to get an app for your jewellery store

Best Jewellery App And Website Development In India

To get a suitable Jewellery App And Website Development In India App And Website Development In India, you have to consult a mobile app development company that can give you an app that is directed to bring more customers to your end. Colour Moon is a leading name in the fields of website and app development which has helped innumerable clients with jewellery app development services. We have a team of professionals who holds a great experience in the ornaments industry.

Features Of Jewellery Apps Designed By Colour Moon

In this competitive era, people wish to have everything at their fingertips. It means if you don’t have your Jewellery App And Website Development In India app, you are ignoring a significant chunk of potential customers! So, if you are planning Jewellery app development with Colour Moon for your business, here are some must-have features that you should know.

1. Design Different Screens For A Different Purpose:

The mobile app is comprised of different screens that work flawlessly together to accomplish business goals. For example, if a user clicks on the app icon, the very first that appears is your splash screen. After that, you will get redirected to the homepage or main page of the app. So, designing multiple screens for a different purpose will help you to serve a more focused and enhanced shopping experience. Here are some must-have screens that you should include in your next Jewellery App And Website Development In India app development. Splash ScreenIntroductory ScreenHome ScreenRegister/Login ScreenCategory ScreenProduct Detail ScreenCart & Checkout ScreenCustomer Account ScreenContact ScreenAbout Screen

2. Clean User-Friendly Interface:

Many times it happens that even after integrating tons of functionality & helpful features your customer might not be able to use it which indicates a lack of a proper navigation system. Because if you divide your jewellery products into so many categories, it might confuse or leave them frustrated when they are looking for specific designs. So, our dedicated team designs logical flow based on general interest and best practices which help your customer to locate and purchase the item quickly

3. Quick Registration & Checkout Facility:

Most of the time, the customer hates filling in so much information while registering for any store. To save time and effort for your customer, you can ask your customer to fill in only required details like name, mobile number, and email while the remaining details can be filled later through their account section if needed. Keeping the registration process more straightforward helps you to acquire more customers using our developed app. Apart from that, ensure that your checkout process is quite easy to navigate and place the order. Having a lengthy and time taking checkout process increases cart abandonment rates of your store app.

4. Customer Convenience:

Just because your customers love their convenience while shopping online, offering multiple shipping and payment methods is like an add-on to your customer shopping experience. Because not every customer has the same credit/debit card, thus integrating various payment methods helps you to increase customer retention value.

5. Send Push Notifications:

One of the main features of our mobile app is that you can send quick real-time push notifications. According to one survey, sending push notifications can bring up to 88% user engagement, which is much higher compared to traditional marketing methods like SMS and emails. Also, such notifications are not easily ignored by users. So it will work for the Jewellery App And Website Development In India app when you need a shoutout for your new designer collection or deals.

6. Showcase Your Offline Stores:

Having your business online as well as offline many times it happens that your customer wants to visit your offline store before making a purchase. Maybe because they are new to your Jewellery App And Website Development In India brand or they want to touch & feel your Jewellery ornaments before reaching any conclusion. So, just putting a store address in the contact us screen will not help you to gain customers’ trust. Instead, you can show your store by embedding Google Maps or adding some offline store pictures. Doing this will help your customer to have maintained your customer trust as well as drive more visitors to your offline store too.

7. Personalized Shopping Experience:

Not every customer can choose from pre-designed Pieces of jewellery or sometimes they are looking for custom designs for their loved ones; maybe by using some sort of signs or names. To make it easier for your customer to order custom designs using your app, you can design a separate screen for it. Where your customers can easily upload an image or mention what kind of design they are looking for! It will help you to serve personalized shopping experiences to your customers by delivering custom handmade jewellery.

Features of Jewellery Website Designed by Colourmoon

Carve out your space in the jewellery online market with an online store powered by dedicated features for jewellery websites. Top specialized features for jewellery websites designed by Colour Moon include:

Simple Design:

Simplicity is the secret to the success of a jewellery website. As the product with its aesthetic beauty and monetary value is the centre of the attraction of the website, the website’s design should not overshadow the products. 

Excellent Navigation:

User experience has a great effect on the effectiveness of a website, be it a jewellery website or any other website. A jewellery website should provide a smooth user experience. The visitors shouldn’t look for things such as ‘add to cart buttons, ‘checkout’ buttons, etc. The navigation should be obvious as visitors won’t think twice to leave your online store if they don’t find an excellent user experience.

 Data Collation:

One of the important things to be achieved in a jewellery website is data collation. You should make sure to organize inventory data in a spreadsheet format which may include metal type, metal weight, stone type, stone cut, stock number, etc. The data migration from the spreadsheet to the backend should be seamless so that there remains no confusion.

Detailed Product Description:

A dynamic and effective product description is very important to engage the visitors and influence them to buy. The description should not be just information about the products but it should evoke interest in the visitors to make them buy your products.

Vibrant Images:

Human beings are instinctively drawn more toward visuals than text, product images are great tools for online businesses. A significant percentage of information gets transmitted to our brain through visuals as absorbing and processing meanings of the visuals require less effort. And in the case of jewellery websites, the product photography is the most crucial aspect. Vibrant images show the jewellery at its best and can attract the attention of visitors. Make sure to provide multiple product photos from different angles. 

Easy Checkout:

Shopping cart abandonment during checkout happens a lot and this is a great source of loss for the owners of the jewellery store. Cart abandonment during checkout can be reduced by making the checkout process easy. It’s not a good idea to make the visitors create an account before making a purchase. Offering your visitors a guest checkout option makes the buying process simple for the visitors. And once the purchase is done, you can ask them if they would like to create an account for their future purchase. 

Persistent Shopping Cart:

It’s seen that most customers add products to their shopping cart and leave the site to return later. And this happens a lot in the case of a jewellery website. But on their return to the site, if they find the shopping cart empty, customers find it boring to search for the product again and do the purchase. Offering a persistent shopping cart is the solution to this problem. It can be achieved by providing.


Colour Moon has developed several e-commerce websites, including online jewellery stores. We understand that ‘ease-of-use’ features play a key role in the popularity of any website. Aim at designing a website that is easy to navigate, teamed with a user-friendly interface, all for the comfort of your customers. We also make sure that you, as an administrator, find no difficulty in managing the website. Hence, we offer the best possible solutions to make your content management systems easy to use.

Colour Moon has a clear and transparent business strategy that keeps the client involved at each step of the development. Though the process becomes quite challenging, we believe transparency must be there to achieve client satisfaction. Want to get your jewellery app and website developed today? Get a Quote

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