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True Caller Like App Development – Costs & Features


We live in a highly populated country when it’s very common to get spam calls and messages from people we don’t even know. In India every person owning a phone someday or other receives fake calls which cause irritation and stress. Keeping this in mind the system of caller ids came into the picture.

Caller IDs are not a new generation thing. They came into existence in the 1970s and got into landlines around the 1980s. With the passage of time and ascending technological innovations, caller ids took shape of an app and were put into mobile phones. In India, one of the most used Caller ids in mobile phones is ‘Truecaller.’

What is Truecaller?

Having most of its employees and customer base in India,.Truecaller was founded in 2009, in Stockholm, Sweden by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. Reportedly as of today, Truecaller has around 280 million active users all over the world.

Truecaller is a mobile application that isa new generation caller id. It is used to find out the caller’s identification number. It also facilitates call blocking and calls recording options. This app can be downloaded both in android and iOS systems. Most importantly the app is fully functional only over the usage of the internet. Yet many mobile phone and internet users have this app on their devices to get rid of unwanted and spammy calls. 

Truecaller is highly encrypted and enables calling and chatting options with utmost privacy and security. The app has both free and premium features. The premium features enable users to identify the location and other aspects of the callers.  

Features of the Caller id App like Truecaller

Some of the important features of a caller id app include,

Identification of Caller-id of the caller

This feature allows the users to identify the caller’s details. If there is no caller id then the entire purpose of a caller id app is vague. This feature is the most important feature of the true caller clone. With advanced coding and strategies, the identification of the caller details is possible.

Call-recording Option

If the call can be recorded then it will become a piece of evidence for any further use. Earlier there had to be another app to record the calls but with advanced features, this feature can now be implemented in the caller-ids. 

Ability to determine spammy or fake numbers

The main reason why caller ids came into existence is to identify and ignore fake and spammy calls. Without this feature, the market of caller-ids will demolish. The feature should be in such a way that whenever a call is received from a spam number, the user can get notification immediately

Call history data

The caller id app should have a record of all calls and messages, sent and received by the user in past days and times. This feature acts as a source of reference for the users to find out the details of the numbers and names of the callers.

Number blocking system

The most important feature of a caller id application is the ability to block numbers from calling and messaging or from getting any kind of information from the user. As per the new up-gradation, if someone from the blocked number tries calling from any other number then that also can be identified and notified to the user.

Phone number search feature

Users can find a person’s number by typing their name or by using the photo search feature. This feature acts quite similar to directories of the previous era. With this feature finding, anyone can become very easy.

Call back reminders

This feature helps the users to get notified regarding any meeting or schedule in the upcoming times. The caller id picks the schedule information majorly from the text messages.

Refer and earn

If the caller id company wants they can add the refer and earn feature wherein customers can refer the app to their peers and get advanced benefits of the app.

Cost of Development of the App

Keeping all the top-notch features mentioned above in mind, it is obvious that developing a caller-id app might cost a fortune. But when it comes to app development in India is comparatively costs less than in other countries. In India, the cost of developing a true-caller-like an app would be around – 3-5L 

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The cost of developing the app depends on all the features and resources used to develop the app.

The human resources required to build the app would be – a team of android and iOS app developers, testers, accounts managers, marketing team. 

Resources Required

The human resources required to build the app would be – a team of android and iOS app developers, testers, accounts managers, marketing team. 

Human ResourceTime Taken
App Developers140 hours
UI/UX Designers20 hours
Account Managers60 hours
Testers20 hours
Marketing experts20 hours


Truecaller has established a strong position in the market but with better and more high-end features it is also possible to outrank the well-established platform. 

To develop a top-notch app selecting the best team becomes a very important requirement. In India, there are many teams that can build a multi-featured app but finding a team that can provide the best features in a stipulated time with a results-oriented approach is something that has to be taken care of.

At Colourmoon Technologies we provide the best app development services throughout the country. Our team of professionals can develop the app with the best trending strategies. 

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Note – Colourmoon Technologies is not associated with Truecaller in any way. This blog is written to provide information for the interest of the readers. 

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