Why My Website is not Getting Traffic? Organic Traffic


Your website is the worldwide window into your business. Often business owners put a lot of money and time into creating a visually appealing website to attract more traffic. In this case, is your website getting traffic? If your website fails to get decent organic traffic even after all your efforts, then it’s time you sit and try to figure out what is going wrong in your website and your strategies.

The question why your website isn’t getting traffic is something that can’t be ignored and left unanswered. If not given attention immediately, it can lead to a fall in your search engine ranking and will make your website resourceful less.

Let us try and figure out what could be the possible reasons behind the inability of your website to attract the right audience by learning how to increase organic traffic to your website?.

1. Lack of Freshness in The Content on Your Website

The content on your website should be updated regularly to let the search engine find new pages and keywords and crawl through. Adding fresh and engaging content on your website will keep your audience interested and will drive more traffic. The entire concept of SEO is about how to attract more traffic and increase your ranking. If you can manage to come up with new and interesting content on your website on a regular basis, it will contribute towards improving your traffic and will also give you an opportunity to rank for new keywords.

2. You are Not Getting the Right Kind of Traffic

If you are not getting the right kind of audience to visit your website, then you are totally missing out on the whole purpose of having a website. If you are getting people who don’t need any of your products or services it’s not going to help in any way. You need traffic that can get you conversions and revenue that would benefit your business.

3. Your Website is Slow

Users when visiting a website usually don’t prefer to be kept waiting too long for the web page to load. It is quite natural that the visitors would want the website to open quickly and let them browse through it without much delay. If your website takes too long to load, a potential user might return without seeing your website. Hence it is important to make sure that your website is fast to improve the user experience which would, in turn, increase your traffic.

4. Your Website Design is Not Good Enough

Your website design must give your customers or audience the best user experience which would compel them to come back again. It is important to have a visually appealing, platform responsive, and user-friendly website design to get the best results. You need to make sure that the website is optimized for all types of devices and is fast and responsive. Any bugs or errors can make your website rank low and your audience would not be interested in visiting your site again.

5. Your Social Presence is Not Great

Your presence in the social sphere allows you to build your brand image and promote your business in a better way. In order to be visible to your potential customers, you need to have a strong social presence with a good online reputation. You need to ensure that your customers are connected with you on all social media platforms and are well-informed about your activities.

Besides the above mentioned 5 points, there could be other reasons as well that are leading to low traffic for your website. A common mistake that a lot of website owners do is aiming for high competition keywords. Since the search engine displays only 10 results on the first page, it is difficult to rank well for high competition and popular keywords. It is ideal to aim for low competition and long-tail keyword to get better search engine ranking.

Following the best practices and focusing on metrics that can get you more conversions, will help increase traffic to your website. The ColourMoon Technologies is such a brand name offers the services that provide you the genuine organic traffic to your website at affordable costs.

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