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What is a Multi vendor E-commerce Marketplace. How To Get One ?


A Multi-vendor E-commerce Marketplace is a marketplace, where multiple e-commerce stores sell their products and services under a single virtual roof. Therefore, it is like a shopping Mall but in a virtual space. In multiple-vendor marketplaces. Therefore, customers can buy different products from the same marketplace from different sellers from Multi-vendor E-commerce Marketplace. If you want to build your own multi-vendor eCommerce store contact us today.

Multi vendor E-commerce Marketplace

Multi Vendor E-commerce  Marketplace

Do you want to own a shopping Mall ?. It is now easy. Get a  multi-vendor website or store that fulfills your dream of owning a mall. A  multi-vendor store website or App store is a platform for different vendors. Here many  vendors can sell at one place. Above all, it is a big shopping mall  that contains various small shops that have individual sellers.

In other words, in a  multi-vendor store, you are the owner of the full mall( store) them, which has many individual shops. These shops are run by different sellers. Therefore, you maintain them, provide services and charge them. Like as the owner of a multi-vendor store. Therefore, this can provide the individual sellers the services like delivery, order processing, and more. You can also charge them monthly rent and even commission on every successful sale. 

In conclusion, from the user point of view, the multi-vendor store provides all the services under a single roof. The customers get all products from a single website or app  from different vendors  of multi vendor stores

Why Do You Need  A Multi Vendor E-commerce  Marketplace

Since business owners have limited understanding of the multi-vendor platform opening, and working complexities, Colour moon decided to create this informative piece of blog post for everything the multi-vendor business model needs to understand. However, before talking about the business model, software features, and multi-seller platform, let’s discuss what exactly a multi-vendor marketplace is and how it works

Working Of Multi Vendor E-commerce  Marketplace ;

 Before you get a multi-vendor marketplace .lets understand the working of this :

  • Vendor registers with multi vendor store
  • Vendor has a dashboard to list and manage his product listings
  • Whenever a sale happens, store processes the payment and assists vendor with packaging as well as shipment
  • Store owner keeps a small commission from the product sold and credits the rest to the vendor
  • Store owner focuses on growing his base of vendors to grow product catalogues
  • Vendor focuses on growing sales to increase profits.

Multi vendor E-commerce  Marketplace Features

Multi vendor E-commerce Marketplace
Multi vendor E-commerce Marketplace

 Business Profile of Vendor :

Vendors have a personalized shop, a shop that they own. They can enter the name of the shop, logo, banner, and phone number. Also, they can link their social media links) on their shop page. Above all, list their products and catalogs. After that, as the order is placed for the vendor products, vendors get an instant notification. They can easily process the order then.

Different Built-In Product Types:

You and your vendors will be able to sell all the products of different types and vendors can Upsell, Cross-Sell, and Related Products. In other words, you can sell and resell all types of products.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Support:

E-commerce transcends geographical boundaries. Your and your vendor’s customers can be located in any part of the world and may speak different languages and use different currencies to transact.

Groups & Membership Plans:

In Multi vendor ecommerce store.The admin can edit their access to different features of the marketplace. You can create different Membership plans to offer distinct privileges depending upon services individual shops need.

Commission and Transaction:

Multi-vendor Marketplace supports ,Percentage rates,Fixed rates, and Variable commission. You can set commission product wise, category wise, and vendor wise.

SMS Notification:

There will be SMS notification, apart from Vendor messaging. It helps in tracking Order placement, Order Status change and Registrations etc. Altogether, these will keep the Customers, Vendors and Admin updated with the current activities of the marketplace.

 E-Mail Notification:

Communication is the most important pillar in establishing trust with the customers. Therefore, emails are being sent to the Vendors and the admin at the occurrence of each and every important event.

Order Management:

Multi vendor e-commerce site facilitates the vendors to manage everything from the Vendor Panel. The orders, Invoices, Shipment, and Credit Memo (in the case of a refund) – are all at one place.

The Multi-vendor Marketplace is developed with a holistic approach to solve entrepreneurs’ problems. Also, as the majority now shop on their phones, it was necessary to offer a mobile-friendly solution to them. For instance, If you have a Multi-vendor store, You can sell groceries, household items, and clothes with a store.

Vendor Messaging:

In a multi vendor e-commerce site, you can have a conversations with the owner or customer.  Whether it is a ‘Thank you’ message or resolving queries.

Payment Methods:

Multi-vendor Marketplace has payment gateways like paytm, PayPal, Stripe. As a result, the transactions between Customer to Admin or Vendor to Customer can be carried out swiftly.

Apart from this,  we provide payment method extensions that can also be used to get the payment from the customer. It gets credited directly in Admin’s/ owners  account.

Advance Reports:

Vendors can see Out of Stock, Sold Products, Sales Report, Product Views, and Payment Report from the vendor panel. And admin, too, can view the reports related to Multi-Vendor Marketplace that includes Sales, Products, and Returns Report.

Shipping Methods:

The e-commerce’ Multi-vendor Marketplace solutions offer multiple shipping methods. Using these add-ons, vendors can calculate the prices vendors-wise or the site owners.

 Service Level Agreement 

To regulate cancellations and late delivery of products, more power is given to the admins here. They can control the late delivery and cancellation of orders by charging the fine from vendors as per the Service Level Agreement between the Marketplace Owners and their Vendors with respect to cancellation/completion of orders from vendors altogether.

 Advance Shipping & Order Facility:

Vendors can assign tracking numbers to their orders, based on the chosen shipping method. They can also raise invoices and manage orders from their dashboard easily.

RTL Compatibility:

The languages that follow Right to Left formats like Hindu, Telugu, and English have supported the marketplace. For instance, If you are having a regional store. You need not worry RTL provides the required language.

How to start a multi-vendor marketplace?

Starting a multi-vendor marketplace isn’t as complex as it was some years ago. It can be started by:

Building it from scratch: Building a multi-seller marketplace from the ground up requires custom e-commerce development. This means you will have to engage a team of designers, developers, and analysts to build your platform from scratch. Connect to Colourmoon Technologies. Get Your multi-vendor marketplace  Designed Now

Therefore, the process is not only time-consuming but costly as well. Established brands prefer this model to get everything just the way they want.

Using Colour moon Technologies: Since custom development is not everyone’s cup of tea, entrepreneurs use multivendor store builders to launch their venture. These solutions promise quick turnaround, cost savings, and everything else you need to launch a powerful multi-seller store. 


Above all, leap beyond a web store and build your own eCommerce marketplace and add multiple sellers and develop a versatile product range. Why earn only from your product? Earn on sales by every vendor. Get a Multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace Call Us Now +91 7799900800

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