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With a Real Estate App, real estate agents, management agencies, property lenders and property owners can make money through selling ad slots to property real estate agents.Real estate apps also provides subscription plans for both buyers and sellers. If you are looking for Real estate App development Colour Moon Technologies provides the best app development for real estate businesses. Colour Moon Technologies provides the best real estate application development services that help to connect all the property- sellers, buyers, and real estate agents with just a click or swipe on their mobile phones.

Real Estate App

The real Estate App is a complete solution for any properties around you. The Purpose of this application is that you will find the best properties to buy or rent within your area or city. With this application, it is very easy to find a home, flat, or villa based on your needs and location. The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to use and navigate.

Real Estate App provides real estate listings and finds properties, houses, homes, and agents. Get your own best real estate Android App ready with property list view and map view, Lists (categories), Deep link sharing, search, filter, Admob Ads, Push Notifications, RTL Support, In-App purchase, agent lists, video and image support and much more from the best real estate app development company in India in India. Above all, the customization of the app and setting up the app is done by a team of expert developers.

Real Estate App Features

Real Estate App Development

The main aim of developing a real estate app is to make the buying or selling process of property easy and accessible to mobile users. Therefore, keeping the latest trends and features in your app is essential.

Let’s discuss some of the smart features that should be in your real estate app.

1. User Signup and Login

This is the most basic feature of a real estate app, and it must be as simple and easy as possible. It should include:

  • Email Authorization
  • Phone verification
  • Location information

This provides convenience and flexibility to the users and gives the required information to suggest the best offers and properties to the user. Also, Users are able to create their profiles as sellers and buyers so that they can perform different activities in the app.

2. Listings properties

Property listing is another basic feature of the real estate app. To show the list of available properties with all the necessary details in the listings. A robust property listing database is highly crucial for any real estate app. It provides users with multiple options to choose from.

3. Advanced search options and Categories

Finding the Right Property is the ultimate goal for a user, who downloads a real estate app from the playstore. To simplify the property searching process, the app has advanced search options for users. Also, categories and filters help users to easily locate properties that suit their needs. App also allows users to shortlist and save and bookmark their favourite properties. It helps them make their decision-making process much easier.

4. Property Profiles

More than 87% of the users decide whether to buy a home or not based on the videos, news, and photos that are shared online. The property profiles in the app have updated owner details, descriptions, photos, videos, pricing neighbourhood information, and more

5. Call or Direct Messaging within the App.

The property profiles in the app have updated owner details. This includes calling or direct messaging features. There are four ways a buyer can connect to the agent.

  • Direct call/Callback
  • Direct messaging/Online chat
  • Booking consultation

When a buyer finds a property that fits his/her need. He can contact the dealer to get more details and even can plan a visit.

6. Maps

A real estate app without a map feature is a waste. Integrated maps in the app help users to get a sharp idea of their surroundings and help to navigate. Maps also help to see if the basic facilities like schools, hospitals, malls, etc are nearby. After that, the buyers can form a decision of whether to buy or not.

7. 3D property Video

For unmatched user experience, the feature showcases the exterior and interior of the property in the 3D video, furnishing better clarity to buyers.

8. Rate & review property

Users can rate & review real-estates based on their experience with regard to the property, the facilities, neighborhood, and other factors.

Real Estate App Development

Give a boost to your real-estate business with our delivered progressive real estate mobile app development. Provide a user-centric experience. With our real-estate mobile application, we offer a reliable platform for real estate organizations that are looking to sell or lease their properties. The mobile application will showcase their buyer’s or renters’ profiles, their background information, credit check, license, and other details.

Our mobile development solutions make it effortless to integrate the mobile app with your new/existing website.Similarly, we offer various services such as property listing, submission, image & video upload of the property, multi-payment integration, etc. In conclusion,  we understand the expectations of the end-users and develop the application that gives them great user-experience. In addition, we provide support and assistance after development of application.


To conclude, this article mentions all the must-have features that a real estate mobile app should have. These features make the search for a property hassle-free, and convenient and hence such apps are super easy for most users to work with.

In other words, to develop mobile applications with the highest care and flawless UI design, Colour Moon Technologies is the correct spot to go. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who can help you build flawless real-estate apps.

Real Estate App Development Cost

Depending on the features that are incorporated in the app. Want to know the best price get a quote from colour moon technologies, the best real estate app development company in India

Best real estate app development company

The best Real Estate mobile Application Development Company is Colour Moon technologies. Above all the best Real Estate Mobile Application Development with a lot of features like

  • 3D property video
  • Agent/broker appointment
  • In-app calling
  • Live Chat and more.

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