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QR Digital Menu For Restaurants


A QR menu is an online digital menu. QR digital menu for restaurants is an essential tech tool to display menus, providing, the ultimate digital experience to customers. Once scanned by a smartphone, it automatically redirects to the restaurant’s digital menu page, from where the customer can place the order. QR Digital Menu For Restaurants are the future of restaurants and food courts etc. As of now, if you are looking for the best solution for the current times, not only for the benefits that can be provided to customers but also for ease of handling your business QR menu is the way.

It is now time to say goodbye to the old cardboard menu. With Our Digital menu solution, your old cardboard menu turns into a digital one, with a better look and feel. You simply get a digitalized contactless menu, that is not only  beautiful but also easy to work with

Contactless QR Digital Menu

Contactless QR Digital Menu

The best thing about this digital menu is, that it is contactless. These menus are browsed by just scanning from a smartphone’s camera or inbuilt scanner app without touching the menu. Using a contactless digital menu in your restaurants not only prevents the risks of virus transmission (Covid etc.) but also eases the ordering process.

What is a Menu QR code?

Contactless QR menu is an online digital menu. It is a QR Code placed at tables and counters of restaurants as table-top postcards or a sticker. Smartphone users point their cameras at this QR Code, scan it and an updated menu pops up. From this menu, the customers can order the food of their choice. Therefore, a restaurant owner can update the menu item from the backend. To this menu, unlimited items can be added with real-time updating.

How to make the Best Digital Menu QR Code for the restaurant?

Many online websites and vendors are providing contactless menus and ordering systems to create a unified digital experience. Many of these restaurants’ online QR menu maker websites can create an online menu but have limitations like the payment feature is not secure. Some additional features like infinite scans’ are not in the free offerings of these QR menu providers.

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At Colour Moon Technologies, we provide the best digital QR menu for your restaurants with unlimited features. Provide a safer experience for everyone involved. So toss your old cardboard menu into the dustbin. Get the beautiful and best QR menu system(QR code and backend) for your restaurant business. Make your restaurant a safe place to eat by deploying a touchless menu QR Code Menu, therefore preventing infection spread

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QR Digital Menu Features

Whether you are an owner of a single food outlet or a multi-outlet restaurant chain. Having a QR menu is crucial for success. Enhance the food ordering experience for your customers with these stunning UI elements and a user-friendly navigation system of digital QR menu .with our QR menu solution, you get a range of functions to manage the restaurant efficiently. Below are the some of stunning features of the QR menu system provided by Colour Moon Technologies:


  • Beautiful Presentation: You can just simply show your menu digitally in the best possible way, by showcasing your food and beverages with beautiful photos and videos. In addition, the UI of the menu system is beautiful for catching the eye of customers. Take advantage of our other features that will guarantee an increase in sales and guest satisfaction while being more personalized with your guests by still providing physical table service.

  • Easy to use: Our digital QR Code menu provides a better customer experience by providing instant access to the menu through the smartphone. Taking into account the changing behavior of consumers and the technological evolution, this digitalization process turns out to be natural and almost intuitive for customers allowing diners to scan, access, and place their orders using their smartphone devices altogether.

  • No Physical Contact: In response to COVID, restaurants have gone big with QR codes, those dotted squares QR menus are now featured everywhere on tables, counters, and even on sidewalk signs. They’re popular not only for providing a touch-free experience but also because they’re easy to use and open up a new world of benefits that are not only hygienic but also easy to operate. The QR menu is a safer and more practical experience for customers – as well as is more hygienic.

  • Easy and Real-Time Updating: Display burgers and eggs for breakfast; salads, sandwiches, and drinks for lunch; and burgers, yogurt, and night drinks for dinner. Use a single dynamic QR Code and have the flexibility to switch between menus seamlessly.  Once the menu is updated from the backend by the owner. The QR code menu gets updated in real-time when any change is made in the backend

  • Multi-language: The use of the digital menu through QR Code allows the presentation of the menu in several languages, breaking the language barrier altogether and facilitating the access of customers across the regions to your restaurant. 

How Customers Use QR Code Menu

All of today’s smartphones have built-in QR Code readers or scanners. There is no special app to install :

  1. Point a phone camera at a QR code and wait for just a few seconds.
  2. A notification will pop up menu will come up, and the menu includes all items listed.
  3. Explore the menu on your phone, order then enjoy your meal!

Best QR Menu Development Company In India

Colour moon technologies is the best company for QR Menu development company in India. We provide you with an excellent QR Menu scanning system for your hotels or restaurants. Develop a QR Menu scanning system that your customers or visitors will scan your QR code and download the menu on their mobiles in PDF or as an image format. It is a quick and easy way to access the menu card on their mobiles. Both Android and iOS users can able to scan the QR Menu. The color moon technologies are providing you with different types of QR menus that fulfill all your needs for digital menu


In conclusion, QR Digital Menu For Restaurants are the future of restaurants and catering companies. If you have a business of this type, this is the best solution for the current times, not only for the benefits that can be provided to customers but also for eases of order handling.

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