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Everything You Need To Know About Car Wash App Development


We live in the digital world where everything is just an app away. Apps on our mobile phones have completely changed our lifestyles. We have applications for almost everything like – apps for communications, apps for banking, apps for managing our work, even apps that remind us to drink water. Thanks to these applications for making our day-to-day activities easier and structured.

When it comes to car wash applications we get to hear mixed opinions. A lot of people think it’s unnecessary to have a car wash application on the phone as one can wash his car by himself. But we cannot deny the fact that we are all busy. In this busy world, we want things to happen without having to put a lot of effort into it. Plus not everyone would want to wash a car themselves when it gets dirty. They would look for a garage or a place where the car can get cleaned or maybe they might look for a person who cleans the car. So if we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes we can understand the importance of the Car Wash App.

In this article, we will be taking you through some knows & how’s of a car wash development app.

What Does It Cost to Create a Car Wash App?

Before moving ahead with how to create a car wash app or the features, let’s talk about the finances.

It is difficult to estimate the exact cost for designing and developing a car wash app but we can look into some important aspects based on which we can compute the cost of the car wash app. Some of the factors are:

  • The complexity in creating the app
  • The size
  • The no of platforms
  • 3rd party unifications
  • Development and target Location

Location is a very important aspect as different locations have different prices for app development like – in India, it’s Rs.745-5,965 per hour, in the states and Canada it’s Rs.3,728-18,640, in Uk, it’s Rs.2,236-13,048.

Now let’s segregate the costs for different activities:

  • For the Technical Documentation, we might have to spend around Rs.74500 to Rs.149,125
  • For the UI/UX design for multiple devices, we might spend Rs.111,800 to Rs.223,687
  • For the Front and Back end development we would require to spend around Rs.521,930 to Rs.671,062
  • For the integration of the map, we might have to spend Rs.74500 to Rs.149,125
  • For the QA & Testing, we might spend Rs.149,125 to Rs.228,687
  • For other specific features, it might cost more than Rs. 74500

So, if we don’t want to compromise the functionalities or quality the cost that we need to bear would be around Rs.745,625 to Rs.1,491,250 for either iOS or Android. In further addition of features, the cost might increase to Rs.2,982,500.

Market Size and Stats: Why Invest in Carwash App Development

More than 50% of residents in the US are using the car wash services app, making car wash a very on-demand service. Around 2017 the car wash service providing company generated around Rs.5 million. It has become one of the highly demanded industries which have been ascending every year at a rate of 25%.

Why to Invest in Car wash apps

Now let looks into more stats,

  • 28% of people take at least one car wash service in a month
  • 47% of people avail the service every two months
  • 25% of people take the service every six months
  • About 80% of the car wash services are owned and monitored by small businesses
  • 66% of heavy users use the car wash service.
  • There is more demand for the car wash services in winters
  • Most customers look for eco-friendly services

In 2019 and 2020 the global car wash service size was calculated to be Rs.250 billion and Rs.263 billion respectively. The industry is rapidly growing at the rate of 3.2% and is expected to grow by 9% very soon. It is expected to generate Rs.305 billion by 2025.

Top Mobile Apps for Car Washes Around the World

Some players in the car wash industry are doing wonders with their easy-to-use mobile applications. These companies have constantly seen a rise in demand for the car wash app from the past few years. Some of the top car wash applications are –

  • Wype – The Los Angeles-based firm is known for its eco-friendly services. They believe in water conservation hence use a technique that has the minimal requirement of water to wash a car. Their application can be downloaded on both android and iOS.
  •  Spiffy – Spiffy has a very unique paying system that allows the customers to rate the services and then pay accordingly. They use the Spiffy Green System that makes sure that there is zero water wastage. Founded in 2014 this company have their app accessible in both android and iOS
  • Washos – An immediate competitor of Wype, Washos is also based in Los Angeles. They receive more than 1000 bookings daily on their application.
  • Dinowash – This car wash service is based in Toronto. They are known for the fast services they provide to their customers. This company is making the most of the $ 57.6 billion with its car wash services.

Types of Car Wash App

Car wash apps majorly are of two types,

  1. Aggregator Apps – In this category the app developer aggregates money in one time for all the services he provides. He develops the platform, an interaction channel for the retailers and the end customers. This kind of app provides a standalone service.
  2. Dedicated Apps – This type of app is meant for companies that solely focus on providing personalized car wash to customers. These apps provide different categories of car wash services as per the demand of the users. These apps are big and require more investment.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Use a Car Wash App

When there is such a vast market open and all it takes is a car wash app to crack it, don’t you wish to give it a shot? But, before that, let us know the blueprint of how a car wash app works.

  • Sign up/Login: A feature that is common for all the apps, where users should sign up/login into the app using a phone number or with an email id to access it.
  • Request for a car wash: The user selects the type of car wash, preferred time, and price from the available list while placing the car wash request
  • Finds near-by service provider: Based on the user’s real-time location, the request for the car wash is matched to nearby located car wash service providers
  • Interested car wash service providers then accept the service request as raised by the user
  • The user gets a push notification indicating that the car wash service request has been accepted
  • The car wash service provider arrives at the user’s location as per the date and time selected by the user for the wash
  • On arrival, the service provider takes a pre-wash photo of the car through the app
  • The car washer completes the wash as per the service requested by the user
  • The user can track the progress and completion of the service requested through the app
  • After completion of the service requested, the users can make the payment through credit cards or debit cards or e-wallets or app wallet or cash
  • Users can then share their feedback and rating on the services they purchased.
Process of car wash app development

Curious to Know How a Car Wash App Is Built?

Continue reading to learn more.

To develop a car wash app, one should employ the right kind of people to work for the app. Take a look at the app development team required for developing and running a car wash app:

  • Visionary
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Quality analysis professionals
  • Sales and marketing specialists

Multiple flexible and scalable technologies are required to develop a car wash app. Some such car wash app development technologies that make the task simpler are as below:

  • Cloud – AWS, Google, Azure, MySQL
  • Android – Java iOS – Swift and Objective C
  • Location – Google Maps
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres
  • Payment Gateway – PayPal & Braintree, Stripe, EWallets and for saving cards-
  • Push Notifications – Firebase, Twilio,
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Email – MailChimp Integration
  • Real-time Analytics – Google Analytics, Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • Backend: Codeigniter (Backend API), AngularJS (Backend UI), Node JS (Socket and Application API)

A car wash app is quite different from a regular taxi booking app. Car wash apps charge for booking a service. Thus, the features are also entirely different. Here are the key features that help in building a car wash app:

Features of car wash app development

The Essential Features of Car Wash App – For Users:

To make a splash across the industry the app needs to have a neatly curated list of features. One must incorporate all the essential features in the car wash app that makes booking a car wash very convenient for the users. Here are some such features:

  • Signups and logins – This is one of the most common features that we see in almost every app. Each app requires some kind of basic information about the user like name, phone number, email address, location to keep in their track records. However, a user has to sign up and become a member of the app, which makes it easy for them to sign in each time. Also, the app developers should allow them to sign up using any of their social media accounts like Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc because it saves a lot of time and makes it easy for users to create an account and log in to book a car wash service right away.
  • Add Car – Sometimes, a single user might want to wash multiple cars of theirs by using a single account to book car washes for the entire family. By adding multiple cars to their account, users can avail the services without any difficulty.
  • Custom pricing – Apart from offering to add a car option, the app should also allow users to select services based on their preferences and make payments according to the service selected.
  • Monthly Packages – An app should have special packages that they offer to their loyal customers. A customer might not be willing to pay the entire amount each time he books a service. Therefore, car wash services should offer them special monthly, quarterly, and annual packages to choose from. The payment of these packages can be made in advance and the services can be availed anytime during that tenure.
  • Manage Addresses: Users can create several addresses within their profile. The addresses can be labeled as home, work, or other favorite locations.
  • Real-time tracking – The real-time location of the user helps in matching the nearest car wash service provider.
  • Chat and calling – The app should have an inbuilt feature of calling and chatting with the service provider. Just in case the user or service provider gets stuck anywhere in the process they should be able to figure out a way and get in touch with each other to resolve the query easily.
  •  Payment options – The app should provide a facility of multiple payment modes such as debit cards, credit cards, cash on delivery, e-wallets, etc. so that the users can make online payments hassle-free.
  • Wash History: All the car washes scheduled, completed, or canceled since the activation of the app is recorded and stamped with date and time for easy access
  • Push Notifications: It keeps the users informed about the accepted washes, the service provider reaching the location, and updates of service progress and completion.
  • Reviews and ratings – This is one of the most significant features of a car wash app because it builds goodwill for its services in the market. All the users read reviews of any kind of service before putting their money in it.

The Essential Features of Car Wash App – For Washers:

The washers are the service providers. The success or failure is completely dependent on them, how fast and better they can serve their customers. Here are a few essential features that can help car washers win more bookings.

  • Add Service Location: A single car wash service provider can have multiple service locations that can be centrally managed from the app. These locations help in finding users in nearby areas who are looking for car wash services.
  • Receive New Request: The car wash service provider will get a notification whenever there is a new service request near their location.
  • Accept/Reject Service Request: A car wash service provider should have the authority to accept or reject service requests based on their availability and convenience.
  • Push notifications: The push notifications of the car wash app should be enabled, this will help car washing agencies in getting notifications when a user requests for service. In addition to that, all the transaction details should reflect on their screens.
  • Update the Service Status: A car wash goes through different steps; therefore, the service providers need to update the status of the proceedings of their service to each user. This will help them build trust in their customers
  • Request Payment: The payments are made by the admin to the service provider. Upon reaching a threshold amount as set in the app, the car wash service provider can raise a request to the admin to release the payment.

The Essential Features of Car Wash App – For Admins:

Admins are not visible in the front-line but they will be using the app extensively from behind the scenes. They organize each and every activity on the app like managing user profiles, adding new washers, setting the entire process, and doing many such other activities. Here are some features that will help the admins do their jobs with gusto.

  • Manage the service time zone – Admins are responsible for connecting the users to the car washing companies in their region. This will help the users to get in touch with car washing companies that are nearby.
  • Manage registrations – Admins have a reliable and trusted support team to guide each and every user and answer all their queries. Another important role of the support team is to manage the registration of the users at any car washing service center. This will help the admin in figuring out how many active users are on the app at a certain point in time and the total number of times the car wash service is availed by them from a particular car washer.
  • Manage payments – A user pays for all the services availed by them directly to the admin and not the service provider, and it is the responsibility of the admin to transfer the amount to the account of the car washer as notified. All the monetary transactions are solely managed by the admin. They also keep a certain amount with themselves as commission which they charge from the car washers.
  • Managing reviews – A satisfied user writes a positive review and will post high ratings, however, a dissatisfied user writes negative reviews and gives lesser ratings to a car washer. It is the admin’s responsibility to manage these reviews and ratings and publish them accordingly.
  • Heat-map view – Under this feature, the admin can view the maximum used services from their company and the most used areas of the app as well. Only admins of the app have access to this special feature.
  • CRM integration – It helps in providing reliable analytics and enabling car washing agencies in streamlining the details of their services and clients frequently and easily.
  •  Loyalty programs – To retain and promote the interest of loyal customers, give them some kind of benefits for the services they can avail of from your car wash app and center.
  • CMS Integration – The Content Management System helps the content and design team to add or remove any specific ads from the app so that the users can understand easily.


Recently, car wash services have gained widespread visibility in the market with their technological advancements. Since the automotive software industry is booming, it is highly possible that the car wash app will tend to do well in the coming times and will have a bright future. From start-ups to prominent big companies, building a mobile app requires a whole lot of resources. You need to hire the right and trusted team who knows how to develop the on-demand car wash app without missing a beat. Such kinds of apps are a perfect solution for those people who like to avail services from the comfort of their homes.

on demand car wash app development in India

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