Why Loan Lending apps are getting issues


The lending industry has changed significantly over the past several years, there is no disputing that. Simply said, borrowers’ preferences have changed, and traditional banks and credit unions are steadily losing favour. Globally, there is a greater than ever need for goods that offer fair, easy-to-use credit. By providing a pleasurable entirely digital lending experience for the borrowers as well as the staff, many new and seasoned business owners have a rare chance to make their claim on the market or broaden the company’s reach.

Beyond the success of loan lending apps there are many issues faced by them. In this blog we will learn why loan lending apps are getting issues and its solutions. But before we will get to know the importance of loan lending apps:

Importance Of Loan Lending Apps

This is a result of the digital age, as financial technology businesses have developed a multitude of cutting-edge tools, websites, and applications that have rendered traditional loan application processes outdated.

Nowadays, almost anything can be completed online using an application or website, including personal loans, vehicle loans, and loans for small businesses and startups.

People simply don’t accept cumbersome or paper-based loan application processes in the age of online banking, mobile deposits, fast transfers, and automation. Modern borrowers simply won’t accept having to physically visit a brick-and-mortar banking institution or speak to a live person.

When looking around for loan choices online, today’s borrowers—consumers and businesses—expect and demand instantaneity, security, and an intuitive user experience.

They are fortunate that internet lenders have been able to fill in the gaps left by traditional banking institutions, and they are doing a good job of it thanks to cutting-edge mobile apps.

Moving on to Why Loan Lending Apps are getting issues :

Why Loan Lending Apps Are Getting Issues

In the digital age, managing an online loan business may be extremely difficult (if you don’t allow the correct automated solution, take it off your plate).

Business leaders need to handle a lot of moving elements, from compliance and cybersecurity to offering a pleasant user experience.

Then Why Loan Lending apps are getting issues?

1. Ensuring a quick loan application process

In the age of instantaneous everything, people are used to making snap judgments and making purchases right away.

Online lenders who don’t deliver a nearly quick loan decision run a very high risk of losing their customers to a competitor in the highly competitive online lending market of today. A potential borrower might click to a different online lender after even a 60-second browser delay.

In the present market climate, online lending organisations must offer speedy decisions to their clients; depending solely on antiquated loan origination processes is insufficient.

Fortunately, contemporary online lenders can deploy a third-party loan origination software solution that automates their loan origination process, allowing them to sit back and wait while their borrowers receive quick loan decisions.

2. Small Resources To Establish An End-to-end Lending Process

Like startups in any industry, those operating in the online lending field frequently struggle with a lack of both human and financial resources.

And let’s face it: a sizable portion of the startup community lacks the resources necessary to set up an end-to-end online lending flow from scratch.

It has fortunately become more affordable to use an online lending software provider to create a centralized, pre-configured system that you don’t have to set up yourself. This has made it easier for online lenders to get started.

3. Adhering to Regulations

Online firms today are required to obtain a number of compliance certificates, especially those that deal with sensitive consumer data.

It can be quite challenging to stay on top of all the requirements, let alone budget for a full compliance staff to assist you in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Thankfully, today’s all-in-one lending solutions like TurnKey Lender ensure that their clients stay up to date on all data privacy and banking rules, making it much easier to try to stay on top of compliance issues.

4. Banking With Today’s Borrowers

In addition to having unique preferences for their online lending buying experiences, borrowers in the digital age also have various risk profiles.

Millions of American consumers who lack the necessary credit history to qualify for regular loans from major financial institutions frequently resort to alternative lending sources.

When they provide additional methods of determining borrower risk, online lending companies have an advantage over traditional banks.

Online firms may attract those millions of non-traditional borrowers by focusing on borrower traits like education level and steady income, for instance, rather than increasingly antiquated credit scoring techniques used by traditional credit reporting organisations.

Although there is a sizable demand for it, it is not simple for a beginning online lender to do this kind of borrower assessment.

5. Offering Seamless Loan Servicing

It’s simple to want to rely on antiquated procedures for loan servicing as a business that offers online lending, such as hiring staff to manage debt collection or necessitating any type of paper-based interactions.

It is very expensive to set up an automated, entirely online system from scratch that makes use of paperless statements and centralised tracking. This requires knowledge and upfront costs that very few online lending startups can afford.

However, today’s consumers seek out lenders who provide them with a simple, all-digital experience when their loan is funded.

Any online lending business that does not offer sleek, modern, digital, comprehensive loan servicing could wind up failing.

The Most Effective Solution For Online Lenders

Fortunately, Lenders that operate online don’t have to travel alone. Although overcoming these obstacles is a difficult task, starting from scratch and developing everything from scratch isn’t the only choice.

The majority of your loan origination and servicing operations may be centralised and automated with Colour Moon’s all-in-one online lending solution.

collaborating with Colour Moon allows your customers to obtain loans for a variety of purposes. using the specially created Loan Lending Application. With the loan system in place, borrowers can submit loan applications for personal loans, business loans, or loans from private institutions, and the relevant administrator can approve them after performing security checks.

With the help of the loan system’s specialised software, the lender can browse the website for Loan Investment Proposals and check the borrower’s specifics, verified documents, and contact information to discuss the terms.

of the suggestion.

Primary Features of Loan Lending App Development

Any team building a loan lending app would only produce a successful product if it was loaded with functions that would encourage repeat business. The feature set is crucial for retaining, involving, and connecting with end consumers.

  • Registration/login.

A user needs to be able to create an account and sign in using their phone number, email address, or even Facebook account. Users must also submit their contact information, which the platform will validate.

  • Loan management. 

The amount of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the EMIs for the available loans, the platform processing costs, etc. should all be visible to users. Additionally, the borrowers should be able to generate and publish their loan applications, choose the anticipated payback duration, and interact with lenders to go over various facets of the loan application process.

  • Payment and billing.

To bring transparency into the lending process, the loan application should keep a record of all payments..

  • Transactions and EMIs.

A borrower must make EMIs that include both interest and principal payments to repay the loan. These transactions should be saved for the convenience of an audit and future reference after all EMIs have been paid and the loan has been repaid in full.

  • Transfers and withdrawals.

The money lending app should offer the ability to withdraw money directly to the user’s debit card or bank account.

  • Integrated Cloud Storage

In order to safeguard user privacy, ensure uninterrupted data flow, and preserve the utmost confidentiality, the mobile loan app development team combines cloud storage with your application. Additionally, our team makes sure the product is in line with user desire.

  • Translate in Multiple Languages

A skilled team of developers creates multilingual applications that maximise your investment in lending technology. These programmes are easy for locals to utilise and make it simpler for them to achieve greater results. This would increase the number of intriguing participants in your audience.

  • Easy Loan Calculator

The team responsible for developing loan applications makes care to include a calculator within the app. Calculations might be performed without a calculator. Everything, including interest, principal, amount, and time, would be calculated automatically. Experts stress the importance of your app being a one-stop shop for your users.

  • Detailed Analytics

Real-time analytics are used by money lending software to monitor the effectiveness of your app. This can show you which features aren’t performing as intended and which ones still require improvement in order to generate significant money.

  • Include CMS

It becomes simpler for app developers to promote their apps through offers, blog sharing, and other means. Our team that develops loan lending mobile apps ensures that the CMS integrated into your application is simple to use and navigate for the owners.

  • Transaction in Multiple Currencies

If one needs to apply for a loan in another nation, he can choose the option and choose the amount of money from the available options. The creator of the loan app makes sure that you may quickly change currencies and view the results of subsequent calculations in the same.

Some additional features(not compulsory) may include:

  • Reward points and ratings.

By earning points for timely meeting their obligations, borrowers and lenders can be rated as trustworthy partners for subsequent transactions..

  • Customizable reporting.

The app must offer reports for all parties, including how many loans are open for each user, how many EMIs have been paid and how many still need to be.

  • Chatbot.

The addition of a chatbot can be a helpful approach to guide new users through the app’s features and teach them how to use it rapidly.

  • AI-based analytics.

Real-time analytics have advantages for both administrators and users. Lenders can check prospective borrowers’ credit histories and KYC information. In order to get useful insights and enhance user experience, platform administrators can access extensive analytics on a variety of platform operations.

  • Loan Application Pre-development Stages

You need to be aware of the market expectations in order to build an app like Possible Finance. You should also make a list of MVP features to address these expectations and choose a tested technology stack to build these features quickly and affordably.

The steps you must do before engineering are listed below:

  • Discovery

Do market research first, by all means. Discover the most well-liked apps available, download a couple of them (they are generally free), examine their features, and note their strengths and weaknesses. Read the comments and pay attention to the critical ones because they could point out areas for improvement and a USP for your product. Form a list of app features based on the opinions of the target audience as gathered through focus groups and questionnaires.

  • Planning

Discuss the features you wish to be included in the app with your team. With the help of a business analyst, team lead, and project manager, decide which features your potential users will value the most and order their development within the MVP’s scope. A Scope of Work (SoW) document and a roadmap outlining the project’s deliverables, costs, and timelines should be produced at the end of this stage.

  • Choosing the technology stack 

Choose the best tech stack for creating financial applications. Utilize the technological know-how on your team and the information you’ve already obtained from rival research. Think on factors such as security, performance, future scalability, integration simplicity, ease of adding new features, etc.

  • Gather a team

You might need to assemble a team that includes a team lead, UI/UX designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, iOS and Android developers, QA specialists, and a project manager depending on the project’s ultimate scale and technology stack.

  • Prototyping and MVP creation

The team can start prototyping to provide a clickable and interactive prototype of your future app once the technology stack has been chosen and constructed. The team can create an MVP based on the SoW document once you are satisfied with the way it looks and feels.

Although it’s not required, we advise creating an MVP to speed your app deployment and user feedback gathering. This helps to prevent spending money on an app that consumers don’t truly need or like.

What To Expect From An App (User’s Perspective)

Anyone looking for financial aid from the market should consider getting their loan approved. Trusting a loan lending mobile app is crucial, as is taking into account the crucial elements of the stream. Here are some suggestions to help you shorten the time spent conducting research if you are a financial company committed to developing a loan application.

  • Accountability

Users frequently choose a business with a positive internet reputation. They frequently double-check the data offered by internet businesses before starting the procedure, and only then if they are confident in it. In order to draw customers, a corporation must work to establish a solid reputation and name. You must work with a reputable company that develops money loan apps so they can simplify your life.

  • Service

The loan lending companies must provide exceptional customer service to draw clients. After all, the borrowers want to be sure that the selected company will look after them in the future. Borrowers will be reluctant to apply for a loan from a company that does not provide satisfactory customer service.

To ensure that you can serve your consumers whenever they need it, the loan app developer must incorporate customer assistance.

  • Speed

For those looking for loans online, this component is extremely important. Working with an online mortgage provider that collaborates with IT giants like Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco will help you get your loan closed quickly—in less than 10 days, which is absurdly quick.

  • Process

Enterprises have started to turn to lending applications in order to achieve growth and success in their majority of small businesses. Their capital and production will rise as a result.

In order to help customers, get the most out of their financing alternatives, these loan lending applications offer calculators and a variety of additional resources.

Why Loan Lending apps are getting issues

Loan Lending App Market

Size & Growth Stats 2022

  • With a CAGR of 24.0% from 2021 to 2028, the global market for digital lending platforms is expected to surpass $20.31 B in sales in 2027. It was previously estimated to be worth $4.87 B in 2020.
  • The top startup leaders in digital lending services who have entered the Al sector to align apps with the most recent technology are Aire, Kabbage, and Kasisto. They asserted that Al boosted their growth by 90% in the previous year.
  • Fiserv, ICE Mortgage technology, FIS, Sigma Solutions, and Temenos are the leading suppliers in the loan lending business.


There is no question that the number of loan lending applications is growing, so now is the ideal time for financial or loan lenders to invest in these applications.

Before jumping on the bandwagon, loan lenders should be confident of their company needs and the preferences of their intended audience. They will have a good concept of how to approach a seasoned team of app developers to create their loan lending app after reading this.

These money lending applications are nothing short of a blessing for both the money lenders and the money borrowers. It has streamlined and simplified the laborious loan application process. Why Loan Lending apps are getting Issues

At Colour Moon, we have a skilled group of seasoned mobile app developers and designers who can provide cutting-edge loan lending applications at competitive prices. We provide specialized solutions for each of our clients as the top loan lending app development company in India. They can manage a variety of products with the app, including student loans, personal loans, start-up and small business loans, mortgages and home loans, and auto loans.


How can we check the credit worthiness of a user?

A credit score, which normally varies from 300 to 900, is used to assess a user’s creditworthiness. It assists lenders in determining how the borrower is likely to repay the loan. Four organizations in India offer in-house credit scores and thorough reports. They are CRIF High Mark, Equifax, Experian, and CIBIL.

How does a loan lending app work?

Apps that connect lenders and borrowers for loans do so directly. Loans are given by lenders to eligible candidates. In short, loan lending apps connect those who are willing to lend money and receive interest revenue with those who are eager to borrow money to meet some of their specific demands.

Which company can be trusted for developing a loan lending app?

The top company in India for the development of loan lending apps is by far Colour Moon Technologies. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to create a comprehensive software application for your fin-tech company. We create and produce online loan lending applications akin to those used by leading digital lending firms.

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