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How To Boost Your Business Online This Diwali


In India, a country with many different cultures, marketers have a lot of room to experiment with different ways to conduct business online on the eve of Diwali. Diwali, being the festival of lights, brings more joy to all. The business had a bumper sale during the Diwali season. With the advent of digital marketing, businesses can sell their items online as well.

If you are a business owner, you should know, how to boost your business online this Diwali. Even though there is always a festive spirit here, many look forward to this time of year the most. With holidays like Diwali, Dussehra, Durga Puja, and others lined up one after another, a surge of discounts is expected to boost sales in several industries. While customers observe the sales during the holiday season, marketers must work hard to attract their attention before the season even starts. 

Holidays, family gatherings, and a great deal of happiness are all part of the festival season. The widespread festive spirit gives folks ample justification for indulging in scrumptious meals and thrilling shopping excursions. It is a reality that people are willing to spend significantly more during celebrations than they would on other days.

People wait for Diwali to make modifications to their homes and purchase necessities as well as pleasures, including clothing, jewellery, and furniture. Therefore, it is a very important period for all types of organizations, and they must be ready far in advance so that they can satisfy the needs and expectations of their clients during peak times.

This post will cover a variety of business tips for the holiday season. The list of tips provided below can assist you in planning your business operations and, as a result, increase your sales. This Diwali, we will give you assurance and a solid foundation to walk on as you adjust your business activities online in order to boost sales.

How To Boost Your Business Online This Diwali

Boosting your sales this Diwali is easy. The below list gives you a proper idea of how to boost your business online this Diwali in 5 easy steps:

  1. Offer Discounts.
  2. Run online campaigns.
  3. Launch new product range.
  4. Hire a digital marketing agency.
  5. Host an event.

Boosting your business this Diwali can be done by a number of ways but to get started you need to follow a particular strategy, plan and exact action. With Colour Moon, you need not worry about anything. We have a team of digital marketers, that carefully craft a well-researched, target oriented campaign. Want us to create the perfect campaign for your business this Diwali, Get in touch with us

Strategies, Planning, and Preparation

It is clear that businesses do not just appear overnight; extensive planning and preparation in relation to the products, marketing, and creation of strategies are necessary. You may concentrate on the four Ps, which make up Reliance Industries’ marketing mix: place, price, products, and promotion.

Your business history will determine the specific arrangements you can make for things like estimating the necessary inventory, purchasing or manufacturing the inventory, identifying the products that are currently available, managing sales and distribution, managing staff, etc. The best time for eCommerce companies to secure their spot in the market and build a solid customer base is around festivals. Additionally, pricing the products less expensively than your rivals’ may aid in building this base.

Once you establish yourself, you can gradually expand your business into different categories, ranging from groceries to fashion. You can start with one product or service. Flipkart is a relevant illustration in this regard. Selling books was where it all began, and from there it grew to include many other things.

Partnering with other retailers or brands is another innovative concept. For instance, if you sell clothing, you might team up with the manufacturer or vendor of the jewellery, cosmetics, or another item that a buyer would likely purchase next. While simultaneously offering the clients a variety of products to choose from, you do not need to oversee or manage the sales of the items on which you cooperated.

Marketing and Advertising

Small enterprises and startups typically have a limited amount of money to spend. Even if they have a sufficient budget, they must use it wisely by allocating it to their company’s marketing and advertising.

The most successful kind of marketing is word-of-mouth. According to a Spiegel study, 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. 93% of consumers say that reading reviews is how they decide the quality of a local business. Numerous similar statistics are available, demonstrating how the actions of the client are influenced by the reviews left by other customers.

Customer satisfaction should therefore be the company’s primary focus and motto. It is the most important marketing channel for your company. Reviews, social media posts, and any complaints from customers should all be promptly addressed. After-sales services must also be offered. I’ll say it again: festivals are the most crucial times to build a devoted customer base.

Placing ads in your city’s newspapers is another excellent suggestion. Television, magazines, radio, and the most significant social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, are additional essential marketing outlets. Reach out to your audience with your brand, alluring deals, and other incentives. Establish a powerful social media network. Through links, swipe-ups, and other social media efforts, your store should be easily accessible. Use popular memes or trends in your marketing initiatives, and engage your network in fun polls, competitions, and quizzes by awarding small surprises to the winners at the end. A mobile-first nation is India. Since everyone in this country owns a mobile phone, digital channel marketing will eventually have an effect on your target audience.

You are able to have a YouTube channel. You may take it a step further and engage in influencer marketing if your budget allows it. You could hear several catchphrases for various campaigns, such as “India ka Fashion Capital” for Flipkart’s fashion section.

Follow The Latest Trends

The latest trends are what everyone is after these days, and people follow them blindly.

The two most common methods for discovering new trends are scrolling through Instagram and using Google Trends or Exploding Topics as well. You can create your own trend since social media is a key factor in the introduction and spread of trends.

In order to keep your audience interested, you should stay current with these trends, which frequently change.

Fill your shelves with the newest trend-appropriate products and watch them sell out!

Team Up with Business Giants

This is the ideal time to seize the chance if you run a business but don’t have a website. While you are currently selling offline, signing up as a seller on Amazon, Flipkart, or Shop clues might increase your consumer base and provide you with a new stream of revenue.

Small sellers can have an easy entry while Amazon and Flipkart work harder than ever to meet the rise in demand this year, especially if you are selling:

  • Gift items
  • Apparel
  • Jewellery

During Diwali, all of these are in high demand.

List your products on a marketplace like Flipkart and sell them from your own online store for the best results. By building a reputation for your company online, you will reach more clients.

Update Your Inventory Or Service Offerings:

The time has come for service providers and business owners to review their sales data from Diwali in 2020 and 2019 to identify which goods and services were popular with clients at the time.

If you sell clothing, you might have sold more traditional Indian attire this time last year than you did Western goods. Since this is a fortunate time to launch a new business, more new companies may have enlisted your services at this time last year if you’re a service provider.

Take a strategic look at your sales and inventory to identify any potential hot commodities or services for this year. Then, make sure you stock up on those items to sell this month!

Make Your Site Clear and Simple to Use

It should be clear to a customer who visits your website what you sell. Use a template with a straightforward message and a clean, professional look. Avoid providing the customer with excessive and unnecessary information. As a strategy to get visitors to begin browsing your website, display your most well-liked and best-selling products first. To make it simple for them to navigate through the photographs and see what is being offered, think about employing a “carousel” picture collage.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ad-words:

SEO and Google Ads should be wisely used for online marketing to have an impactful reach in the internet world. Useful keywords are those that focus on what you have to offer, such as a sale, discount, coupon, secure delivery, etc. Publishing blogs and articles, telling tales about your customer experiences, and sharing testimonials are some of the more efficient methods. You can use this method to launch new products as well.

You may make engaging movies and upload them on your website or as a vlog, for instance, showing a model or individual sporting an entire outfit made up of ethnic goods you sell.

You might organize donation drives that benefit society and your company at the same time.

The next action that a marketer wants its customers to perform is referred to as a “call to action” (CTA) in marketing lingo. Add to Cart, Checkout, Buy Now, Access Coupon, Redeem Coupon, etc. are a few examples. Customers should be able to take immediate action on these conditions via the website.

Easy Checkout and Cart Abandonment Solutions:

According to a Baymard research, 37% of prospective buyers left their shopping carts empty because the website required them to register. Additional fees (60%), a protracted checkout process (28%), order costs that are not upfront disclosed (23%), website errors (20%), inability to trust the site with credit card information (19%), slow delivery (18%), dissatisfaction with the return policy (11%), and credit card decline (4%), are additional reasons for cart abandonment. Due to the absence of the payment method, buyers remove items from their shopping carts.

As a result, you may provide your consumers with the option to log in as a guest and make a purchase. The checkout should merely ask for the bare minimum of information. Additionally, make sure that technology is utilized effectively and that any technical issues are fixed in advance. Festivals can result in more traffic, which would slow things down.


There are numerous payment methods that can be used and are chosen by customers; as a result, a payment gateway like PayKun should be integrated to give clients their preferred method of payment.

When using the Internet, Indians struggle with trust difficulties. If your startup or small firm is newly formed, you may decide to preserve the “cash-on-delivery” option in addition to the online payment methods so that customers may make purchases with confidence.


According to statistics, there may be 859 million smartphone users by 2022. Among the top 20 smartphone markets, the delivery of smartphones climbed by 8% year over year to reach 152.5 million units in 2019, making it the market with the fastest growth. Additionally, by 2026, the E-commerce sector may have increased by 1,200%.

This demonstrates the value of mobile commerce. As was already noted, India is a mobile-first nation, therefore you should have both a fully functional app and a readily navigable website for mobile users. When you have a top-notch website that is easy to navigate and looks great on mobile devices, you may get an effective SEO.


The main principle of any business, but especially new ones, should be “the client comes first.” This will help to increase the consumer base. Making an emotional and social connection with your target customers this event might be a component of your marketing plan. If customers find the price, quality, and after-sales support to be favourable, their return business is assured. Regularly occurring exciting sales are also crucial. It’s crucial to fulfil your commitments to customers if you want to gain their loyalty.

You may offer services like a call-to-order number, WhatsApp orders, various payment methods, etc. The consumer experiences a variety of anxieties, including the worry of receiving the incorrect product, which may be alleviated by a replacement and return guarantee, the fear of entering credit card information on a website, for which you can offer other payment methods like Cash on Delivery, etc.

Offers, Discounts, and Coupons

Shopping at festivals is all about sales and discounts. As a result, shoppers would be searching for the finest offer that offers the greatest savings while still being nice to their wallets. As was previously demonstrated, users now have unlimited access to the internet and options, allowing them to always decide what to do next. On holidays as well as on regular days, the following things may draw their attention:

  • Limited-time deals and discounts increase the urgency
  • First-time Coupon – Buy One Get One Deals for New Customers
  • Providing customers with a coupon or discount for their next purchase rewards them for their loyalty and motivates them to stay for good.
How To Boost Your Business Online This Diwali

Know Your Competitors

When Diwali sales are at their highest, rivals stalk you like a hungry crocodile and try to improve your company with amazing marketing to boost sales even more. Find information about your rivals’ strategies and market trends. Through digital marketing, you may not only draw in customers but also track their progress with precise outcomes and regular data.

Use these proven strategies to increase sales for your business to boost your business online this Diwali. If you are looking to hire a digital marketing agency, Get a quote from us today


We’re all quite thrilled about everything that this celebration will offer, and Diwali is almost here. People buy jewellery, clothing, food, home décor, and pretty much everything else from a nail to a house every year.

Shopping for Diwali is a major event for both consumers and retailers across India. You can make plans to take advantage of this holiday season and the current trend of internet shopping to increase your sales. Make your consumers happy when they purchase from you, and you will receive your fair share of joy to celebrate this Diwali at home.

By implementing any (or all) of the suggestions we’ve provided in this article, you may join in on the celebration and make the most of this holiday season.

So, by paying attention to some crucial holiday season advice, you can seize this chance and carve out a niche for yourself in the market. If it’s a bit too late for Diwali and you’re planning your future startup, these ideas may also be useful to you in the regular course of your business.

With platforms like Colour Moon , you need not worry about How To Boost Your Business Online This Diwali. We take care of boosting your business the right way.


How can I help my business grow this Diwali?

This Diwali can provide you a very good opportunity to reconnect with your current and prospective clients or customers. You can plan out effective marketing strategies during the festivals that will help you in making a better connection with your customers or clients

Is it good to sell new products for boosting festive sales on Diwali ?

In the midst of a festival month, don’t be hesitant to introduce a new product. Customers want to purchase something special and distinctive for their loved ones during this time, therefore instead of merely offering them things that are 50% off, present new products.

What is Diwali Merchandise?

Diwali merchandise is the concept of generating some additional bucks during the festival of lights. People frequently give goods like cookies, chocolates, and cute ornamental items as holiday gifts to family and friends. Consider adding a few products into your business inventory that will catch your customers’ attention.

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